The best stories on Matrubharti are taken to the promising production houses in the town, they make audio and video entertainment content out of the stories. We engage the vernacular community in all formats of entertainment.

Matrubharti Vishesh
Matrubharti Vishesh

Novels for the bookworm in You

The most powerful messages of life are found in stories. Matrubharti is the source of such inspirational, entertaining and meaningful stories for millions of readers. Novels that touch the heart of the reader are also getting published by our partner paperback publishers.

How Matrubharti Works

It is simple, as it is developed to help the authors to publish digitally and reach globally.

1. Start A Story

Write from your Mobile or your computer. our tools would make your writing easiest possible.

2. Build Followers

Your story would reach to like minded readers. they would start following your episodes, keep them updated.

3. Reach to Mass

Your content is followed by publishers and producers. you may get a chance to publish the story in print, audio or video.




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What they say

નો રીટર્ન - 2

Matrubharti has helped me achieve my goals of reaching to readers. The readers over here are really loyal and responsive, they leave feedback quickly and praise very often. I am now a published author of 9 books.

Praveen Pithadiya Gujarati Author
स्वराज्यसूर्य शिवराय

I was an experienced writer before joining Matrubharti, but I had limited set of readers. I was unaware that digitally also my content would be praised, but here am getting a decent response. My readers are increasing and I am getting inspiration to write more.

Nagesh S Shewalkar Marathi Author
आसपास से गुजरते हुए

I am editor with prominent media group, I published my book with well known publisher too, the same content when published on Matrubharti digitally, the response was phenomenal. I never expected such a great reader group. My book has reached where amazon could have not taken me. Thank you Matrubharti.

પિન કોડ - 101

I was reluctant to join the platform because I was already established as an author and editor. There was nothing much expected from Matrubharti, but with my surprise, the response of my fiction novels was excellent. I found the young reader base for my stories. I am writing few more novels exclusively for this platform.

Aashu Patel Gujarati Author

The best sellers write on Matrubharti, do you?

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