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The Policewoman - 6

(Dear Readers, I would request you to please read the first 5 chapters of this series "The Policewoman 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5" to better comprehend the progress of this story so far…)

The Policewoman - 6

Aunty started walking with me held in her arms. I was dumbstruck. An old woman of 57 carrying a fully grown young adult man of 28 held firmly on her breasts so effortlessly. She walked to the full length mirror and stood in front of it. Sideways. So that I could also see the reflection of both of us in the mirror. Madhu and Chhoti Bhabhi came and stood behind us. What a sight it was for me. I could see myself being held in her arms by a tall and heavy set old woman. Behind us were two very tall young girls standing side by side. All three women were looking at me with loving eyes.

Even though I was being carried like a child by Aunty, I was seeing different emotions in the look of the three ladies. In Aunty's eyes and the way she was holding me up tightly to her breasts, I was finding the love of a mother to her child. In the reflection behind me I could see Madhumita, my girlfriend, having one hand on my shoulders lightly squeezing my upper arm. In her eyes, I could see love and a feeling of satisfaction, possibly seeing her mother holding up her object of love with so much care. In the eyes of Chhoti Bhabhi, I could see desire and lust. But my mind could not process the reason for this. As far as I knew, she was married for about 3 years or so. She has a very handsome husband, 6 feet tall, very compatible with her own height of 5'7". So why would she be longing for a guy of my height and figure. It must have been my mistake. I did not know how to ask Madhu more details about Chhoti Bhabhi's marital life. Anyways, let's move on…

I looked at Aunty and said, "Aunty, I really am amazed how you, at your age can so easily carry me around. But please understand that this might hurt your back. You are not young anymore, and you are carrying a fully grown adult young man. I don't doubt your strength, but please put me down."

Aunty smiled at me, "Beta, why are you so intelligent ? You knew that if you told me to put you down, I wouldn't. So you have sugarcoated your words and requested me. I like your approach, Beta. You are the right man for my daughter." She planted one more kiss on my forehead and gently put me down on the floor.

We all proceeded to Madhu's bed. Each of us sat on one corner of the bed and squatted down ready for a long fun filled chat. I saw that Badi Bhabhi is missing for quite some time now. They told me that she is attending to her baby. I felt there's something amiss. I said, "Madhu just call Badi Bhabhi up, I'll speak to her. She should be in this family chat session also."

Then Aunty said, "You call her, but remember one thing. We will not discuss all that has happened now. Meaning, whatever you had told Chhoti Bhabhi about your liking taller and stronger girls. Or that Madhu had lifted you on her shoulders. Not also that I had carried you just now. She will not like these. So let us talk generally but nothing on this sort of subject. Understood Beta ?"

I did not understand, but still nodded my head. Noted in my head, to ask details about this issue also to Madhu, when I get her alone. I was wondering that there's so much mystery within a family also. I was in two minds now, whether or not to call her. In the meantime Madhu had put through the call. I heard her say, "Bhabhi, where are you ? Sumit is asking for you." She said she was coming.

Badi Bhabhi came soon after, along with her baby. The baby was around 9 months old. Cute little one. Our discussion started with the baby, then gradually moved on to other subjects. I learnt about the likes and dislikes of each of them regarding their food habits, their movies, movie stars, music. I learnt that Badi Bhabhi could sing. On my insistence and persistence, she did sing a few songs. Good trained voice. I learnt that Madhu's younger brother had a passion for cooking. They also asked me about my food habits, my likes and dislikes and my hobbies. And especially in great detail about my family, my parents; my married sister; other close relatives. Then about my work and my career plans. I told them that I was in fact trying to change over to the IT industry and was in the final stages of an interview with one of the major IT companies. There is a good chance that I will be selected. I told them that my goal was to work hard for the first few years and try for an on-site posting, preferably in the United States or any European countries, as soon as possible. All of them were quite elated at this news. In fact they started congratulating Madhu for this, rather than me. I felt it was funny, but felt good also.

After about an hour or a little more, Aunty and the two Bhabhis left. They let Madhu and me have some quality time for ourselves. At the door, I saw Chhoti Bhabhi close it shut. And just before that I saw her give a wink to Madhu.

We were seated on the bed, side by side, holding each other's hands. I was just having fun comparing the size of our palms. Her palm was so much bigger than mine and her fingers were so long. I loved it. Then I casually asked, "So, Chhoti Bhabhi is married 4 years now, you had said. No kids planned ?"

Madhu looked surprised at the question. "Chhoti Bhabhi is ofbmy age only, in fact a year younger than me. My younger brother is four years older than me. So there's time. But, by the way, why did you ask this question ?"

I said, "No, nothing. Just a natural question."

Madhu looked serious. "It's strange for you to ask this question. In fact, since you are going to be a part of our family, I think you should know. It's better I tell you now, than you hearing from some of our relatives later on. Then you will not like it, that I didn't tell you myself. Actually, my younger brother is gay. My parents knew about it. But still they got him married. They thought that this might divert his mind and make him straight. My Chhoti Bhabhi is from a very poor family. She is an orphan too. Her Mama, Mami (Maternal uncle and aunty) had brought her up). She was put in a boarding school. She was very good in her studies, so she worked her way through college on her own initiative. She used to work as a domestic help at an old lady's house. That lady was very good and supportive. So Bhabhi lived there and went through college, supporting her own educational expenses. But her poverty stricken background saw her sacrificed by her uncle and aunt, to my gay brother. And that ended her life and dreams."

"Pathetic !" was the only response which came out of my mouth. "But if she was good in studies, why didn't she do some job and support herself. Why did she have to get married ?"

