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Saurav Somani is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a Writer from heart. When he is not busy putting his pen to audit report, he is in the throes of penning down his thoughts. Columnist for the leading English Daily “The Assam Tribune” since 2014, he has authored several books till date. He has been featured in CA Club India for his inspirational-unconventional blogs under ‘most popular articles’ category. His short-story “We never really go away” was featured on ‘Juggernaut Books".

Life is neither good nor bad. We often say: “Life is bad or Life is good. Life is this or Life is that…”

The truth is “Life is simply….Life”.

What is good or bad is actually the “Life Situation”, and not Life itself. Everyone goes through ‘Life Situations’.

The wisdom is to see that despite whatever life-situation you might be going through, your Life is unsullied, untainted and pure.

It is only when you are totally present in the moment and seeing Life as it is….do you realise that Life is full of potential and you can change or improve your Life-Situations come what may.

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"The moment you are who heartedly committed to your purpose, you rise beyond the boundaries of success or failure."

I'd rather be the sun shining selflessly for others than being the stars shining selfishly at night...