I was born in Argentina, travelled the world, visited 40 countries, lived in 8 of them. Brazil, Boliviia, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Netherlands, France and Andorra. A love story caused me to move to Colombia in 2008, where I lived ever since. Speaking of sports I took part in the marathon ok New York last year and got injured on my right knee, stopped frozen at kmt 27. As an unmarried writer I compose songs, have already recorded 8 songs (2 in english). My youtube channel is la morada de Horus.


Literary payment of tribute to Valentina
Perhaps, I have a poetic vein
Perhaps, your poetry possesses my veins
And, if the Madonna lilies of your garden indulge
My impertinence”, I will come out triumphantly from this play

Perhaps, I welcome the fragrance of your greetings
Perhaps, your fragrance turns into my greeting´s welcome centre
And, if the grass that you tread, with the stars
Talks, you would be granted heavenly asylum

Perhaps, you tie my fate up with a cord
Perhaps, no cord-fastened fates are likely to be consented
And, if coincidence, of compatibility
Be charged”, I will claim for your innocence before the jury

Perhaps, the emissary of your kisses shows delay
Perhaps, your kisses are a show of delayed emissaries
And, if the trace of your silence, a deep mark on me
Leaves, I will worship the undelivered speech

Perhaps, party-dressed steeds are coming closer to me
Perhaps, you party my steed with your dress
And, if a friendly hand to me you extend, I would
Take it for”, a stairway to heaven

Perhaps, the range of possibilities disappeared
Perhaps, you are peering out my possibility
And, if the creator gives me a chance, for this life to pick out
A partner of adventures”, doubts would vanish, then, redeemed, they would revive in your chest

The writer with no name
Cali, January 2nd 2018

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Strauss raised a world of beatitude to its outmost expression; Valentina raised a world of expression to its outmost beatitude
Author: The Abode of Horus
Valentina is the main character of the novel I am publishing here: AFTER YOU, COME THOU - three chapters already published.

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Love is an excellent reason to cause things to fail