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Inspite of GOI guidelines few people in our country are not serious about Corona Virus. GOI has clearly mentioned all the guidelines regarding symptoms of Corona Virus. I have seen educated/uneducated people not taking it seriously.

First they come out from their houses.

Get infected from somewhere.

Knowing they have fever/other symptoms they don't isolate themselves.

They don't test themselves and consider fever as viral fever.

They don't inform anyone about this and inspite of symptoms they meet friends/family/relatives and spread infection.

Our life is in our hands. Don't put your and others life at risk by meeting near/dear ones without any urgent need.

Let us all try to save life of whom we can!

Hope we all come out from this covid crisis ASAP, but it's possible when we will take precautions and consider this virus a serious threat to human life.

Stay at home, be safe, wear double mask, use sanitizer.

Immediately go for tests if you find any symptoms given below & isolate yourself.
Don't ignore if you see any symptoms act fast before condition gets worse. Also consult your doctor & if you are tested positive then start your treatment as prescribed by your doctor.

Get Vaccinated & Save lives!

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There's a saying called "Ignorance is the best policy/Ignorance is bliss" & few more.
Thing to notice is majority individuals follow them. We never think unless & until we face any situation related to it.

Here I would like to tell you before following somebody's thoughts, always try to analyse and follow according to your choice/thought & situation.

It's not necessary that in every situation "Ignorance would be the best policy". It may be sometimes, It may not be🦋

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We all should spare few moments to thank God for giving us new year to live our lives happily in this pandemic, we are surviving & living this beautiful life which itself is a gift for us. It's just difference of few minutes/seconds between alive and extinct. We are not going to take anything with us from this world, so why to waste time in useless things, being selfish/negative or being jealous. Thinking bad for others, what we are going to get? It's nothing but total waste of time/energy. Utilise time for ourselves/growth, with our family/friends. Be kind and helpful. Think good about others. Do GOOD it will come back to you in any form. Live your life happily, we get only once. LIVE IT...
Have Great Year ahead...!
Best wishes for 2021🌟

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Happy New Year 2021🎉
I hope we all start this new year with full of strength, positivity and with high energy towards our goals and priority.
Hope we take care of our health, our near and dear ones.
Hope we learn new things in this new year and make ourselves better than before.
Hope we help those who are in need and remove negativity and selfishness from our lives.
Forget & Forgive negativity & hard moments of 2020.
Wishing you fresh start in 2021😇❤️🌟

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Happy Dussehra