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When In Wonder, You Are A Wonder.

I open my eyes in wonder. Above me, the fan is spinning. Looks like a semi-transparent, hazy disk, rotating with a rhythmic whirring. And I look at it in wonder; the simple ingenuity of it. Now I come to think of it: Can we really survive without this ‘revolving’ wonder in summer?

I open the water tap, and as I wash my face, I cannot help but feel the wonder of the entire plumbing thing: pipes, taps and basins. Dull things you might say. Well, go live in a house without pipes for a single day, I daresay. Surely, you’ll realize the wonderment of such things. Mark my words, even the flush inside your bathroom is nothing short of a wonder!

Look around you now. Anywhere. Right or left, up or down…

Trust me - each and every scene that your eyes capture (or ears sense or nose smells or skin touches or tongue tastes) is simply a wonder. Wall, paints, wires, books, pens, bed sheet, mirror, spoon, shoes, socks, toothpaste, brush, files, mobile, TV, paper, flowers, grasses, specs, people, birds, animals, sounds, textures, tastes and what not!

And with this feeling of wonder, I step out of my home. Outside, I look up at the cloudy sky. It’s going to rain. And I just think, in utter wonder, how gazillions tons of water remain suspended above in the air and fall so beautifully, cleansing vast pans of lands. How the whole of nature is a mighty force of wonder, with its seasons and weathers, day and night, winds and sunlight. How our planet, with millions of species, is teeming with incredible life, all in ecological sync with one another. How? I ponder in wonder…  

I stop by a tea seller. He wields the tea-filled tumbler in his hands, brandishes it deftly and transfers the tea into another tumbler with style, and repeats. And finally pours the piping hot tea into teacups with a flourish. Years of practice and repetition can cause us to rise beyond our ordinary self to become a wonder in our own right.

I walk and observe. The whistling trees, the chirping birds, the rushing vehicles, and the people going about. I wonder at the intermingling of all things, the beautiful complexity and harmony of all elements.      

Well, everything and every being is a wonder. Wonder itself is a wonder!

When we perceive all with wonder, we are giving our utmost attention by being in the ‘present’, allowing ourselves to wallow in the waves of joy and contentment. And in this sense of wonder, we grow to be wondrously wonderful! Isn’t that wonderful?

I take a pen, awed at its wonder. Had ink not been invented, we’d have remained oblivious to the written wonder! So I write, in wonder, what you are reading now, hoping that you too are in wonder.

Be always in wonder. Live your life in wonder. Come what may, have the spirit of wonder.  

For when in wonder, we truly become a wonder!


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