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Stay With Me - 20 - A Perfect Storm
  • (14)
  • 1.1k

Story So Far..Nomaan seems distracted through out their way back home, though tries to make Tulika, to feel special as they share physical intimacy but it all changes when ...

Unknown Love - Episode 5
by Anjali Lingayat
  • 663

Unknown from own feelings of love and taking first step towards each other.

Unknown Love - Episode 4
by Anjali Lingayat
  • 771

For friends getting protective, caring and concern.

Unknown Love - Episode 3
by Anjali Lingayat
  • 744

Working with good, smart and intellgent team; but needs to discipline.

Unknown Love - Episode 2
by Anjali Lingayat
  • 867

Getting late for duty and tease by a friend. what will happen next in story?

Unknown Love - Episode 1
by Anjali Lingayat
  • 1.9k

A Meet in an office, but first impression is bad impression...!

Stay With Me - 19 - The Bet
  • (20)
  • 2.3k

Story so far..Tulika was confused about Nomaan's relationship with Ruhi, when she told her, "I will never stop trying get Nomaan back" but upon asking Nomaan he totally deny ...

Unknown Love - Trailer
by Anjali Lingayat
  • 2.4k

This novel portrays the personal life of an police officer and the power of true love. Here, the focus is more on the unconditional love; he has for his ...

A Girl in the Library - 1
by Priyanshu Vinayak
  • 2.9k

The story revolves around Kanishk, a boy who is in his teens. He is fond of reading novels and often spends his time in the library. Whenever he is ...

The Vikramaditya Secret - 24
by Rahul Thaker
  • 555

74)Proffesor Dev Raval and Poorva Shah entered in to the office.They have decided to not to switch on the lights to avoid any suspictions. Instead they are operating from ...

12 Things - 8 - Watch a Movie
by Daanu
  • 627

"Hey... Why didn't you call me for the next task?" Anjali asked Ajay."I thought you were no longer interested in it." Ajay replied. "Who said so?"  "Well. It was me who ...

12 Things - 7 - Grocery Shopping
by Daanu
  • 651

"It's gotta be urgent that you call me in the cafeteria", Anjali said, reaching out to Ajay."What were you doing?" Ajay asked"I was busy with the experiment of finding ...

by Mario Jose
  • 396


12 Things - 6 - We Can Cry
by Daanu
  • 915

"Hey... How are you... Why were you not answering my calls?" asked Ankit in a worried tone."Hello... I am fine. I was just sleeping, so I was not able ...

Stay With Me - 18 - The Confession
  • (25)
  • 4.6k

Story So Far..Tulika is amazed watching how Nomaan takes care of her dad.after getting at her home, she is excited to celebrate her first Karwa chauth,though Nomaan doesn't like ...

12 Things - 5 - Lunch Date
by Daanu
  • 1.3k

"Hi, Anjali..""Hi, Ajay... What's up?""We agreed on 12 days, 12 things, right?""Yes... What happened?""Then the thing for the day is, Date.." "W.. What??""We have been officially dating for more than ...

by Mario Jose
  • 414


When Life Gives You Lemons ... - Part 11
by Prateek Dave
  • 654

That party at the end of the first mid-semester exams turned out to be the last one that we had in our first semester. No, there was no significant ...

WRONG WAY - (Series 2)
  • 1.1k

That book contains basic information of that professor, who was been killed. And he wrote about his friendship with that professor. Name of the professor was vardhan Kumar and ...