Content Licencing for authors

Matrubharti is the platform for authors, of authors and by authors. We help authors to get published and earn from their content. One of our services to authors include content licensing deal negotiation with the production houses. This helps authors to earn and licence their content to the licensee against recurring royalty or one time fees. Here is how it works.

Here is how it works

Content submission for review

We submit the content synopsys to the interested groups, they review the content as per their suitable circumstances.

Author interview

If the receiving group has further questions about the content, they would schedule an interview under assistance of Matrubharti.

Content originality check

Once the interested group is ready to submit a proposal for the licence rights, they would initiate originality check with their respective agencies.

Proposal and negotiation

The receiving group would draft a proposal for content rights based on their need and budget, that is jointly discussed between all parties.

Acceptance and encashment

At the end of the procedure, the author and Matrubharti team has to formally accept or reject the proposal by email or physical mailer.

Agreement signing

The agreement is signed between the receiver of licence, author and Matrubharti to decide the scope of licence

For further questions, please contact the Matrubharti support team.