Khusro Dariya prem ka..

Fog will clear... Daylight will break.

Darnknes will fade.... Eventually.. Hopefully

So True.. Every bit of it

A day without love is like a morning without sunshine ☀

-Broken but Beutiful...

Good Morning


-Broken but Beutiful...

Chaand bhi Aajkal...

When I lost You..
I wish I could see you one more time
Come walking through the door
But I know that's impossible
I will hear you no more
I know you can feel my tears
And you don't want me to cry
Yet my heart is broken coz
I can't understand why someone
so precious had to die.
I pray that God gives me strength
And somehow get me through
As I struggle with the heartache
That came when I lost you Dad.

-Broken but Beutiful...

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