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Taste Of Fear Chapter 17
by Vicky Trivedi

Shyam’s eyes opened, found Charmi sat on the floor crossing her legs near him. Her face was fresher now. She smiled at him seeing him awaken, “Good Morning.” “Morning,“ ...

by Deepti Khanna

With the break of dawn ,Shubhuni felt better and her mother got her ready for the big lunch .Shubhuni's mother handed her's wedding saree and said "dress as best ...

Happieness .....the ultimate thing 4
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 63

Happieness is always in you. Yet everyone is searching outside. But if you want happieness than you have to work hard to understand the happiness. Everyone wants happiness but ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 16
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 249

“Oh! Mommy!” The sound startled Shyam. No, the sound wasn’t of Archana, which had drawn him out his thoughts. Charmi was groaning.   11th November.   Yeah! Charmi had told ...

Rhythm of Life - 1
by Vizhi Malar
  • 497

Life has a rhythm, sometimes it will be fast, Sometimes it will be slow,Everybody is trying to catch up the rhythm.Early morning. The sun started spreading his rays on Earth. ...

by Devanshi Kanani
  • 211

“What are you cooking without me”, a strange voice headed over them.She is Aksha, who entered. She nodded to keep quiet to Dev and Anu. She puts her finger ...

Happieness....the ultimate thing...3
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 359

Everybody wants happiness. Each and every peson does any work but the ultimate goal of man is to find happiness. But we are very sleepy person. We never think ...

Maybe forever - 10
by Elizabeth
  • 13k

        # Chapter 9'Anger is our natural defense against pain. So when I say ‘I hate you’, it really means ‘you hurt me.’         ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 15
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 205

“Hey please slow down, I am unable to walk as fast as you…” He stopped on hearing a voice; turned back in the direction of the voice to find the person behind it. Shyam ...

by Abhijit Chakraborty
  • 525

This is a one-act play. This is the story about Ginni Ma (wife) and Babu (husband) and their ridiculous short quarrel. In addition, there is another interesting character, Ramu ...

The Train goes on no driver but guard-god Episode 6
by Subbu
  • 198

I remember how when our principal (Father Rozario) came to our post graduate classes, even though he had got a lot of administrative work, he would make sure that ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 14
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 252

July 25, 2016  Archana realised that her sector-11 was not her for her now. It was only of her for a couple of days. When she moved down from ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 283

Shubhuni father wiping his face with the napkin, spoke with a heavy voice " Shubhuni you know the renowned Barrister Das ?  Shubhuni nodded her face ,and said " ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 13
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 310

The landlord had Hindi daily the Dainik Bhaskar every day at his home. Shyam instructed the delivery boy to drop him a copy of the Tribune which is an ...

Fearlessness ......the great. - 5
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 536

Fear is the most deadliest thing in human life. You can't enjoy the beautifil things which you have, if you are feared. If anyone will ask me that what ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 12
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 352

Mum – Dad please forgive me, I may be wrong but my intentions are… I am going to Chandigarh to settle he murmured to himself. Perhaps, his father had ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 699

Shabuni , are you ready .The boy and his parents have come . "A pretty innocent bengali girl of eighteen adjusted her nose ring in the mirror and admired ...

The Train goes on no driver but gurad god Episode 4
by Subbu
  • 212

Teachers, teaching is a profession you should be proud of and not a profession to enjoy more vacations! (Sorry to say this but once I asked a teacher aspirant ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 11
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 357

It was the second of March. The climate of Mumbai was moderately hot with a high humidity, however, the coastal location ensured temperatures would not fluctuate much. The thermometer ...

Fearlessness ......the great. - 4
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 632

As we show in previous chapter, fear is the deadliest thing in life.  As a humanbeing we have to conquer fear. The another from which fear comes,is delay your ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 10
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 456

Shyam awoke to a continuous knocking on the door. He opened it to find Archana, he rubbed his eyes and made certain it was not the recurring dream that ...

by Devanshi Kanani
  • 454

Next morning“What the hell, I am on fucking leave. Don’t you get that? Manage by yourself”, Arush yelled. He is on the call.“Then contact to Mr. Gupta. That’s his ...

Fearlessness .....the great. - 3
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 765

Fearlessness is the great thing. As we see in last two parts, fear is not coming from outside. It is the situation in which we put our negative thoughts ...

Experience of a corona warrior
by Jyoti Rana
  • 967

I myself Dr Jyoti working as a medical officer in Mahavir hospital.  I want to write about my experience what I felt during my duty in covid ward.  I ...

Maybe forever - 9
by Elizabeth
  • (16)
  • 948

      # Chapter 8                      Happiness is not getting all you want. It's about enjoying all you have...      ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 9
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 447

The hues of twilight deepened into dusk as Christy slowed her car approaching the red light of the traffic signal, she hardly noticed the bar on the corner where ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 8
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 442

Shyam had revealed to his mom that he was going to see Archana, he explained to her that if his father should inquire, say he had gone on a ...

The Train goes on no driver but guard-god Episode 5
by Subbu
  • 391

  Family background plays a great role in the career and life of a teacher. My mother was born in a family that lived in the same street in ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 7
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 492

Sector seventeen was a beehive of activity, a myriad of khaki-clad figures ran to and fro. Some low ranked policemen were discussing the scene, their faces painted with discomfort ...

Malayalee Episode 1
by Subbu
  • 334

Malayalee . . . Episode     1 Dr. Subramonian Registered with Copyright Office Government of India RN.L-70854/2017 A Story that can be used for film making. Characters Jacob Nadira Santanu ...