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The Angel Inside - 34 Dear IMPOSTER

Jay's POV
It had been days and Amy had still been busy with her business trip. I would just stare blankly at my phone's chat page of her contact, contemplating if asking her whereabouts would be a good idea. I was at the same place I visited after my day shift in the hospital.

But these days I had a lot of unplanned emergencies that included victims from recent accidents and the team couldn't get enough rest due to the chaos. I diverted my mind from my thoughts as I looked down at the lake that reflected the nearby dim lamps. But it felt depressing, the more I looked into it, the dizzier I felt. I thought it was because of fatigue from my neverending shifts and sleepless nights.

I could hear voices now. I was hallucinating. Things looked hazy, my fatigue was taking a toll on my sight. I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes to get my vision clear. I knew something was wrong, I felt my heartbeats increasing and my breaths suffocating. My hands shivered, and I felt helpless. I looked at my hands again and they had blood smeared on them, I trembled. I looked around and there were trails of blood on the ground. My breaths quickened and I could hear screams.

"HELP ME!... HELP ME!" The voice screamed and wept.

I could hear it. I turned around and found a girl crying she was bathed in blood. A teenage girl begging for my help. I felt myself freezing at my feet, I couldn't move. I am trapped and could do nothing but look at the dreadful sight that unraveled before my eyes. And suddenly everything disappeared, as I turned around I heard another scream calling for me.


It was my grandma. She was being held by some buff men as chills ran down my spine. They were hitting her with weapons. At a distance, I found the girl too who was begging at one of their feet to leave her and grandma. I felt helpless as the fear festered like a hurricane within me.

There were cries and screams and I couldn't even blink or move to help them. They both were bleeding from the wounds caused by the men, the red liquid slowly started dripping to the ground. I wanted to scream and push the men away but I couldn't utter a word. Tears pricked in my eyes as I stifled a sob.

I could hear the girl crying, screaming at them to leave her and the old woman but her attempts were futile. I could hear my grandma calling for me again and again, asking me to run away.


I saw that evil smirk on the man's face, his dark eyes glinted against the dim lights. I followed my sight to his hand, it was a baseball bat. My heart dropped as the bat rose and directly smashed at my Grandma's head. The red liquid streamed down her face as she wept and sobbed. I could hear the girl scream and cry begging to be spared but, those men were heartless and cruel.

I cried as tears ran down my cheeks, my sight was blurred as I finally closed my eyes.

"Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!"

I woke up from my nightmare, coughing and gasping for air. The first thing I saw was Amy's worried face staring down at me a few inches away from me. Her hand clutched my shoulders deliberately trying to wake me up and she finally succeeded. Her tall figure hovered above me.

I could feel my heavy breaths and accelerated heartbeats. I didn't think twice and pounced on Amy, wrapping my arms around her as I dug my face into the crook of her neck. God knows what was I thinking at the moment but the only thing I wanted now was comfort from her. Her warmth radiated against mine and I could feel nothing but peace.

She was my painkiller.


I heard her deep voice after days. I missed her a lot. She was hesitant. I knew she felt awkward, but her heartbeats were pacing at the same speed as mine. I could sense her breathing being stopped, like literally stopped, she stayed stiff while her hands rested on the sides, gripping the bedsheet holding onto her dear life. But I wasn't ready to let her go. I wanted her more. I sounded selfish but I needed her.

I snuggled my face more onto her neck to get more of her warmth, my arms tightening around her, fearing if she would disappear, that one day she would leave me. I realized I had started liking her. I was growing attached to her charms though she didn't value my existence in her life.

I closed my eyes and let her scent calm me. Suddenly I felt her hand on my back, I flinched but relaxed at the other moment. She slowly soothed my back, her hand sliding upwards reaching my nape. I could feel her fingers entangling my lower hair strands which continued to move while combing my hair, soothing me.

We stayed in the same position and no words were exchanged, I slowly loosened my grip on her but my face still rested on her neck. Not wanting to let go but I still rose my face from her neck and I noticed that in the heat of the moment, I had made her straddle my lap. I looked at her.

She looked puzzled but noticed our positions at once. She didn't waste a second and rose, walking out of bed. She went to the nearby table poured a glass of water and handed it to me. As if I were some kid that needed to be distracted.

Her face flushed red though her purple highlighted hair strands covered her face. She looked ethereal, she was in her usual comfort zone tracks and a knee lengthed silk robe its long sleeves covered her bare arms, though they slipped down her shoulders every few seconds revealing her inked bicep. I continued to gaze at her but she suddenly cleared her throat breaking the spellbound off me.

I noticed something. My Clothes! They were changed, I snapped my gaze at Amy and she had already predicted my surprised look.

Amy: It wasn't me! Noah did it. Noah and Emma are downstairs.

I sighed.

Me: When did you return?

Amy: Last night.

There was a sudden sound of the door being unlocked and mom walked in.


Amy: Mom I'll go make breakfast.

