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Sometimes, before you are ready the question that haunts as for a long time
Suddenly has an answer
But the feelings that comes with it, it is not "excited" nor "delightful" but "panicked"
May be we have been used to a life with no answers
May be on one's life test paper
After a question there is always another question

- Kinjal Patel (Kiraa)

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He: why you are leaving?

She: You know the answer.

He: But you can't leave without answering my questions.

She: What questions? You know that I don't belong to this place whether you understand or not but I am not worthy to have anything even to be with you.

He: You are worthy of the best of everything and even we will stay together until the end.

- Kinjal Patel (Kiraa)

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आखरी होगी

अंधेरी रातों में वो डर डर कर चलती रही,
ना वो घबराहट पहेली थी ना वो बेचैनी आखरी होगी

उन दरिंदो के बीच वो सिसकती रही,
ना वो आंसु पहेले थे ना वो चीखे आखरी होगी

आज फिर से ये कायनात सोच रही,
ना वो बुरखा पहेला था ना वो चुनर आखरी होगी

आज फिर वो एक एक कर बिखरती रही,
ना वो हवश पहेली थी ना वो हैवानियत आखरी होगी

हर बार वो मदद की राह में देखती रही,
ना वो आश पहेली थी ना वो पुकार आखरी होगी

पता नहीं और कितनी जाने जाएगी,
ना निर्भया पहेली थी ना प्रियंका आखरी होगी

- किंजल पटेल (किरा)

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He: What are you thinking?

She: (sadness in eyes) life is too short and I want to visit so many places with you. I know, I don't have enough time. I don't want to hold you back and I don't want you to leave me behind.

He: (smiles) as long as you are willing, I'll take you anywhere. Whether I am going to die than also I'll take you with me

- Kinjal Patel (kiraa)

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ક્યારેક બધું પાછળ મૂકીને આગળ વધવું મુશ્કેલ હોય છે
પણ આગળ વધવાની ઈચ્છા જ દુઃખ ઓછું કરવામાં મદદગાર હોય છે.

- કિંજલ પટેલ (કિરા)

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I don't want to look back because you are in that part of my life,
And that is true motivation for me to look straight and walk ahead

- Kinjal Patel (Kiraa)

Lies are like anaesthetic
Because the truth always hurt us
But you have known the truth
Lies will become salt sprinkled on your wounds
Which makes you end all of these soon
No matter what it takes
As long as it can end
It's enough

- Kinjal Patel (Kiraa)