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The Bottle of Red Wine and You!

You were right there in front of me with those flashing light eyes giving me those clouded signs gearing up my heart beats to the highest cliff and featuring those thoughts through that highway of your lightning eye, holding the gape in every single movement of yours like the complete universe was asking me to just hold this jiff more for a while and let me stay in you and yes!! that was the Moment. Still giving me goosebumps and I …wish to see you again!

Looking in those fawning eyes of yours my mind just got the hold of all thoughts. When you lit, the lighter and threw over “Hey! You got that! I’m impressed” still whispers in my ears when I got that grip.

The frame of window was like just meant to be there for you to sit and me watching you over the soot passing around and you still shining through it. Each passing second was collecting the fire flies but no hold on you, all I could do is capture you through eyes.

I still wonder, anything was any more beautiful than that bliss where the complete conversation was about me unable to lit on single glance.

The wish for the passing moment was to stop and live it more and more but the fact was the coming of Sunup!  The sheathe of yen was somewhere supposed to occupy a hold of those passing sand in a clock but the facts always had stronger effect no matter the path was to covet. And once again I was left with the thought and hope next time I make it up for the …Bottle of Red Wine & You.

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Growing Poison
You’ve to release that part of YOU which was once felt to be the Whole new world to accept the fact that its making difficult to live. It’s like, it doesn’t matter if you see them or talk to them anymore, it’s like you lived it and now all you do is stay in there, let that sink in deep inside you and no matter how hard it takes, it’s never getting away and no one taking that YOU from you.
Isn’t it wacky to even give a thought that one day when they say “You’re important to me” and then they never show up as if the existence never mattered? Not a single day use to pass by without hitting up the phone and now it feels it’s been ages we heard that tone and customized notification blink. That’s where you feel you left your heart and now it’s like finding yourself where are you, the real You!
Every single day I grow old I miss that YOU. I wish if I could tell that this is like a growing poison and each day I feel more of YOU and I release a bit of that YOU in me and out there in universe where I hope one day when there is no need to explain how badly I wanted you to know that still today you are the only one who touched me there

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And those passing moments!

In the appealing tragedy of what I thought you were and you turned up I missed the query of my own happiness that once upon a time I found in you.
Is it true that we never see again??
Sometimes we follow someone so hard that we just don’t understand that it’s hurting! We’re hurting our self!! We follow them to the crag. We don’t want to let them go away so we go on and on but sometimes we must replace the semicolon with the full stop. It’s not about the negative impact of what we suffering but it’s that positive energy which is back & putting the cracked pieces with the glue of hope to be Happy again and that dagger was never meant to pass through and make a cut but sometimes we run through captured and trapped emotions and later we wait for those infeasible moments which are never supposed to be a part of real life.
Those random dreams of the uncanny thoughts always drove me to the edges of the fighting feelings within the soul which is already trying to live on its own unknowingly , but with the realization that the fact is- it hurts but still hoping desires are alive while collecting the broken pieces of those cracked nightmares.

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The rushing flood of fervor to go across the edge, letting the jumping emotions hop off the cliff of desires, the running heart beats catching those glimpses of that jiff where I see the rising sun has he’s golden shine covering your eyes and you in deep sleep, I dreamed of you again. It’s like I can’t conceal the outburst of my emotions anymore to the fact that Heart want what it wants.

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Let the night pass but hold the shadows and stay!

Let the whispering emotions utter the unspoken expressions of rapport;

Wait for me once, I wanna be the one holding thy hand, take off the covers, & see the sun shine together for one more time.

And Just for once I wanna hold this moment and stay with you in it forever!

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The blurry eyes could hardly see the wrenched occurrence of flooding vehemence but it remained constant and untouched. It’s simply perplexing how something can be felt splintered yet shielded!
Is it an illusion? or you growing in me!!

A False Dream!
Let it rain today and let the burning sentiments drain out too- said the Heart!
The struggle what Heart wants and Brain commands is real. The complexity of emotions and the practicality of the situation is well undertaken by Heart and Brain respectively but there is a lot more beyond it, isn’t it? A Dream may be?
Dreams are like Magic, we can paint anyone and anything and can live the moment. The Moment of emotions, the moments of peace, the moments of our vision and the moments of Life we want. We can paint the poem of Life where everything fits perfect as we want. Yet there is always a covet of things.
Yet the saddest part is it’s a Dream and the False one.
Sometimes somewhere we all want to paint a perfect Life where everything is at Love and as perfect as it should be like in a most Idealistic way. Like where, there is this someone constantly looking for you, Just You. Constantly, wanting to know If You are okay, even if “They are not Okay”
Just that one who understands you so well that no one can ever! That one who is there for you and come what may always be there, regardless of the vile situations.

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In the hope of Light....
The scary night with lot of emotional fights, walking on the wet road with tears in the eyes;
Morning has fallen with stars disappearing in the skies, still not stopped looking beauty in the wings of carefree butterflies;
Saw dreams in the words of lies, but still standing with hopes in the eyes;
I may not be the same anymore but changing as the time flies!

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Let the Love stay within you, unuttered......

Sometimes you must let it go and let it be judged by others because it is far extending deep down which can't be explained. Sometimes you choose to be quite rather than fighting for it because you're aware of the facts. It's not about the challenge to fight for it but it's the choice to be quite and let it go since it growing in you slowly and you’re used to it and to be kept within you rather than expressing. It’s the most vulnerable feeling yet feels sheltered with the notion that you can feel great and crushed at the same time.

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A Real Nightmare
I felt buzzed the other night. I woke up with some grisly dream. And all I was doing was to get rid of the dampness around my face but constantly recollecting what I saw. In this whole act of sweaty moment, I took my phone to make a call and drain out the funk so that I can feel less anxious and this was the real nightmare-where I was shattered to just scroll the contact list where I couldn’t find a single name to call for.
I figured out, like what I earned in this whole voyage of my life? Not a single person whom I can just call and say that I don’t feel okay/good/feel bit lost/empty with no further questions being asked back & I get a reply that it’s okay not to be okay, and not being judged further and cross questioned just being said, “make another attempt to sleep, may be”. No drama no exaggeration of the situation but just a calm reply. Just to know that there is this someone who will be there around, is this too much to ask in life for? Is this a lot of reckoning out of sentiments or just a lack of Emptiness? In this whole rout situation finding yourself still calm is a cliché, isn’t it?
We all have friend’s, relationships, buddies, husband, wife, just friend and what not but have you ever thought who is the one that fits in here? Or it’s just a missing puzzle with unrevealed image.

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