Former sr. scientist, centl. govt. R&D lab. Achievements: 150 papers, 7 books (UK-1, USA-6), 320 poems (Traffold, USA-1,, AMZ 7 ebooks, several awards/certificates, 2 gold medals, one technology shield. Have B.E., M.E., Ph.D. in EE. Was emeritus professor-RIT college, consultant in Aerospace dept., IISc., Bangalore, Sr. R&D advisor-Gov. Engg. College, Kannur, Guided 11 students for Ph.D's. Is in the Stanford Univesity's list as one of top 2 percent researchers in the world for 2019.

"Pleasure is only a false image of joy. It is beautiful, but it is just a reflection".


According to me the real joy is a total experience of the self, attained or not yet attained, and the pleasure is a projection of the joy on our plane of BMI (body, mind and intellect), and this pleasure itself looks or feels real, because we are in constant communion with BMI, which also feels real to us (via the objects we perceive, the feelings of the emotions, and thoughts we think), and hence we feel the happiness; however since it is only a small/short projection, it is not a full experience or the realizaton of the complete and blissful joy; occasionally we see this bursting of small 'packets' of this joy, when a child laughs or even we laugh, in a spurt of natural excitement, of wonder or of a deep rooted satisfaction.

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The sufferer can become happy afterwards,
But, not the giver of the pain.

(- By JIRARA).

"दुख भोगने वाला बाद में सुखी हो सकता है परन्तु दुख देने वाला कभी सुखी नहीं हो सकता l"

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"Maturity is when you accept people for who they are".
Oksutag: Meet-U, I am not very comfortable with your discipline.

MU: What is wrong with me?

O: You get up very late, and then hurry to office.

MU: I went to bed very late.

O: What were you doing, your work?

MU: No, I was watching a movie.

O: But, I had switched off the TV at 10:00 pm.

MU: Watching on my mobile.

O: And your food habits are much different from all of us here in this house. How are you compensating?

MU: I sometimes eat at hotels, and paani-poori-walaa.

O: Then, you fall sick, and so on, and your life style does not fit into our own system.

MU: How and why is it so?

O: We have had always lived a disciplined life, since we had to live in various places in India and abroad, and abide by certain ways and manners, which were dictated by the requirements of my jobs, work places, and the residential environments.

MU: Oh, yes, but now that I am presently staying with you, you should accept me as I am.

O: I think so, it would be a new learning and experience for all of us.
It was afterwards that I started opening up my mind.

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Oksutag: SKM, it is good not to smoke so much.
SKM: Why? What is the problem?
O: A medical survey tells, 90% of the lung cancers are due to smoking.
SKM: What about the remaining 10%?
O: I do not know.
Once, Oksutag brought a cigarette package for SKM from Germany, where he had gone on deputation from their office.

O: SKM, this is my small gift for you from Germany.
SKM: But, you often had told about that smoking causes lung cancer.
O: But, this is the thing that you would like best.
SKM: That is right, thanks for remembering me in a far away place, while you might be too busy there.
O: You are welcome.
After only a few years, SKM fell sick and was admitted to hospital a number of times, and Oksutag had no courage to visit him, thinking that SKM might have had some lung cancer.

But, SKM expired due to some other problems that used to cause lot of pain in his chest and stomach.

Though, Oksutag felt a bit of relief that SKM did not die of cancer, he still felt sad that a good, care-free and
a jolly colleague was no more.

May his soul rest in peace.

I still advise people not to smoke, smoking can cause cancer.

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"Being calm in tough situation is a Superpower".
Unfortunately, in the present world to remain calm itself needs super power!

If one person forgives,
Two become free.
ક્ષમા એક વ્યક્તિ કરે,
મુક્ત બે વ્યક્તિ થાય.

It is a fundamental nature of every living being to be happy.

In the process of our growth, we do encounter a few or even more situations wherein we experience some hardships, and we become unhappy, but this is to be tolerated so that we become more robust for our future endeavours; otherwise we would be too weak, and cannot make any progress, and hence, occassionally though we would experience pain, in an overall sense, we would become more mature and considerate individuals; and even we would learn the virtues of affection and care; but the need, desire and want of happiness is so basic that, even those individuals who had gone through the tough times would reconcile saying that oh, we are happy that finally it is over!


The following excerpt is from some popular quotes:

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MIL: Hello beta! You can take butter from here.

DIL: Ok Mummy, we'll take it later, thank you! ❤️

FIL: The poor butter is oscillating between the two buttering buddies!

DIL: Do not be so jealous Daddddy!

Those who treat us well, should be thanked, and those who do not, should be let gone and forgotten.

The mentally weak can be found not only in hospitals, but around and amongst us also!

If you do not grow anything in the land, the nature fills it with grass, so is the case with our minds, if we do not keep them occupied with the positive thoughts, then the minds will be filled up with negative thoughts and negative emotions; and these are always there by default.

The happy people can distribute happiness, the unhappy the unhappiness; the learned can give knowledge, and feared people can give only fear.

- Translated by JIRARA.

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On the occasion of Guru Purnima, it is good to recall the past and near past teachers from whom we would have learnt some lessons. And, check whether we are on the right paths, that they might have had shown to us to walk to our goals. From this day on, we should make corrections, if any, to continue further with newer and better options that we might have gathered on the way and follow these for achieving our chosen goals; which should have the underlying principle of attention, care, affection, and kindness; with this we can bring honour to the teachers, our own communities, and our country in the larger sense, and in a long run.

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