Madhu said, "Chhoti bhabhi is my best friend at home. She had confided in me that her maternal uncle had said that her father supposedly owed him a lot of money before his death. So her maternal uncle and aunt gave her two options. One, either she agrees to marry my gay brother, for which they would earn a lot of money from my parents ; or else she would be sold off to some brothel. She chose my gay brother, so that at least she would get a family, if not a potent husband."

I was amazed, "This is more than a film story. Although I would not have normally supported your parents for paying a lot of money to get a bride for their gay son. But in this case, it turned out to be good that they had in effect saved a poor girl from going to the dogs."

Madhu said, "Yes, and that is why all of us in the family love her very much, especially my Mummy. We know fully well that she had willingly sacrificed her own life's happiness by marrying into our house. Even my younger brother loves her, but that's more like a brother-sister love or between friends, rather than a husband-wife relationship. For me, she is more like my own sister and best friend. I can do anything for her."

I laughed and said, "Don't say 'anything'. That's quite a big word."

She was intrigued, "Why ? Why can't I do 'anything' ? I can give her whatever she wants."

I asked her as if I was joking, "Even me ?"

She seemed confused, "No, not you !! But why would she even want you ?" She kept quiet for a few seconds. "Wait ! Is that why you are asking questions about her ? Did she do anything to you when she was alone with you ? What ?"

I just laughed, "Nothing ! What would she do ?"

Madhu was still confused, "But Chhoti Bhabhi did tell me that she had lifted you, when you told her that you like tall, big, strong girls. She wanted to prove to you that she is also taller and stronger than you. She also told me that she had said, that you will get another tall girl to lift you, if you married me. To which you joked, 'Buy one get one free'. And she had said, 'Buy one, get two free'. She even told all this to Mummy. Is this why you are so curious about Chhoti Bhabhi ?"

Now it was my turn to be astonished. Chhoti Bhabhi was so bold, she not only told my girlfriend, but even her mother too, that she had picked me up in her arms in a cradle. She even informed them about what discussion she had with me about her lifting me. I really appreciate her straight-forwardness and courage. This orphan girl sure had some admirable guts and self confidence.

I said, "Okay enough about others, I want to ask you an important question." Madhu was sitting with her back resting on a pillow kept by the bed-head. I was also sitting beside her the same way. I now sat up on the bed, facing her so that I could look at her face while talking to her. Madhu folded her legs to sit cross legged now. She patted her lap, asking me to go and sit there. I was feeling shy. So she put her hands under my armpits and pulled me to her body. She held me cradled on her lap, making me sit on her left thigh with her left hand holding me around my back. My thighs and legs were over her lap and extended on the bed. She held my knees together with her right hand going over my thighs. I had to put my right hand on her back for support. My left hand was lying on her right hand which held my thighs together on her lap. In effect, she was holding me on her lap as an elder sister would sit her baby brother on her lap, while telling stories.

She smiled sweetly and said, "Ok, now my little boyfriend, tell me your story."

I smiled back, "Not a story, but a reality. Listen Madhu, it is possible that for my new job, if I get in this IT company, I might be posted in Bangalore or Mumbai. Would you have any issue in going there with me after marriage ?"

Madhu was giving a broad smile, "Fantastic ! I would love that. I have never ever gone anywhere outside of this city, except to Puri for a few days, with my family. I will go with you wherever you take me."

Madhu was so happy she curled me up in her arms. She was actually squatting on her bed cross legged holding me cradled on her lap. Even in this sitting position, she curled up her arms and raised my body from her lap and brought my face near her face. Her eyes were gleaming with happiness. She didn't say any word, just kept staring at me. Her lips had a contented smile. Her eyes slowly started to swell up. Tears began to run down her eyes to her cheek. She was crying even though her lips were smiling. I think this is what is called the tears of joy. She slowly raised my face further up and brought her face down to meet my lips. She gave me a long sensual kiss. She was controlling the kiss and was literally maneuvering my body so that she could hold me at the proper angle giving her the best leverage. She lifted her head and looked at me lovingly again. "See, now that I have you for myself, I'll not let anybody come between our marriage. If your parents do not agree, I'll carry you like this in my cradle and will go sit at their feet, holding you tightly to my breasts. I'll beg them to give you to me. Then they'll definitely understand how much I love you and they'll not object." She was laughing like a child who is extremely happy with her toy and doesn't want to give it to anybody.

She started getting down from her bed, still holding me in her cradle. "Where are you taking me now?" I was apprehensive she might carry me like this downstairs.

"You said, you'll take me to Mumbai, Bangalore, America, Europe. Now I'm taking you to my Disneyland," she laughed.

I said, "What do you mean ? Where? "

She was standing with me beside the bed holding me up in her cradle. She was rocking me from side to side and bouncing me slightly. She smiled down at me sweetly and said, "What do you get in Disneyland ? Rides... Different rides. Now I'll give you different rides on me. You have to take all the rides and then tell me which you liked best and which you liked the worst. Right ?"

She started walking with me slowly in the room rocking me and bouncing me in between, held cradled on her full breasts. "Now you are enjoying a cradle ride. This is how a bride is carried over the threshold by the groom after marriage. And this is how I'll carry my groom into our bedroom on our first night. Like it ?" She asked sweetly.

I thought the best way to adopt is 'When you can't fight it, enjoy it !' So when she is bent upon carrying me in different holds, it's best to play along with her and enjoy my rides. So I smiled up at her and said, "Show me all the rides, then I'll decide which one I like."

She was absolutely thrilled with my answer, "Yeh hui na baat !!", she exclaimed. "Now get ready for the next one….."


( Continued in the next Chapter….)

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