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There is nothing to be afraid of 2021
we already Faced the worst(2020)😅

😊 Pavan

Happy Dussehra to all the people who saw this post and thanks for supporting me by reading and giving positive reviews for my novel.
I hope our journey on this app will continue and people who didn't read can check the novel by clicking on this link below or can visit my profile and from there you can check it.
I am not a Hindi speaker, my mother language is Telugu(Tollywood), but I can understand Hindi that's why I am writing in English.
yes, it's true, for uploading episodes it getting some late because I am still a student and I am attending classes, and the last episode I upload on the 7th and it was published on the 15th so I cont take the full blame.😁
I already uploaded the 9th episode today and I hope it will be published soon.
one again Happy Dussehra🥰🥰
thank you

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Nature doesn't treat
Rich and poor differently.

Nature is nothing but God🙏

we can't get the love for free

it takes our heart as it's price


there is no need to read books to get motivated

Just speak to your parents because they are living libraries with tons of motivation books in them

Trust is not something which can be given

it have to be earned ❤️


God created Problem which makes life difficult 😔

But he also created many solutions for every problem 🤘

What we have to do is just search for them👍♥️👈