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નો રીટર્ન - 2

Matrubharti has helped me achieve my goals of reaching to readers. The readers over here are really loyal and responsive, they leave feedback quickly and praise very often. I am now a published author of 9 books.

Praveen Pithadiya Gujarati Author
स्वराज्यसूर्य शिवराय

I was an experienced writer before joining Matrubharti, but I had limited set of readers. I was unaware that digitally also my content would be praised, but here am getting a decent response. My readers are increasing and I am getting inspiration to write more.

Nagesh S Shewalkar Marathi Author
आसपास से गुजरते हुए

I am editor with prominent media group, I published my book with well known publisher too, the same content when published on Matrubharti digitally, the response was phenomenal. I never expected such a great reader group. My book has reached where amazon could have not taken me. Thank you Matrubharti.

પિન કોડ - 101

I was reluctant to join the platform because I was already established as an author and editor. There was nothing much expected from Matrubharti, but with my surprise, the response of my fiction novels was excellent. I found the young reader base for my stories. I am writing few more novels exclusively for this platform.

Aashu Patel Gujarati Author

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