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don't claim to be my friend or to know me until you begin to act according to my situation.
because your claim will mean nothing to me if I find your company to be like the one which is with you in your good time and not leave you alone when need them the most.

the sun can never stop shining,
clouds may sometimes block its way still even in such hours the rays of the sun can't be stopped.
it keeps on burning and never stops illuminating the world.


the moment you decide to be you, it means you are meant to break some hearts but it is good cz by this way you will be able to remove the impediments from your way.

sometimes waking up in the morning is the worst feeling.

in me that pump which is pumping has gone a little too cold, with the passage of time it has got lacerated enough that now it feels as less as it may not or maybe my damned upper cabinet is so damn busy with the worldly shambolics that it doesn't have time to care for the futile cries of air heads.

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feels lonely even when i am in the crowd, go into the darkest imaginations when i am with myself lost.
find hopeless and disdainful about things i used to do.
broken that i am, will never fix, wound that is given won't heal.

A star is completely dead....
only gas that the star had left to
shine little more has gone.
now the only thing that remains
is a dark lifeless structure wandering around the void of this damned universe.

it is always the person who is left behind has the worst to experience.
all the reasons to live to take breath goes away with a matter of split second.
all happiness, joy and motivation to live get shattered.
everything becomes tasteless, colourless and nervous systems goes cold.
you don't wanna move anymore, all your desires to work is dead.
and all is left, is a body which is breathing but doesn't want to move anymore.

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