Within that moment Amy got the chance to escape and now it was only mom and me. She delivered a disappointed look that didn't go unnoticed by me. She sat on the nearby chair and the tension was thick in the air.

Mom: You still get panic attacks. Don't you?

I stayed silent as my eyes lowered down to my lap, I didn't have the guts to look at her, I had hidden the fact from my mom and always assured her that I was okay. I knew whenever I was stressed, I had major changes of panic attacks, cause the past always haunted and hunted me down. But now the truth was revealed.

Mom: Wasn't it over after two years of your treatment? You said you were fine! You lied to me!

Her voice grew loud as her eyes turned glossy. I couldn't let her cry now knowing that I was being the reason for her tears.

I stood up from the bed and walked towards her engulfing her in my embrace.

"Mom I'm fine! It's nothing! Shh! I'm fine!"

I said in the softest tone not wanting to make her worried. I knew how much sensitive she is and continued to lightly pat her back. I felt her calm after some time as I broke the hug and looked at her. She smiled as I smiled back. She playfully pinched my ears as I groaned and laughed.

Mom: Promise me you won't overwork yourself! Noah and Emma told me how many hours you had been overworking, but now you'll rest.

I felt relieved, Noah and Emma didn't tell her about me visiting that garden that my past relied on.

Mom: I bought something for you.

She shoves her hand inside the bag bringing up a photo frame. It was a photo of Me and Grandma when she was still there with me. The photo was taken on my 15th birthday and after a few days, I lost her. I forcibly smiled at my mom, who looked at me concerned.

Mom: I know you miss her a lot. Keep this with you.

She smiled and I nodded placing it nearby my worktable.


Amy had been serving breakfast, helping miss Jennie, and walking down the stairs I spotted Noah and Emma too, they smiled at me and I smiled back too.

We all reached the dining table taking our seats and I noticed Emma looking at Amy with her mouth gaped, I could tell she was staring at her revealed silk sleeve flexed bicep with the inked tiger on it.

She was just simply drinking juice but the sunlight entering through the glasses fell on her figure making her features look even sharper and bright, her silk robe glimmering and waving in sync. Her eyes looked that of a tigress, they looked golden in the sunlight, my eyes followed back to Emma, she was smitten with Amy, till now I thought she was straight, but who can resist the charms of the devil? I felt Noah poke my shoulder as I looked at him sitting beside me. He came closer to my ear.

Noah: Your wife is awesome. If you're thinking we dropped you in your room then no it was her.

He chortled and whispered. I froze. My brain took its time to process the info as my jaw dropped. Was I that easy and light weighted to be carried by her?

Amy had now reached the table sitting on the opposite chair facing me, her eyes directly spotted Emma who had been gawking at her till now. She winked an eye at Emma, giving her signature smirk before continuing to sip her drink making Emma almost spit out her coffee. Noah patted her back.

Mom didn't notice anything until Emma started to cough.

Mom: You shouldn't think a lot dear. Cause distraction can cause problems.

Emma: Sure aunty.

The rest of the breakfast went into little chats and talks as finally Mom, Emma, and Noah left giving me strict warnings to rest for straight two weeks. What would I even do for 2 weeks? I thought.

Amy: Rest.

I snapped my gaze at Amy who was standing beside me after saying her goodbyes. Did I think that loudly?

Amy: You should rest doctor.

Me: you too.



It was already afternoon and Alex had entered his company, though the designs and the interiors felt just mediocre Alex believed in better work quality as his business was still blooming. Walking through the path he reached for the door of the meeting room, greeting his employees friendly that met him along the way. Being genuine to his job, he was a great flirter too. He could make women blush just by his lopsided smile. Or even a small 'good job' could encourage their employees and make their day.

Though such tactics didn't work on one woman, that was his recently joined employee, Ms. Candice Conor. No words could melt her. She had a happy and childishly cute personality yet her personality would disappear when she did her job. She was way too formal with people, especially with Alex.

She hated the fact that Ash had easily transferred her to Alex and be an assistant on his current project which was never-ending as the collaborating company was too much picky on resources and designs of their products, there was always a fault being poked here and there which Candice couldn't put a finger on. She wasn't sure if it was just being cautious or a cold rivalry to put each other down.

As soon as Alex entered the meeting room the co-workers stood up with respect for Alex while Candice who explained and summarized the key points of the product stood in the center shooting glares at Alex. Alex's lips curved up into a lopsided smile making Candice roll her eyes secretly. He took a seat on the chair before Candice ended her speech with a thank you and let the rest of them decide their tolls on the idea.

They had finally agreed to the idea as they spoke to work in the future whereas Candice mentally wished to never see them again. After all the thanks, goodbyes, and handshakes they left the meeting room as Candice released a loud sigh.

God knew how much she wished to return to Ace and enjoy, but she was stuck with Alex's Company which worked for fashion, designs, and runway walks. 'Shine' was its name but she felt dull in it. It was a cutthroat competition in the fashion industry.

