Reality with imagination of life

this poem is about how we start in very young age and that spark which we feel which vanished our sleep and that feeling and excitement , sooner it ends without any mean

It was all new,
I felt, I found missing part of my soul
that enlightened our world
spark started to blossom us like flowers of a plant .
we are twittering all times when wind passes us.
but when time passes
our lightened world loses its spark
,dark(miscommunication) began to increase
Hidden realties come before us
that gives us burn our plant (trust) that was our sole existence .

when spark was dim ,fights start
wind (arguments for hidden realities) blows fast..
and both of us find
It was nothing between us, we were just making it
then, we understood or say misunderstood
that we were just fascinated.

spark was gone , complete dark
yes ,we both were missing that spark
we live in dark and after sometime
we love to live in dark and think
it is giving more peace than spark.
it was all common story of adolescence

Chapter closed.
A Memory ..

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Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous

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It really hurts when you love someone truely and you lose them just because of your ego .Regret for whole life even if you got someone better but no one can replace them.