An Important Letter - a short film

Gujarati   |   04m 37s

We should always remember our freedom fighters who fought for Independence of India. Our generation should know the importance of our freedom and can be helpful by contributing themselves for better India. Presented by: Stellar Productions Directed & Screenplay by: Siddhraj Maisuriya Concept by: Parth Chotaliya & Shams Saiyed Script: Parth Chotaliya Cast: Heem Khatri Narrated By: Meet Sagar Cinematography: Jay Shah & Urvish Gajjar Editing: Jigar Chauhan Production Team: Parth Chotaliya, Jay Shah, Jigar Chauhan, Prateek Bhanushali, Ujas Gajjar, Urvish Gajjar, Siddhraj Maisuriya Special Thanks: DB Digital, Prateek Bhanushali, Shutter Image Media Solutions, Pratyush Sethia

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