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Stay With Me - 14 - The Rituals
  • (12)
  • 1.6k

Please read CARNAL instead of CARNIVAL. I don't know what did I type that my cellphone changed it to Carnival.. lol..D. Story hitherto..Viansh lightly takes the ...

by Mario Jose
  • 96

EPISODE XXIII “¿Can you play it again for me, please? -The Loser Titan pleaded him by joining the palm of his hands as if praying. This song is going ...

Simran Bua - 1
by Uplifted
  • 321

It has been almost six months since I've been posted in Chandigarh. I was working as an Administrative Manager of a Marketing company there. The one place which I ...

Confession of a Murderess
by BS Murthy
  • 198

I, Radha, w/o late Madhu, r/o 13, Red Hills, Hyderabad, she began to dictate calmly, confess to having willfully poisoned not only Ranjit but also Shakeel, Pravar and Natya. ...

When Life Gives You Lemons... - Part 8
by Prateek Dave
  • 468

With the indecisiveness regarding my future out of the way, I had now slowly started embracing my college life. Though the things were not as rosy as I had ...

Stay With Me - 13 - The Announcement
  • (15)
  • 1.4k

Story hitherto.. As Tulika agrees to marry, Tulika's dad happly shares this good news with Nomaan's family, both families agree to perform Roka. There Nomaan gets a chance to ...

by Savitha
  • 429

Today is my sister's marriage . I know that no one are happy about this marriage but we (myself and my father) don't have any other option other than ...

You are my life - episode 33
by Vizhi Malar
  • 1k

"It's not a break upIt's only a break timeYou will come back to me one dayI'm sure andWaiting for you...."After staying a week in that village with Krishnan sir ...

by Uplifted
  • 561

( I would request the first time readers of this story 'The Landlady', to please go through the first part of this series, published a few days ago, so ...

by Mario Jose
  • 156

EPISODE XXII “Be prepared to be those who activate the codes of light in the soul.” “Okey, it´s a deal –The Loser Titan took the challenge not quite knowing ...

Stay With Me - 12 - Certainly Uncertain
  • (19)
  • 2.5k

Story so far. Tulika is confused whether to inform her dad about money she burrowed or not but when returned her dad is happy about his business, which makes ...

by Uplifted
  • 1.3k

When I was around 36, I was transferred to Chandigarh as a Deputy Manager of a fairly good Marketing company. I was looking after the Customer Support department. I ...

You are my life - episode 32
by Vizhi Malar
  • (11)
  • 1.9k

"Now I am having answersfor all your questions....but where have you gone?!"Karthik lost in his thoughts sitting in the cafe by keeping both his hands clasped on the forehead ...

The Four Wheel Saga Book - 5 - Crows Come to Roost 3
by Noah Clementine
  • 129

A bunch of Kento's cousins stepped out of the crowd. They were twelve. Akako and Shigeo had also joined the bunch. Apparently, being called a 'little lady' had irked ...

When Life Gives You Lemons ... - Part 7
by Prateek Dave
  • 489

The first thing that caught my attention was her elegant earrings. My sister loved wearing similar kinds of earrings on festive occasions. So it was a bit of a ...

Stay With Me - 11 - Fate's Decree
  • (19)
  • 1.9k

Story So Far..At his farm house Nomaan threatens Tulika,giving glimpses of his feelings towards her. making her confused. After he leaves Vidita calls her in, gives her hint that ...

The Four Wheel Saga Book - 4 - Crows Come to Roost 2
by Noah Clementine
  • 147

The Mikashita palace entrance, like other kin-lord estates, faced towards the Shibai Sharin temple. A fenced garden, flush with buttercups, anemones, and honeysuckles, surrounded the palace. The estate elongated ...

by Mario Jose
  • 174

EPISODE XXI   “As you Argentinians like to say: the situation is about to reach the boiling point “. Ability: talent needed to pursue a profession. Good credits earned ...

Alone - 9 - Asking questions
by Adaeze Ezekwe
  • 636

Chapter 6  James and Rose came over to Anita’s house. Anita welcomes them Rose started the conversation we are very sad you have to travel so soon especially now ...

The Boss's Daughter - 2
by Uplifted
  • 540

Dear Readers, I would request you to please read the initial chapter of this series Boss's Daughter first, to properly comprehend the continuity of the story... I am Sumit, ...

The Four Wheel Saga Book - 3 - Crows Come to Roost 1
by Noah Clementine
  • 150

The boy had been walking for hours. He was lost in a wide, elaborate corridor, without a ceiling, doors, or windows, with walls that scaled the sky. The starlight ...

by Shakti Singh Negi
  • 396

marry Apsara      Get out Rupa. Devraj Indra cursed Roopa and said. Your mind is not engaged in the works of heaven. Go you will live in the earth ...

You are my life - episode 31
by Vizhi Malar
  • (12)
  • 1.3k

Always I want to say one thing- "You are just Amazing!!!"Ramya almost prepared herself for a conversation with Karthik, she made up her mind that she has to talk firmly ...

Mystery of Jorawar Garh and Rambhala
by Shakti Singh Negi
  • 192

Mystery of Jorawar Garh and Rambhala                      Author ---- Shakti Singh Negi                     ...

Alone - 8 - Travelling very soon
by Adaeze Ezekwe
  • 534

Chapter 5 Grandma, please tell me what happened. Your mother called said her grandma. Ok what then what happened. Anita do you know the reason you are staying with ...

The Four Wheel Saga Book - 2 - Prelude: The Dragon's Day Out
by Noah Clementine
  • 264

A minute passed in silence, and then there was the rustling of leaves and breaking of twigs. A tall, well-built figure emerged from the wilderness. He wore dark baggy ...

The Nanny's World - 3
by Tanuja Dx
  • 537

Just then my phone pop and it was a message from the company. They have transferred advance payment in my account and I transfer those money to Mrs. Bahar’s ...

by Uplifted
  • 402

I was returning from my hometown Kolkata to my workplace Bhopal, where I was posted as a Manager of a Commercial establishment. I had just moved in around 15 ...

Stay With Me - 10 - !! Damned !!
  • (18)
  • 2.2k

Story would you feel when a person you don't like at all came to your home as a guest,in addition to that when you realise that your dad ...

The Four Wheel Saga Book - 1 - THE LEGACY TRIALS
by Noah Clementine
  • 876

In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six ...