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BS Murthy is an Indian novelist, playwright, short story, non-fiction 'n articles writer, translator, a 'little' thinker and a budding philosopher. While his fiction emanated from his conviction that for it to impact readers, it should be the soulful rendering of characters rooted in their native soil but not the hotchpotch of local and alien caricatures sketched on a hybrid canvas, all his body of work was borne out of his passion for writing, matched only by his love for language.

The art of living lies in balancing the acts of life.

“The possibilities of life are indeed novel and seemingly my life has crystallized itself in my body of work before death could dissipate it.”

India's Judges fare better than its gods as Contempt of Court protects their dignity while its Constitution throws the latter to the wolves for Muslims proclaim that there's no god but Allah and the evangelists propagate that the Hindu deities are false

"Her gait was such that the fall of her sari acquired the rhythmic grace of the loom on which it was weaved." Benign Flame; Saga of Love

"Swung by the swing of her seat in her tantalizing gait, her hair in plait pictured a pendulum that caressed her bottom." Benign Flame: Saga of Love

The irony of India's partition is that Muslims wrested Pakistan from the British and retained their hold over Bharat to stymie the Hindus for ever, and that's absurd.

The demographic character of India is such that whereas the Hindus think they belong to it, the Muslims feel it belongs to them and the Christians want to own it in time.

Often, the optimum tends to be the mean if its pros and cons.

The power of the Bench is but the fear of the Bar to prejudice its clients.

Indian democracy suffers from the double jeopardy of dynastic parties 'n nepotistic judiciary