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You Are Mine Now... - 4 - Last part
by Priyanka M

LAST PART  "I'm a Rape Survivor…and Nishi is a Rape Child….” these words hounded Ajit like a mad man, hammering his consciousness every second. He was on an autopilot ...

by Manju S Pillai
  • 17

                                                              I joined Trivandrum planning office according to PSC advice as Research Assistant on 3.1.2014, I had went there after 11.30am after waiting in the collectorate ground floor.When ...

Treasure Hunt
by Deepti Khanna
  • 54

 Kohinoor " the word itself makes you think of precious jewels like diamond. Yes ! I am speaking about diamonds, which all lives run for .     Our ancient ...

Scamper, Treasure
by Rohit Sharma
  • 19

Scamper “Uncle, my plane doesn’t fly. Tell me, how do you fly your plane?” Rahul asked Pilot Sudarshan, showing his paper plane. “Lot of power is needed to offtake. ...

by Divyansh Nawal
  • 126

When first glint of mighty sun hit his eyes and his ears heard the vibration of sound, he found himself in the college canteen. He was born with six ...

Safe haven - 12
by Elizabeth
  • 176

                 # Chapter 12       A day to rememberAlvin was getting ready when his mom called. He took the call in second ...

Angle of Views
by Rohit Sharma
  • 160

Angle of View “Hi Grandpa. I secured the first rank in the school. All my friends are way behind me.” “But Samyak. The mark sheet doesn’t say good things ...

What Happened to Darsan?
  • 116

What happened to Darsan?     In search of deeper meaning of life         JIRARA                       ...

You Are Mine Now.. - 3
by Priyanka M
  • 485

PART 3 THE PRESENT The presentation was a success and Creative Wings had bagged that account of women’s apparels. Everyone was ecstatic, as it was a very important account. ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 627

  Puberty ,our eyeballs rolls when we read or hear this word. But the new age teens doesn't hesitate to speak this word in front of elders. 'What ? Why ...

Gabbar, The Independent Country
by Rohit Sharma
  • 139

Gabbar   1977. In the bandits infested ravines of Chambal, the police inspector of a small village called Sarmathura asked his colleagues “Will you all just waste your life ...

An unforgettable gift
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 533

While north India was freezing, Chennai was hit by a cyclone. Chennai’s people, being strong, were settling their life again. Cyclone had done its damage, and people were trying ...

Safe haven - 11
by Elizabeth
  • 268

# Chapter 11       Party Time               Anusha checked her own face in the mirror for the tenth time. She was wearing a ...

You are my valentine !!
by ronak maheta
  • 200

Every year whenever the February month comes , people celebrate the valentine day with full of joy and full of love. Some ” single Indian people ” definitely oppose ...

by Rohit Sharma
  • 216

Didi   “Nishi, this is your Uncle.” said Urmila, as she introduced her cousin Prashant to her daughter-in-law. Nishi touched Prashant’s feet out of respect. “Stay happy my child. ...

How My Slogans Evolved
  • 102

How my slogans evolved           Free Thoughts- In Search of Meaning of Life       BY  JIRARA               ...

CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 2
by Amar Kamble
  • 321

                               Judging a thing without experiencing it, is null. It is same in case of ...

You Are Mine Now... - 2
by Priyanka M
  • 869

PART 2 THE PAST Ajit had always been artistic and creative since school days, but owing to the middle class Maharashtraian background, he was forced to pursue a safer, job ...

Helmsman, Falling Water
by Rohit Sharma
  • 82

Helmsman   “Hey god, please give me another grand-daughter.” Shoba’s mother in law was trying to give her a message through god. “Mummy, what will you do with so ...

A Wedding Ep - 1
by Anmol Dewnagry
  • 384

this story about a girl who marry with 40 year old man

Safe haven - 10
by Elizabeth
  • 250

  # Chapter 10           Perfect Solution        Akki and Rashi was having a heated argument when Anusha came home with Alvin. They don't fight ...

Loving Father term - 5 Finals
by Shubham Maheshwari
  • 177

As Jai was in feeling something something... So let's see what will happen now... How many changes are still ahead in the story so here we go for Final ...

Problem solving technique..- 9
by Anuja Kulkarni Verified icon
  • 250

Problem solving technique..- 9   Anika was looking puzzled as she could not understand, how her MBA study can help her to find solutions for her problems..   'What ...

Feeling Of Love Is Always Live
by Cute Angel
  • 252

                            It's love story about one village. Where one little girl was stay.She was so beautiful.She ...

by Sahaj Sabharwal
  • 173

WHY WE CAN'T DISCERN GOD ?  Today is a world full of development in fields of Science and Technology by talented and artistic people . Different types of people ...

You Are Mine Now... - 1
by Priyanka M
  • 3.6k

PART1 Day- 23rd December 2018,Venue- The Royal Plaza Banquet Hall,Time-10:30 pm. Few banquet hall workers were scattered all over the hall. One of them was lifting the empty chairs, ...

The Tears of Automan 2032, How many more Gandhis?
by Rohit Sharma
  • 112

The Tears of  Automan 2032   “Son, I want to say something” “Yes, go on dad” “Son, my diabetes is getting out of control. The boil on my leg ...

Safe haven - 9
by Elizabeth
  • 209

                      #Chapter 9                     Together               Alvin ...

Life is evil transform it into joy
by પ્રદીપકુમાર રાઓલ
  • 124

life is Evil: turn it into JoyLet us understand more about Life.Every one wants life,and then more life,and then a good life.What is a good life? Well, every one ...

Loving Father term - 4
by Shubham Maheshwari
  • 230

As you read at the term 3 end, Jai met to the accident and he wanted to recover but will he be successful for it? Let's see it in ...