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Sure Success - Suryaansh

It was 3 am. Nights on its full mood. And my moon still on her social media. I have to finish my project but my body ache did not support me. Tomorrow was last day of submission and it should not delay.

When my friend came to get some business in office. Then we had discussion over career. Actually this is not the right age to do study. But only being graduate is not enough to survive. We had a tea. I finally had admission in leading Business School.

Firstly I was very much excited. I got syllabus and online access. It was not time to study, but to look after family. When could I get the time to study. I choose night. Of course! I am working human being and familywala.

My wish list was not ready. I want to become master in finance. I have to overcome my inefficiency in Accountancy and finance. That could not give me proper sleep.

I started when I get time. My counsellor reminds me about to study well. His guidelines pushed me to concentrate on study. Everything done well and with cool mind, question was to study on time.

In two years project 1st year was little easy but tiredness resist me .

That day she gave me tea and sweet smile. Being wife her moral support encourages me to always became best. At 4 pm I slept after online submission.

I took lots of efforts to complete project. And it's really painful and satisfactory. The day of VIVA came. I prayed to God and entered cabin. She gave me warm welcome. I relaxed with her smile. She started questioning. I think I did well.I passed in that.

I was so happy that time. Student for same project stopped me and ask me to wait till she finished her VIVA.

We took long route to chat.I never met her before. We became a friend. After that meeting we never met. That day gave me lot. I was so happy that I feel it now also.

First year of PGDFM completed and I got 82%. Great na!. We celebrated my success.

The magic behind story is I did study after 20 years!! .

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Careless attitude spoils career. And spoiled career unstable life.

પોતાની સક્ષમતાનો દાખલો પ્રયત્ન કરો તો મળે.
સાથે ભણતા હતા મિત્રપરિવાર કરીયર માં બિઝી હસે તો પોતાની અકાર્રક્ષતા ઉપર ધુસ્સો આવે.

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सक्षम और सुविद्य होना हर नारी का कर्तव्य है
और उस कर्तव्य के प्रति सजग रहना और उस आत्मनिर्भर बनाने में सहाय्यभूत होना हमारा दायित्व है।

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I am not capable to run the business
But I drove Lamborghini Car in my dream.

આનંદ કરતા દુખ માં માનસિક સંતુલન જોઈયે. આ ખોવાઈ ગયો તો બધા હોવે તો પણ માનસ હતબલ થયી જાય.

मानसिक संतुलन बना कर रखियें।
वही तो हमारे हाथ है, वरना इन
परिस्थितीयों कोई कैसे जीये?

No have second opinion about worry for decreasing Bank balance..

Actual infected by Covid-19 are less in numbers, but more numbers of death or unhealthiness increase because of frustration and fear of being infected by Corona.
Now many companies and related politician including media started exploiting public by this or that way.

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वास्तविक जीवन में फिल्मोंवाली दुनिया नहीं होती है।
रियल (Real) और Reel (रिल) जीवन में ज़मी आसमाँ का अंतर होता है। ये सभी जानते है लेकीन दिल में झुठे सपनों को लेकर जीते है और ध्येय से हटकर सफ़लता की कामना करते है।

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