Hai,I am my mothers gowri andcalled by my dad as manju

Hindi bhasha me kithne ache Sankar ke kithabe hai, magar dakshin India ke schools me ache samskarom vala literature kitabom me nahi hote...

Prayers are like bank accounts.When you are mentally too upset need not pray,God will do the rest. 

Your total surrender intellectually, before God gives the highest miracle in this world.

गौरी सुत सेवितम पंच चक्र अयुधम्  अक्षिम्। योगमाया हारम् पापम्, पूर्वाजनमारजितम् नारम्।

Passive love, Passive revenge, Passive knowledge have the same influence as vices.

When I was in deep stress mathrubharati saved my dignity. It is a divine culture. Other things are immaterial before approving a person's writing sentiments. Thank you.