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The Train Goes On... - 4
by Subbu

Chapter XIV     Narayanan saw Gopal with the car door wide open and waiting affectionately with his hand outstretched for Lallu, and Lallu came running towards her Dad ...

Nishty - Part 1. Party Time 1
by Pankaj Pandya

Nishti1. Party Time 1It is about one o'clock in the afternoon. Everyone in Sopan Communication, a well-known ad agency, is in a full swing of mood. . The enthusiasm ...

by Uplifted

Dear Readers, I would request you to read Chapters 1 to 6 of this series, first, for better comprehension of the continuity of the story so far... The Lady ...

Maybe forever - 20
by Elizabeth
  • 384

You are strongEnough to faceIt all, even if itDoesn't feelLike it rightNow              What should you feel when your past decide to pay you ...

Rhythm of Life - episode 17
by Vizhi Malar
  • 213

Why did you do that?!..... Anitha thought with deep pain in her heart. Mine was a closed chapter, why did you end up with me, Vijay?! You are so ...

The Deep End - 8 - Excuse to feel proud
by क्षितिजा जाधव
  • 120

  Chapter – 8: Excuse to feel proud Jay once told me. When we think from the bottom of the heart we get the goal. We get what we ...

The heir of an Billionaire Dad - Chapter 9 Payment
by Rakesh patel
  • 177

Chapter 9 Payment"True. He can't afford such a reputed college." one guy said."Out Michael out. Out Michael out." all started chanting it.Michael couldn't believe his ears. He had a ...

When We Met - EP - 8 (He Wants To Do What?)
by Aisha Rao
  • 255

Emily's POV: I felt horrible and disgusting. I closed my ears, trying to stuff a pillow but to no vain. Man, Edward really had some balls to sleep with ...

Rhythm of Life - episode 16
by Vizhi Malar
  • 417

It was one fine evening, like today once in a while Vijay spare  10 to 15 minutes during his work, to visit her beautiful wife for refreshing his mind, ...

by Mario Jose
  • 102

EPISODE V   “But she was disappointed, because he only said: Let me express my appreciation to the photographer and to the lady he has photographed.”   Pacta Sund Servanda; ...

The heir of an Billionaire Dad - Chapter 8 The First Date
by Rakesh patel
  • 129

Chapter 8 The First DatePhone vibrated as Emily was getting ready in the morning. She saw it was Jay's call. Sheimmediately received it."Hello.""Hi Emily, I am outside your house. ...

When We Met - EP - 7 (They Don't Really Hate Each Other)
by Aisha Rao
  • 288

Emily's Pov: I cleaned our room for hours, though being a new house it was already clean. I had this habit of cleaning stuff when I was depressed. Yes, ...

Rhythm of Life - episode 15
by Vizhi Malar
  • 588

 It's early morning 5'o clock, both Vijay and anitha were getting ready for the boy mintu's ear piercing ceremony. Vijay got surprised when he found a new set of ...

When We Met - EP - 6 (His First Love)
by Aisha Rao
  • 375

Some of you are confused as to who is "Lily", "Emi", "Bella",so I would like to tell you that they all are nicknames of Emily that Edward calls her. ...

by Devanshi Kanani
  • 219

“Anyone knows anything about Aahana? What’s happened with her? Let us know. It will help me to treat her better.” Mikhail asked. All ninjas are at visiting room. Aksha ...

by Uplifted
  • 225

Dear Readers, I would request you to read Chapters 1 to 5 of this series, first, for better comprehension of the continuity of the story so far...The Lady Cook ...

The Train Goes On... - 3
by Subbu
  • 78

Chapter III   After climbing up on the hilly road of Central jail, he reached near a bridge. While a policeman, who is one-third of a person's height, was ...

Maybe forever - 19
by Elizabeth
  • 651

       You can't bringUp my past To break meThat's what made me.         'So this is it? There's no more papers to sign? Vinny asked their ...

Rhythm of Life - episode 14
by Vizhi Malar
  • 546

Life going on as usual. Anitha attending office and Vijay taking care of his business. On that day it was started raining in the evening, initially as a drizzle ...

When We Met - EP - 5 (My Wedding Life)
by Aisha Rao
  • 348

Emily's POV: I was tired. My legs were numb; they were probably swollen and my posture was not anymore erect. The ceremony had ended hours ago. I just wanted ...

Book of Realms (Part 2)
by Samarah Fatma
  • 531

After they all were captured inside the book they went to 4 different realms, each one controlled by the element of Nature. Charlotte was captured in the realm of ...

Rhythm of Life - episode 13
by Vizhi Malar
  • 465

Vijay arranged for a reception after a week to announce their marriage to friends and neighbors. He gave a week gap, so that Anitha can adopt a bit more. ...

The heir of an Billionaire Dad - Chapter 7 The true friendship
by Rakesh patel
  • 174

Meanwhile Michael was also in so much stress today. His visit to Dean didn't go asplanned.Now, he had to pay these fees,otherwise he won't be able to study further ...

by Uplifted
  • 354

Dear Readers, I would request you to please read chapters 1 to 5 of this series, first, to understand the continuity of the story so far...An UNEQUAL Romance - ...

Love, Today Forever. - 1
by Ssandeep B Teraiya
  • 477

Chapter 1 -  After 15 yearsKaran , Please. Talk with me at least. She requested on whatsapp messege. Don't force me please. You know I am the weakest man in this ...

Rhythm of Life - part 2 - episode 12
by Vizhi Malar
  • 447

Anitha was looking through the darkness in the bedroom window. She was too blank to think about anything. The gentle knock on the door startled her, she was looking ...

When We Met - EP - 4 (Grand Wedding)
by Aisha Rao
  • 441

DAY OF MARRIAGE Emily's POV: I was nervous. I should be. That's what normal brides feel. I was going to take a long step. A step which would change ...

by Uplifted
  • 384

Dear Readers, I would request you to read Chapters 1 to 4 of this series "The Lady Cook", first, for better comprehension of the continuity of the story so ...

The Train Goes On... - 2
by Subbu
  • 210

Chapter - II After having coffee, Lallu carried her school bag and ran towards Narayanan. The foam of the filter coffee sticking to the edges of her soft lips ...

by Devanshi Kanani
  • 249

After an hour, Dev notice her. He didn’t know that she is Aahana. But he understands her duty to help her. He was shocked when she show Ahana. “ ...