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What krishna says about true love?
February 4, 2021

To love and to be loved, is the basic need of every individual. And who can define love better than the Lord of love himself.

Krishna has explained about true love in bhagavad Gita.As per krishna, true love is selfless affection without expectations. Love is to give the best you have, to give permanent everlasting happiness. True love is what krishna has for you❣️ This world is temporary,here people are together for limited time,a temporary world with temporary people can never give you permanent happiness.

Krishna loves you even when you don’t, Even after being supreme controller he didn’t forces anyone to love him. He patiently waits for us to come back and stay with him in his abode Golok vrindavan. Kaanha is so caring that he doesn’t fulfills some of your wishes, for your own good.

Krishna will always be your supreme well-wisher and supreme lover, you just need to love him back.

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