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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
-Albert Einstein

Hello everyone
okk so lets start
as u see in pictures that i am going to talk about the diary of a young girl by anne Frank.
okk so firstly this is book is must read for everyone. I mean how 13 years old girl wrote such a amazing diary and full of innocence. it's incredible
in this book the girl called Anne who got diary on her birthday and journey begins. we all heard about Hitler right but when you read this book you can clearly understand that how he is.when anne and other people hide in annexe their troubles are begin. they can't even allow to open the window, they can't take shower, they don't speak for long time, they even can't flush after evening.they all are in danger. for 3 years they hide in annexe and suffer
but anne talking about everything her friends, her love story, everything.
#mustread #readforlife#

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