Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

when you just give up without even giving yourself a try, are considered a Coward.

mean that you were I did know yet I didn't bailout think my love would change you at some point of time but I was all wrong.

I often get this feeling to jump over the other side of the wall.

time never runs back it always flows forward and so do i.

practice hard one day you will sunder dark clouds off your way.


may be right now life wants to take hardest tests, wants to test my patients level this why everytime i crawl up from one pit and another is ready even deeper than the former.

lonely i sleep
lonely i awake
lonely i laugh
lonely i cry
lonely i am fighting my battle
lonely i am bearing the pain
lonely i am seeing love ones going far far away
lonely i came and one lonely one day i will be gone.


feels lonely even when i am in the crowd, goes into the darkest imaginations when i am with myself lost.
find hopeless and disdainful about things i used to do.
broken that i am will never fix, wound that you gave won't heal.

when everything feels like movies you bleed just to know you are alive.