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Seven Days of Love
  • 702

"Aree…. All this is nothing, but foolish timepass for youngsters like you. There were no such extravagant days back then, when I was of your age."Grandma scolded me. I ...

डाइनिंग टेबल का महत्व-व्यंग्य
by Rishi Katiyar
  • 747

नहीं ,नहीं। मैं सफिस्टिकैटड होने की ऐक्टिंग नहीं कर रहा, ना ही अमीरों जैसे रुतबा दिखाने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ और न ही मेरे ‘पर’ निकल आए हैं, ...

Stay neighbor all time
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 531

Satirical  Stay neighbor All time Rajnarayan Bohre   We had seen forty spring of our lives. Though neither celebrating birthday nor spring seemed to be coming to us, we ...

Question For Election ticket
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 567

A ticket question   Question For Election ticket My first and last wish is that I get an election ticket for a huge party! But it is not easy ...

Folk tale Laturi Dadda's ghost
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 507

Folk tale Laturi Dadda's ghost  It is a very old thing, in a village, he lived in a straightforward manner and a very versatile person lived in Laturi Kakka. ...

Folklore-Chatura Pandit
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 681

Folklore                                           Chatura Pandit   Pandit Chaturbutha, a resident of Shivpur, used to engage in books and Havan pooja day and night when he returned from Kashi. His ...

Folk tale-Clever tailor
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 624

Folk tale                                                              Clever tailor   A tailor named Satyaprakash was a great expert in clothes chest. He used to sew new clothes. Due to this, there ...

the Clever tailor
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 717

Folk tale     the Clever tailor  A tailor named Satyaprakash was a great expert in clothes chest. He used to sew new clothes. Due to this, there was ...

Amusing doctor
by tamim
  • 798

Amusing Doctor By Tamim Elyas   long time time ago there was a man named his self as a doctor to deceive people, so he announced that he would ...

New Gen Shakunthalam - 2
by Venu G Nair
  • 1.4k

When Shakunthala's car reached at the gate of Dushyanth's Bangalow two security men in full uniform and wearing rifles with them standing  in front of the Gate.  Raju (driver) ...

New Gen Shakunthalam - 1
by Venu G Nair
  • 1.7k

Mr. kannua (maharshi), after an eight months foreign trip, while returned to his Ashram at the forest where he was doing his Tapasia since last so many years, he ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 2k

tale that may bring smile on your gloomy face. A boy had been texting me on insta from past few days. I never used to reply him, as I ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 1.9k

"New year  ! but what's so new about it ,same days ,same months and weeks and we doing same work.SO why so happy about just a change of number ...

Lethal Love – A Short Story
by Swati Joshi
  • 1.6k

Once up on a time there was a town where lived Bheem Singh. He was a cattle breeder and the richest among all the others who were in cattle ...

Hanu-man and Spider-Man: A Visit
by Chintan Madhu
  • 1.4k

            After the conquest of Lanka, Hanuman was fulfilling his full responsibility of Raja Ram and enjoying his pension retirement fun on Lakshadweep islands. ...

Art of Balanced Exaggeration in Conversation – 2 (Final)
by Valibhai Musa
  • 4.2k

Here, I divert my narration and connect you with the earlier mention of Lalujee. His verse in English could, no doubt, create fun; but, he could not give proper ...

No Scarcity of Jacks of All!
by Valibhai Musa
  • 1k

Today, just for some change in topic and also to entertain you, I am here with this Article. Before I compose some episodes from my past memory, I would ...

Three in one
by Valibhai Musa
  • 1.5k

(1) Hard hearing guys “Hey! Are you going to watch a movie?” “No! I am going to watch a movie.” “Oh! I thought you are going to watch a ...

The Sense of Humor
by Valibhai Musa
  • 1.6k

Let us mark first Mark Twain’s marking that studying humor is like dissecting a frog in biological studies where we may know a lot but we end up with ...

The Best Promise
by Dhaval Thakkar
  • (28)
  • 1.9k

There are some incidents which touch our heart. Most of them are with kids. Here is the one of my kid.

John’s Terrible Idiom Tale
by Rijuta Gohil
  • (14)
  • 1.7k

Idioms. They’re a big part of all our daily lives whether something’s a piece of cake or you accidentally bite off more than you can chew. And it seems ...