इतना तो जिंदगी में किसी की खलल पड़े, हंसने से हो सुकूं, ना रोने से कल पड़े,

ये इत्तिफ़ाक़ हो कभी,
तू मुझे कहीं मिल जाए,
रातों की ख़ामोशी हो,
रस्ता तेरा मुझे दिख जाए ।
तेरे दिल की हुक़ूमत में,
मैं भी हो जाऊं आबाद,
तेरी मिल्कियत में रहूं,
वोह तेरा शहर मुझे दिख जाए ।
उस चांद का सफ़र है आसान,
पता तेरा आसान नहीं,
इत्तिफ़ाक़ हो फ़िर से सही,
मंज़िल मेरी मुझे कहीं दिख जाए ।

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व्यथित मन मेरे !
क्यूँ तड़पे तू बाहर कूद जाने को
मूक है तू कोई शब्द नहीं
क्यूँ अकुलाए गीत बन जाने को

राग क्या है तुझे भान नहीं
आलाप का तुझे ज्ञान नहीं
क्यूँ मचले तू अंतरा बन जाने को
भरे साँस नित,स्वर सजाने को

व्यथित मन मेरे !
क्यूँ तड़पे तू बाहर कूद जाने को ........

लय की भूल भुलइयों में तू गहन खो जाएगा
संगीत के जंगल में भयभीत हो जाएगा
उचित ये ही सूर भीतर ही साध ले
मन अपने भोले को अंतर्मन से बाँध ले
मत बिखर तू यहाँ वहाँ, अनाथ हो जाने को

व्यथित मन मेरे !
क्यूँ तड़पे तू बाहर कूद जाने को .......

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Silence is a journey in itself. A quiet journey that ends up in finding your own soul.

In the chaos of life, we usually forget the real purpose of our lives. Our mind gets confused because we hear different voices coming from all the directions and these voices control our mind so much, that we lose the ability to think on our own. We become a puppet of someone else’s mind. When life brings you into the silent phase of life, there is a message it wants to give. It wants you to slow down and rethink about your life and your priorities. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your inner self.

Spend quiet time with yourself. Silence is the time to reconsider the purpose of your life and to reconnect with yourself at a deeper level.

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"दिल में समां गया कोई,
रूह पे छा गया कोई।
आप ही आप रह गया,
मुझको मिटा गया कोई।।

Wealth is important to live comfortably but wealth alone can never bring the joy and comfort that we can receive from our loved ones.

As humans, unless we have gained great spiritual insight into ourselves, we rely heavily on our relationships to give us comfort and care. For a normal human being love, compassion and understanding are the basic essence of life that are much needed to live and feel valued, something that no amount of wealth can ever provide. When a relationship is built on the foundation of love and care, that togetherness can create any amount of wealth but no amount of wealth can make someone to truly care for you.

Always choose someone who cares for you as when people truly care, they will always try their best efforts to make you feel comfortable both materialistically and emotionally.

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Words of promise become a commitment. Any commitment is a responsibility and must always be fulfilled.

Words, promises and commitments seem to have lost their meaning in today’s word. People stray away from their own words that can leave others in distress and mistrust. When someone believes in our word, we create a sense of trust in them. We make them feel that they are not alone and that they have someone always beside them. Words can create a hope and when we make a promise, we create even more hope.

When you commit, fulfil it. If you keep your words, you will keep the trust in this world intact.....

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