Former sr. scientist, centl. govt. R&D lab. Achievements: 150 papers, 7 books (UK-1, USA-6), 320 poems (Traffold, USA-1,, AMZ 5 ebooks, several awards/certificates, 2 gold medals, one technology shield. Have B.E., M.E., Ph.D. in EE. Was emeritus professor-RIT college, consultant in Aerospace dept., IISc., Bangalore, Sr. R&D advisor-Gov. Engg. College, Kannur, Guided 11 students for Ph.D's. Is in the Stanford Univesity's list as one of top 2 percent researchers in the world for 2019.

Many years ago, when I was studying in one unique and famous University, in one of the top industrial states of the country, certain college teachers used to punish the faulting and erring students by straight away slapping them on their faces in the presence of all the other students who all were sitting there and writing their answers for the examination papers.

The fault was that he was suspected of copying, which might be doubtful with 50-50 % probability. Such students were debarred from the examinations, and what more further that I don't know. This was terrible, demoralizing, and even inhuman; but since I was a junior teaching assistant, and these teachers were senior and regulars, I didn't have any courage to tell anything to them, besides I had to take some instructions from them, since I was pursuing my M.E. degree.
In McMaster University, Canada, where I was pursuing my PhD, and during exams, I used to be an invigilator, we were told that, if a student is suspected of copying, he/she should fill up a small form, and it should be signed by both the student and the invigilator, and the form should be handed over to the exam coordinator, and the student will be allowed to continue with writing the paper.

Then the coordinator will put the form alongwith the bundle of the answer books of that paper, seal and this packet would be handed over to the setter of that paper, who while correcting the answer book of that particular faulting student, would read the signed form and take the decision on what marks to give to that student.

Thus, such erring students are not overly penalized, but they are warned.

This is really a far more honourable manner of treating the students, and greatly democratic procedure rather than the invigilator slapping the students, a horrible situation in the entire exam hall wherein the other students are disturbed. And that too in an another democratic country.

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My late Prof Dr. N. K. Sinha, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, when once I had told him that the student had fully xeroxed the assignment answer sheets so he deserved zero mark; the Prof. had said to me to give him atleast 5 marks out of 20, since the student had retained the name of the original student, and besides that he had written his name, and had submitted the assignment before the deadline.

*_No human is a zero...._ *

A student studying in Russia shared this...

The highest score for most of the exams in Russia is 05.

If a student does not answer any question and returns back the exam paper blank, with NO question answered, student gets 02 out of 05 marks.

In my first days at the University of Moscow, I did not know about this system and I was surprised.

I asked Dr. Theodor Medraev : "Is this fair that even when a student does not answer any question, you give 02 marks out of 05 ? Why not give Zero ?Isn't that the right way ?”

He answered: "How can we give Human Being a Zero ?

How can we give Zero to someone who was getting up at 7 am to attend all the lectures ?

How can we give Zero since they got up in this cold weather and used public transport and reached to do the exam in time and tried to solve the questions ?

How can we give Zero for the nights they used to study and spent their money on pens and notebooks and bought a computer for studying ?

How can we give Zero when they left all other life styles and pursued their studies ?

My son, we do not give Zero to students just because they did not know the answer.

We at least try to respect the fact that they are Human Beings having brain and atleast they tried.

This result which we give, is not just for the questions in the exam paper, it is also about showing appreciation and respect to the fact that this is a Human Being and deserves to have a score."

*Truly I did not know how to respond.*

_There I knew my value as a Human Being._

*Zeros can actually decrease motivation on students and can quickly destroy them and make them stop caring about their studies altogether.*

_Once a Zero score has been put in the grade book, they need no longer care about that subject and they may assume that, there’s nothing they can do about it..._

*An excellent message to all the Academicians, Governments, Parents and Teachers, so as to change the system of education which we have in our country...*

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In previous few bites I have said about wishes to our friends and relatives, which ofcourse should include our family doctors, since they can be considered like our relatives; we all know how much important they are in keeping our good health, however, there might be some exceptions.