She felt automobiles at least served a purpose whereas fashion was just a showcase piece for the riches yet she couldn't offend them. Her eyes then rested on Alex who was smiling at her holding a glass of water for her, she wanted to straightaway throw it on his face but quenching her thirst, for now, was more important than wasting it on his temporary boss's face. She silently took the glass drinking it with a gulp.

From the first day itself, Alex had been always playful and light-hearted, he trusted his people around very much and that is what Candice found so annoying. She always admired Ash who would be precise and calculative with every step and would never trust anyone so blindly.

Alex would always tease her and he loved it when Candice was annoyed. He would tease her about their first coincidental and disastrous meeting and laugh at it. How much ever Candice wanted to punch him in the face and rub off that annoying smirk of his, he had the charisma of being elegant and classy and yet being playful around.

Her thoughts broke, keeping the empty glass on the table nearby, she looked back at Alex giving him a look.

Candice: how long are we gonna please them? Hell, they are so picky and nosy! Leeches!

Hearing Candice's words Alex's eyes grew concerned.

Alex: Did they misbehave? Who was it? tell me.

Candice was awestruck looking at Alex being serious for the first time in a while. She knew even if he was playful and flirty, he wouldn't let anyone harass any staff in the company.

Candice: No they didn't. But it feels like they are intentionally doing this. They are targeting something else. As if they don't have any plans to join hands with us. They are wasting our time.

Taking a long pause she looked at Alex who was dazed and wanted her to continue.

Candice: Their conditions look unreal, like no risk thingy, who doesn't take risks in business? It's just so lame. They promised to give us big funds and investments but are not ready to trust and I think they are trying to hit our other deals. Cause the more we give attention and waste time on this, the more time they get to easily hunt our deals.

Alex looked astonished hearing Candice's opinion, it made sense.

Alex: So you mean they promising us finance is a distraction?

Candice: Exactly! We only met the CEO once and after our first meeting for the deal, he vanished. If this was important for him and risking such big funds on us was a big deal why the heck would he just send his head employees instead? They just want us to cling to their rope of hope, once they're done, they'll cut it.

Alex never thought that way because the other company had a better reputation and a good relationship with him. But now it made him question things. His Secretary Cheyeral watched the interaction with widened eyes, her arms clutching the digital screen of the iPad as she tried to grasp the situation. Though Candice had just joined in to help in assisting, she had eyes on everyone and everything happening.

She always felt things were fishy around. She was suspicious about the employees that Alex had, especially his secretary Cheyeral, cause she was the only one who spent maximum time with Alex and had intel over everything happening in the company.

She had many times noticed his dear secretary either trying to flirt or seduce Alex but she didn't say anything wondering if it was their issue outside their professional lives.

But as days passed by, Alex would always be a gentleman and drop her back home, when she worked till late at night. At first, she felt Alex's request for her to assist was just to take his childish and kiddish revenge but now it was clear that he needed genuine help for the company.

Looking at Alex not reacting one bit she sighed and looked back at the digital clock which dinged 10 in the night. She sighed heavily cause the whole day was wasted on the preparations for the presentation and execution of it. It had been a month, they had been conducting meetings for this deal most of the time.

She realized it was only three of them in the whole office. Soon they decided to leave and like always Cheyeral denied a lift while Alex dropped Candice off. Alex and Candice went first while the secretary did the job of switching off everything.

Alex: Why do think it's a trap?

Alex spoke while walking with Candice through the long hallway to reach the lift.

Candice: I have already told you about it.

Alex: but our deals are always private until it is officially announced.

Candice: who said our data can't be hacked?

Alex: you mean there is an imposter in our team?

Candice nodded.

Alex: Whom do you suspect?

Candice: Your secretary.

His steps stopped as he turned towards Candice.

Alex: Seriously! I know you envy her but I can't do anything if every woman is head over heels for me.

Alex snickered. But Candice held her poker face determining she was serious, making Alex's smile falter.

Candice: I suspect her, though I am no one to tell you what to do but it's my hunch.

Alex: Show me then.

He started walking again neglecting Candice. As soon as he reached the lift, the lift dinged open after pressing the button nearby.

Alex stepped forward to enter but was soon dragged back by Candice. She held his wrist walking away from the lift to a secret room on the floor that no one knew about except Alex.

It was an office that contained specific documents and the CCTV handles of the company. She switched on the pc and entered the details of the password, unlocking it. Soon the screen switched to squares that showed each part of the company.

She deliberately clicked the one where Cheyral was situated in the official office whereas Alex stood flabbergasted.

Alex: How did you know?

Candice: Forgot to tell you in my CV. I'm a part-time hacker.

She smirked.

The screen flicked as it Showed his secretary holding a pen drive from the CPU beneath the table of his desk.

Candice: IMPOSTER... Your...dear....secretary...

She singed with a sly smile.

(Sarcasm!) to be noted.

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