नृवंशशास्त्री | हिंदी शोर्ट फिल्म

Hindi   |   12m 02s

It is the story of love at second sight! Nowadays love at first sight is common but have you ever wondered about love at second sight? have you ever felt the same? No....Then you should watch you this movie which will give you butterflies in your stomach. If you like this movie then share with your loved ones and share your first meeting moment with us in comment section. MOVIE CREDITS a BANYAN PRODUCTION film Produced By - Banyan Production Directed By - Bhavik Soni Story By - Sanket Thakkar Screenplay By - Bhavik Soni Cinematography By - Sagar Bhavsar Camera Operating - Yagnik Mistry, Sagar Bhavsar Make-up And Hair - Jinal Chauhan Cast - Bhavik Soni, Urvi Gor, Urvashi Nayak Back Ground Scoring - Dhrumil Pancholi Mixing and Mastering - Dhrumil Pancholi and Jay Chauhan Subtitles - Ishan Padia, Bhavik Soni Special Thanks - Ekta Raval, Ajay Bharwad, Shakuntalaben Dhobi, Arunaben Chauhan, Naynaben Chauhan, Harshadbhai Gandhi, Locations - Nyaymandir, Amitnagar, (vadodara)

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