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Touched By An Angel - 6
by Aniket Samudra
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There is no explanation why those gazing were for. Because we never smiled, we never exchanged any emotions across when we had eye-contacts. We just kept looking at each ...

Better-half – A Short Story
by Swati Joshi
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One day as nowadays happens, due to their being senescent and passé; they had been shifted to some other place where they might be needed. They are little timeworn ...

My book on meditation and life - gods law - 1
by Dj
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Gods law THIS IS PART OF MY BOOK FUTURE BOOK MEDI FOR DUMMIES ON MEDIATAION.there is path of simply yogabut you need induction such as new company or new organization. ...

Touched By An Angel - 5
by Aniket Samudra
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5 I was back to work. Mondays are the biggest enemies, especially of the software professionals. For me, it was hell being at desk after 7 days leave. My ...

by Abhijit Chakraborty
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After a few stations, a gentleman boarded on the same bogie of the train where I was there with very few passengers. He sat down on the opposite side ...

Forget the past..but not always...
by Rajesh Sheth
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Being passionate about travels and journeys, I started writing about such stories long back.  This comes from 2014. Kintan is a hardworking technocrat businessman.  He moves around the world ...

Home is where the hearth is
by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
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 The WhatsApp message from her brother was long, but she did not have the time to reply, "ttyl" was her cryptic response before she rushed out to work. It ...

Touched By An Angel - 4
by Aniket Samudra
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Neha quickly went through the time-table and said, “Not really, there is one after one and half hrs gap. Don’t think anybody will wait for that class and apparently ...

MEERA (The Fearless girl)
by Venu G Nair
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MEERA (The Fearless girl)       Meera was on the way to her office, walking very fast as it is already late.  Her  Manager is very strict. 10 ...