Hai,I am my mothers gowri andcalled by my dad as manju

Three days later after visiting the city with friends "Muth" came back.Now she told her husband : Why dont we go to kaliyikkavila,where else should we go? I am really excited,co- operate with "us" it is fun hi hi!

After 2014 Lok Sabha elections in Trivandrum district authority, the then deputy district planning officer,Shaji sir convened a meeting for all technical officers to advice them that the official email address of district planning office is hacked by someone in Bangalore,and asked all whether their relatives were working in Bangalore.All said no to Shaji sir who gave an hour class on harms doing theft finally research officer,Swapna had to ' tell' him that her brother/ cousin brother is working in Bangalore. It was he who did this .So Shaji sir was very happy with Swapna and told all that now everything is safe.Shaji sir appreciated Swapna' s honesty. He requested all research officers not to open and check the official emails from home. The meeting was immediately dispersed.

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My father's family tree.     My father K.P.S.Nair belongs to ancient tharavad of koyikkal family,Patton.He has no roots in poonjar,it is his oblivion.His father was a retired Tahsildar of nedumangaudu.Although he was promoted to the post of deputy collector,he was unwilling to accept it because his income would be then less if he transferred to some other district.But he had worked in many districts.When he was working in nedumangaud, he met the then land commissioner sir.c.p.gopala panikker. He knew my father's younger brother Raveendran Nayar right from the time he was studying for his bachelor's in english literature.After passing M.A.English Raveendran also worked in Ayyappa College,Nagarkovil,Tamil Nadu,later he became a journalist,as he humbly says.My father's elder brother Ramachandran Nair got his first appointment as secretariat assistant and later in the Kerala police department.He married a bank officer who is a Diwan peshkar' s great granddaughter' s daughter.My father also had two sisters.Both of them are no more.Padmini has three sons and one daughter all of them are married.Eldest sister, Sukumari, died very early,I could not remember when it happened. Raveendran Nayar has two children Kiran.R and Parvathy Panikker.It was Ravi chittappan who had recommended for me to an admission in Nirmala Bhavan English Medium School.I was not that studious and least interested in studies due to weakness.Later when I joined Mar Ivanios College and Kerala University centre I choose economics as my subject. In mar ivanios,college,there is a secret place known as " panchara mukku" lovers corner where those who are willing to have love affair come and meet.It was the college staff who had allowed them to do so, thinking that others won't be irritated.Many of the ex- mar ivanios students had by now married twice.Some of them belonged to my neighborhood area.I never realised that they had full contacts and influence with my father.Not just them,but my post graduation juniors in the department of economics, University centre,kariavattom.My father kept everything a secret from me.I don't know why.I never had any right to enquire about my future' s safety.I always thought that marriage was arranged parents and they had full rights over it.But now I have deep regrets over my parents cheating me.They are always helping my neighbours secretly.If so,why should I take care of them, when they get old.

If they wish they may join panchara mukku...with the permission of college authorities

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When  the Kerala Assembly elections,2016  had started, District Planning Officer, Trivandrum became the Returning Officer for election.At the time of counting the whole list which Preetha madam had collected after counting process  was given to Research Officer Beena for updating in the official website of election commission.Although Beena madam had done the final updation 5000 votes of an independent lady candidate was accidently added to the column of congress candidate Vincet,although he was not aware of this the whole staff knew this well.Later the papers were cleverly corrected by a lady officer so that Beena would be saved.If someone else would have been in her position, they would have created a havoc.


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Only thing I could remember is that Aravindakshan and Chellappan had a relative in military who was present Chippy and muth's uncle. I had met him once along with my father, when I was in 3 rd standard,in Nirmala bhavan school. Now I could not remember his face. Whenever her family had a problem,as they used to boast, they used say that their uncle who is in military comes,he will solve all their problems.

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It was Sujith Kumar's secret love affair with his childhood friend " Muth" that helped " Chippy" to act in her first film through strong recommendation. Those days she was studying in Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum. She survived and her sister thought she would be better than her. But it did not work well due to interference of her lover who was concerned about her ways . Although Chippy wanted to marry a person of her choice,her kind of step mother did not wanted her to marry because Muth was in a dilemma.

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Malayalam actress Chippy eloped with Renjith and her sister " Muth" was living with Sujith Kumar for more than 20 years in perurkada. So all should accept their supremacy and be submissive before them, especially elderly people or else it will be destructive.

Film director Rajeev nath and Kavalam sreekumar' s mother are highly deluded people just because they wanted to create a triangular love story based on their baseless principles,to create a shining star in the sky, through their creative culture.This is the worst idea of this century. Nobilty is skin deep for them. Searching for the whitest lady among Nair and Nair subcaste, with longest hair,style factor, whitest teeth,humility, Spoken English and should be know to them well.Astrology is nothing before rituals and prayers, is their thought.Finally, they got a perfect partner for their boy,from his own friends list.This neo- arranged marriage.They are royal,so can defeat enemies using Chippy's beauty parlour mummy's gundas.

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Two days  before there was a huge fight in Colonel karmachandran's house.

I'm afraid if the get divorced ,their agents agents

family members will kill my family. My time is bad. .The man said, " My mother said I could not rise in life  because I choose physio therapy. She said : oho,then you go and choose economics. He said if so. 

Manju, will truly feel bad. . She said Are you ashamed of to talk about other people? O,you go and apply for IAS. He said. "Yes, I'll get it.If Sujith Kumar desires,he can do anything". .She said "but I love you."  . He said:"This is my only happiness" she said : I spoke a lie. He said, "oh,she will feel shy if I speak to her and she is getting old

 That is why. I  wanted to help her ." She said Oh. you go to hell. He said: Manju's classmate prathap also said that she is a very good person .She said : I too know that. He said: oh,it was damn, meera.g.nair who choose you hopeless to my life,She said : Is it,then I'm going back home."

He said :Oh,then I simply said a joke"

She said Aren't you ashamed to talk like this? My doctor uncle said Manju is  having anxiety. She said: I will see you later. Don't touch me fool. You good for nothing? He said " I am not going to leave this house. Let her marry or not marry .I am not going to leave this house,I will interfere. She said : You crook,this is my house,you get out of my house.He said: your house? Then where should I go? She said: you stay here you dog, I am going.He said : Still,I wilI interfere,Manjus relatives will help me" She said: I too know them He said: That is my pride" She said: Ok, go and sleep.

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