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One Night Stand - 8
by Swatigrover

Chapter- 8  Alex and Nyon were playing lawn tennis in Tennis Club. You were right in giving the contract to Skylar Firms for Catherine’s engagement. I am thinking of ...

When We Met - EP - 47 (What's Her Deal, Man?)
by Aisha
  • 357

Emily's POV: Oh dear, this so wasn't happening! No, never! What to do? Should I strangle him!? Oh hell no! Eric is my friend and like a brother to ...

by xia
  • 186

AUTHOR'S POV: Guy who bumped into Aksha ,by seeing her guts understood that was something than she seems to be so decided not to cross her path.His name was ...

You are my life - episode 9
by Vizhi Malar
  • 306

Whole apartment was celebrating the foundation day happily. The children were playing around the big spot light, as security scolded them, all of them were gone except Adhira, she ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR.......2O21 (Part-5)
by Kalpana Sahoo
  • 117

                  अबतक आप पढे हैं की बुढा-बुढी ज्यौतिष् को बुलाके शुभ महुरत निकलबाते हैं । पण्ङिंत जी दो दिन के बाद सादी ...

by Mario Jose
  • 27

                                                       EPISODE XIII “It´s better for you to keep off my daughter´s life, do you hear me?”   Conservative Measures: A set of provisions whose aim is to cope ...

I Conquer - 2
by અક્ષર પુજારા
  • 183

‘Sir is not in the best of the behaviours. Beware,’ Beatrice lifts a little and mutters in my ear. This means that he must be angry, with us or ...

When We Met - EP - 46 (His Cute Little Secrets)
by Aisha
  • 354

Emily's POV: "But he is Edward's cousin!" "I didn't know that before until I met Edward in my college days!" "Oh god. This is so.. How did you give ...

L.O.V.E (By The Way) - 2
by Sia_forever
  • 300

On the other side' We can't lose this corporation anyhow… I had wasted a total of 11 years in Bulgaria for this company, I can't let it go out ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR.......2O21 (Part-4)
by Kalpana Sahoo
  • 183

             अबतक आप पढे हैं की जानुआ अपनी भैया और भाभी को अपने प्यार के बारे में बताता हैं । वो दोनो इस बातपे राजी ...

When We Met - EP - 45 (Shocking Revealations)
by Aisha
  • 321

Hello my lovely lovely readers! How are you!? Emily's Pov: I was as shocked as a bull deprived of water after ploughing fields in strong sunlight all day! I ...

Parallel universe girlfriend - 1
by Gokul Paramanandhan
  • 162

I'm a developer. Working in IT industry. My name is Aruthan. My age is 26. You might understand little bit now, yeah I have a depression and anxiety. My ...

You are my life - episode 8
by Vizhi Malar
  • 294

Almost 2 weeks been over after Vijay came here. It's a pleasant evening in Saturday, the whole apartment is getting ready to celebrate the foundation day. They arranged a ...

Nishty - 11. Over to Mumbai
by Pankaj Pandya
  • 123

After the completion of the party, Nishith and his parents returned home. On their way back home they were still discussing about the party. Nishith could not sleep at ...

One Night Stand - 7
by Swatigrover
  • (15)
  • 735

Chapter- 7 Next day morning Nyon comes to Alex office to discuss about the arrangements of Catherine’s engagement party. He says that the event should be given to Nuclear ...

When We Met - EP - 44 (Some Old Secrets)
by Aisha
  • 405

Emily's POV: My best friend's girlfriend! One woman. One beautiful woman who changed both of our destinies. One who destroyed my hopes of living happily ever after with Edward ...

The Deep End - Chapter 11 - The End
by क्षितिजा जाधव
  • 234

Chapter 11- The EndIt’s 4 AM. Annie is going to leave at 7 AM. She is in her room.“Hey, Mathematician.” Mindy Annie looks at her. Arif is with her.“Ready” Mindy“Yes” ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR.......2O21 (Part-3)
by Kalpana Sahoo
  • 237

                  अबतक आप पढें है की जानुआ एक लेडकी से प्यार करता है और उसीसे सादी करना चाहता है । वो ...

You are my life - episode 7
by Vizhi Malar
  • 369

"You have to divide with this, then only you will get the final answer", Vijay was telling to Nina , but she seemed hadn't listened to him at all. ...

When We Met - EP - 43 (Why He Never Gets A Clue?)
by Aisha
  • 324

So Hello my lovely readers!? How are you?? Emily's Pov: He was still and silent as a rock, his eyes widening like saucers, as if I had asked him ...

L.O.V.E (By The Way) - 1
by Sia_forever
  • 687

Life always has something unexpected. It is often said, if you are meant to be together forever by fate, no one can change your destiny. Life had been really hard ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR.......2O21 (Part-2)
by Kalpana Sahoo
  • 174

              अबतक आप पढे हैं की जानुआ घरको लोटता है वो भी अकेला अच्छा बच्चे का तरहा । कोई बदमासी नहीं, नाही कोई ...

You are my life - episode 6
by Vizhi Malar
  • 270

"Oh...Finally he is the one who accomplished the task", Kavita closed her lunch box. "I told you know he is a good guy", she added. Ramya was washing her lunch ...

When We Met - EP - 42 (Do You Love Me?)
by Aisha
  • 402

 Emily's pov:"Lily, I can't find my office files and where is my folder!?" I heard Edward calling for me, sound of things falling down coming from our bedroom."See there! ...

One Night Stand - 6
by Swatigrover
  • (18)
  • 873

Chapter-6    Next day morning, Alex gets up and goes to see Rumi and finds that she had gone. There was a note kept on the table and it ...

Nishty - 10. Farewell Party
by Pankaj Pandya
  • 162

Nishith came to the office  in a totally different mood today. On one side he was sad because he was leaving the organisation but on the other, he was ...

When We Met - EP - 41 (His Passion and Her Loss)
by Aisha
  • 498

Mia's POV:While I just remembered saying one thing to him at last when he fell asleep beside me, pulling me closer, soft snores coming from his nose."I love you, ...

by xia
  • 291

DAKSHA'S POV: God this building is too big .I got down the cab started walking towards  college gate dragging my heavy bags (girls and their clothes). security guard:beta show ...

You are my life - episode 5
by Vizhi Malar
  • 444

It's a cool evening, the sun started it's journey towards west. Ramya got down from the school bus, she saw the apartment children were playing volleyball in the campus ...

Glaring Shadow - A stream of consciousness novel - 30 - last part
by BS Murthy
  • 384

Chapter 30 Back to the Basics    “When Anand came to console me, Ruma’s relatives had a scare,” he continued with apparent sadness. “Afraid of my passing on the ...