I like to write hindi poems.I am an M.A. English but I am too much intrested in Hindi litrature . It s my passion to write poems . Please share your feedback and views with me through email. sonukumargujar@gmail.com Thank you. I love my hater and Competitor both because they thought me a lot. A warm thanks for likers.

I have never been through any vicious act.

Facing #Drought of winning this contest once.

Its #comic that I tried many times to win in this contest evan being a male.

Participate almost in every contest and loose every time is also an #art ?

जब #जीरो दिया मेरे भारत ने दुनिया को तब गिनती आई।

I will win the contest ever its probability is #Zero percent.

#Starting of anything is the 50% win then you have to win only remaing 50 %.

In this era of machines some people wants only quantity but to make brand its #quality .

I have a #Question . When shall I win?