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by Deepti Khanna
  • 579

tale that may bring smile on your gloomy face. A boy had been texting me on insta from past few days. I never used to reply him, as I ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 713

"New year  ! but what's so new about it ,same days ,same months and weeks and we doing same work.SO why so happy about just a change of number ...

Lethal Love – A Short Story
by Swati Joshi
  • 448

Once up on a time there was a town where lived Bheem Singh. He was a cattle breeder and the richest among all the others who were in cattle ...

Hanu-man and Spider-Man: A Visit
by chintan madhu
  • 514

            After the conquest of Lanka, Hanuman was fulfilling his full responsibility of Raja Ram and enjoying his pension retirement fun on Lakshadweep islands. ...

Art of Balanced Exaggeration in Conversation – 2 (Final)
by Valibhai Musa
  • 3.2k

Here, I divert my narration and connect you with the earlier mention of Lalujee. His verse in English could, no doubt, create fun; but, he could not give proper ...

No Scarcity of Jacks of All!
by Valibhai Musa
  • 267

Today, just for some change in topic and also to entertain you, I am here with this Article. Before I compose some episodes from my past memory, I would ...

Three in one
by Valibhai Musa
  • 396

(1) Hard hearing guys “Hey! Are you going to watch a movie?” “No! I am going to watch a movie.” “Oh! I thought you are going to watch a ...

The Sense of Humor
by Valibhai Musa
  • 471

Let us mark first Mark Twain’s marking that studying humor is like dissecting a frog in biological studies where we may know a lot but we end up with ...

The Best Promise
by Dhaval Thakkar
  • (28)
  • 1.1k

There are some incidents which touch our heart. Most of them are with kids. Here is the one of my kid.

John’s Terrible Idiom Tale
by Rijuta Gohil
  • (14)
  • 680

Idioms. They’re a big part of all our daily lives whether something’s a piece of cake or you accidentally bite off more than you can chew. And it seems ...