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Hello I am Bhagirath Parihar ,a short story writer in Hindi. specialize in mini story ,in Hindi it is called Laghukatha gufao se maidan ki or was published in 1974 ans was edited by me and my friend Ramesh Jain .It is the first compilation in Hindi laghukatha.This work is regarded as historic because it lay down the standards of Laghukatha,a modern version of Bodhkatha or adarsh or upadesh katha . Modern Hindi laghukatha is realistic .The next work is Punjab ki charchit kathae and Rajasthan ki charchit laghukathae these books were edited by me and the special feature of this book is that it contain the critical evaluation of each writers writings .It is also the first of its kind .My own collection of Lghuthae was published in 1974 by Disha prakashan Delhi . It is a collection of about seventy five stories. It was lauded by the readers and writers as well. The convenor of Padav and Padtal has published a book titled bhagirath ki 66kathae and their critical evaluation by the well known cr

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