Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

Suddenly what happened to this world?!!
Sky turned red! ...
Greens turned red! ...
Must be reflection! ...
O My.....
You've blushed!!! ...
I'm blessed.....

Extreme comfort
Extraordinary peace of mind
Eternal bliss like sleep -
By YOUR two those magical words
"Good night"

"I am not a writer
It's your beauty
That makes me

once you asked me "what's all these?"
I said nothing, but thought inside
"just for you.."

-Vizhi Malar

It seems I could write an essay on ur smile
The very thought swipes me out thoroughly
makes me on cloud nine
finally the paper goes blank.....

-Vizhi Malar

Mobile hangover
Always mine not an immediate 'hello'
Recovery time from choking effect
by your tantalizing 'Hi'

Never mind you recognize or not
keeping a flower Everytime at your feet makes me happy...