Hey, I am reading on Matrubharti!

पत्थर हूँ मैं चलो मान लिया,
तुम तो हुनरमंद थे..तराशा क्यो नही..! 💐🍹Good Morning

*"मिज़ाज यूँ ही न चिड़चिड़ा कीजिए, कोई छोटी बात करें तो दिल बड़ा कीजिए"*

There is nothing better than being motivated , being positive , being patient , being optimistic and being hopeful .
No matter whatever and however the situation is , you need to act and react with patience and positivity.

Always believe in “ whatever happens , happens for good only “ , there might be immediate sadness but hidden positive objective will be for sure .

Always love yourself
Always be happy
Always be positive

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