Now, on why I have said 'honoured'..., etc.?

We all need some kind of respect, to maintain our status in our families, and societies; more so to satisfy our own ego which is like a part and parcel of our existence; ego good or bad it is going to be here with the humanity, it is like a necessary evil.

So, if we wish people that you may live with 'honoured' mind, intellect, and wisdom/judgement, then we believe that they would live a respectful life; we don't want our people to live unrespectful life, to the extent it is feasible or possible.

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We have by now completed a brief discussion on the 7-word new slogan on our wishing to our friends and relatives. Why do we need this?

Main reason is that we like these people, and we want to maintain a good relationship with them, and this will be mutually beneficial, i.e. to both of us; in long run we want that both the parties remain happy for our life time.

In some sense, if we don't wish anything, actually nothing will go wrong, but we can't be that 'blunt' and hard-hearted. Also, if we do such wishes and let the opposite side know that we wish them well and good, their spirits would get elevated, and they would feel more happier than without these wishes. And they would reciprocate the similar wishes, and we would also become more happy.

Our ultimate aim in our lives is to be more and more happy.

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About our minds and our intellect (and intelligence), I have written two MB stories.

I would like you to read these.

On wisdom, I have written in my MB story on Philosophy.

This means, we go beyond our routine intelligence, and acquire the skills of judgmental ability.

We should develop a capability of taking good decision based on the aspects of what is good and bad for us.

Although, this duality is a relative term,
most of us have some uncanny 'clarity', feeling or understanding of what is good and bad for us.

In many complicated situations, wisdom helps to come out with some success.

Wisdom requires use of our talents, and judgement means a nearly final decision. This duality needs lot of experience, especially in modern times, due to the fact that the world is becoming increasingly more complicated day by day.

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Oksutag says:

Ba: Bhai tame maaraathi kantaali gayaa hoy to mane vrudhhaa ashram muki aavo ne.
S: Haalman jarur nathi.
Ba: To kyare padashe?
S: Joishun.
Ba: Atyareto tamone dekhaatu nathi to kyare dekhaashe?
S: Maaraa chashmani vaat karochho, ke bijaani?
Ba: Banneni.
S: Biji kayi vaat chhe?
Ba: Taari vahu kaale mane puchhati hati ke Ba tame haju ketalu jivavana chho?

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Talent means some extra smartness, which is still beyond what knowledge we have obtained from our degree classes, which is mainly theoretical, and not so much of experience, and it is not much practical, though it is very useful.

Though it is difficult to really define talent, you can compare two people, who have equal qualifications, but they are differently skilled, and have different approaches to the same type of work, and then you can easily spot this distinction, and even you would say Mr. A is more talented than Mr. B.

Here, Mr. A is utilizing his acquired knowledge much more smartly than Mr. B; and even comes out with more options to solve the presented work-problem, and his memory is also sharper. So, Mr. A would be more successful than Mr. B in the long run.

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Often, we need to use our 'might', i.e. not only power but also our influence in order to carry out some of our works, especially if we want to do this in shorter time and with less money and/or efforts.

But, we should use this in such a way that it causes no damage, or the minimum of it, to others, because those others are also trying to make progress in their lives, that you are trying to make.

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In order to be reasonably successful in our lives, we should have some skills, or atleast semi-skills, i.e. we must be semi-skilled.

Otherwise, we would have to do lot of work, and hard labour, which is not paid well, intellect is paid more than physical labour, though the latter is very difficult to do.

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Newer opportunities.

We need to get some opportunities to do some job and work, without which in most circumstances, we cannot earn money, and hence our livelihood.

Often, we do get such occasions, but we ignore these, either we are lazy or we think we still want much better of these.

In my opinion, we should accept any such opportunity, if it is just doable, and need not wait for much better ones, so that our work starts immediately, it is not a good idea to waste time.

Automatically, more opportunities would come by, if we are alert, and willing to accept it.

If the things are such that it requires a small calulated risk, then we should soon grab such opportunity and go ahead.

In our life, time is very much important, because the overall life span is very short, and we want and need to do so many things!

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