Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

feels like i am stuck in some kind of loop where there is only i and your memory and now no matter how hard may i try to escape it, i find myself unable.

mai atak chuka hu ek bhawar me
jitna chahu use bhulane ki utna hi yaad aata hai wo
esha lagta hai mai abhi bhi usi ke pyar me duba hu.

now a days nights don't have sleep for me.

pyar me kabhi souda nahi hota.

life change everything changes even the best friends can become strangers.

you won't remember me and I can't forget you.

every morning i wake up with you in my head then i check my mobile if there is anything from you but i find nothing.
well then i remember that we are no more together and then i shake my head and prepare myself for work hoping that one day our path will cross.

happy new year in advance to you all.

wish you were not connected to the things that only shines.

things are happening slow and steady, crawling to get back to the track, process of rebuilding myself is on, hope i will emerge like a monster soon.