let me stay the unkonwn mystery till the end of the journey and before the end hit the line stay along with me to know about my self ......ok i am a simple person with thousands of mood swings and hundred of emotions where i get drawn into everday ....like i could write a book on myself,.............

ik tarfa pyaar ki hain yeh kahaani,
ek tha pyaar ka raja aur ek thi aitbaar ki rani,
kuch baaton ka sulabh tha dono main
toh kuch baatein bilkul viprit,
samjhte toh thaye doono apne faarz ko bilkul bakhubi se aur jaane hain pyaar ki preet,
phir kyun na puri hui yeh kahaani kya yehi hain pyaar ki reet?,
#part -1
#milke_na_mile ..

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jeevan tamaru che toh kem na tame tamari rite jivo...

i miss you everyday but sometime the reason to miss you gets way more stronger and that is really very hard to get over.