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Allow your self to live.

Everything will change and it's keep changing.... don't put full stop if you enjoyed one thing..it will pass and some new experience is on the way.. just watch.. one day you will find.. everything is just illution nothing else..

Perfact calibration in first day of year 2021🙂
stay home🥳🤩

posted something after months..I have leant big lesson of my life... be careful from Hacker 😕😬.. big learning ... but learning gives courage to move ahead.. .you have also learn many things in year 2020 you can share in comments.. it helps others to heal from some problems .. today i am celibrating because it's a new start.. achully every day is new day but it's really a good start for me 🙂...

please stay home stay safe..and live your life with your loved once.. because this is what achully needed..and right place to calm down our self from all the race of life.

by the way i am going to watch Dangal movie today 😍

Happy new year,🥳

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Never give up.. whatever the situation is there.. just don't give up.

New goal of this year

self is most important so why not be good with ourself.!!

Hoping all are well.. mantally and physically.
some times only 3 words makes realise..
Am I ok??? or I'm just pretending...!!!!

In busy life just give your 5 seconds and tell me you are okay?

This is connected to others as well as to us also.

as per one analysis.. mind becomes more creative and focused, who are reading daliy....

keep reading.. 😊

I m sure all have shared their secrets with moon and stars.. specially by girls..who believe in dreams and personal dairy 😋😋😋