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( The readers are requested to read the earlier chapters 1 to 15 of this series 'The Lady Cook' to understand the continuity of this story so far …)

The Lady Cook - 16

Our flight was at 2.45 pm. We reached the airport well in time. Sita was very excited but nervous. First flight for her. I told her to be just behind me in the line and see what I'm doing very carefully. Standing behind me in the queue for check-in with her impressive 5'9" height and 80 kgs weight, I felt so small in comparison. With my 5'3" and 63 kgs, I looked like a small boy in front of her.

Luckily we got seats side by side. I gave her the window seat and I took the uncomfortable middle one. During the take off, seeing her very tense, I just kept my hand on hers on the partitioning hand rest. She grabbed my hand and held it tightly. My hand vanished inside her big soft palm. She was sitting so erect on her seat, my head didn't even reach her lips level. I was looking like a small boy sitting beside his tall sister.

Reached Mumbai airport by 4.30 pm. Booked a local taxi from the prepaid counter. The problem happened when we were getting in the taxi. The driver said that our luggages cannot go in the boot as it had a LPG cylinder. We had two medium sized suitcases, my laptop bag and Sita's big handbag. So we had to keep one bag on the front seat and on the backseat with the laptop bag and handbag on top of it. With Mumbai taxis being small as they are, the space left was too small for both of us to sit. The taxi driver said, "Sir, please don't mind, but if you can please travel sitting on your elder sister's lap." He decided our relationship depending on our size. With Sita being 37 years and my age being 40, she actually looked older because of her significant height, weight difference with me.

Sita looked at me questioningly. She sat inside and beckoned me with her eyes. Since there was no other choice, I got in. The driver was waiting, he started. I sat awkwardly on Sita's big thighs. She whispered in my ear, "Sir, lean back on my body. They will put less pressure on my knees and transfer the load on my lap. Secondly, I can also hide you inside me covering you with my fat hands."

I leaned back on her body, my head resting on her right shoulder. My face was just beside hers. She put her thick arms around my body, even over my arms. She tried to hide me as much as possible, from passing vehicles. I felt so small sitting inside her body. But her lap felt so soft and big and cushiony.

I told her, "See, we'll reach the hotel today by 5.30 pm. After finishing our check in, by 6 pm we must be out. Although we'll be here for 3 days, I'll hardly get any time to show you around Mumbai city. So, I'll show you the shops and local market around our hotel, where you can spend time in the evenings, if I'm late. Also there is a big mall near our hotel, where I'll take you this evening."

Sita said, "I actually wanted to do some shopping for Geeta and her family. Also there's a neighbour who has asked me to buy a special type of dress for her, which is only available in Mumbai. In the mall that might be expensive."

I said, "Ok, we'll check all that today evening."

On reaching the hotel, I requested the reception counter lady to allot our rooms side by side. Sita was very happy with her room.

We didn't waste time in the hotel but went out. The location of the hotel was such that it was right in the middle of the shopping area. So I went around showing the different shops to Sita and explaining the directions back to the hotel.

In one of the stores she asked and found the dress which she was looking for, the special dress as asked for by her neighbour lady. The salesgirl asked for the size. Sita didn't know the size, but she showed me, saying the lady would be of my height and build.

I asked, "Are you sure that she will be of my height ?"

Sita said, "Yes, I purposely measured for this reason. The top of her head came up to the level of my lips only."

The salesgirl requested me, "Sir can you please come and stand just in front of Madam..yes..a little to the side…yes correct. You are right Madam, the top of Sir's head is just coming up to the level of your lips only. You have got a very good height, Madam."

The salesgirl brought out different coloured and printed dresses of that design. Whichever Sita liked, the salesgirl was holding it up to my shoulders and checked the size. Also she was asking Sita to see how it would look on the lady, by using me as the model. Both Sita and the salesgirl did not even bother how I was feeling by being turned to the side and back and front again, and a lady's dress being draped on me as a model. Finally Sita chose one. After bargaining for the price, she had to buy it, since the salesgirl had really worked hard to sell that piece, draping many dresses on me. I overheard the salesgirl whispering to Sita while handing over the packet to her, "Madam, you are very lucky to have such a considerate husband. I twisted and turned him around so many times and tried so many dresses on his body to show you. But he did not protest once. He loves you very much. My boyfriend doesn't even want to go out shopping with me. You go back to the hotel and make him wear it and see. If there is a problem in the size, bring it back and tell me where the problem is, I'll get it changed accordingly."

Sita smiled and replied, "I don't know whether he will be ready to wear a woman's dress."

The salesgirl laughed, "Try it, he loves you. He will wear it if you request him properly. You know what I mean." Both the girls giggled. I pretended as if I did not hear all this and kept looking at my phone screen.

I said to Sita, "Now, let's go to the Mall. The other shoppings you can do later, now that you have found a good store and have made friends with that salesgirl."

As we walked to the Mall which was quite close by, Sita said, "You know Sir, that sales girl thinks you are my husband." I just smiled. Since she's 37 and almost my age of 40, people can mistake us as a couple. The only hurdle was that she was 6 inches taller and 17 kgs heavier than me.

Sita was very impressed with the size and grandeur of the mall, which was much better than the malls in our small city. Most of the stores in the mall were of branded companies. Sita wasn't interested in going in. She said, "I've just got my first salary a few days back. I cannot afford these."

There was some game going on on the ground floor of the Mall. Some promotional event for a new store which had opened. People were crowding around. Sita was seeing this with interest from the 1st floor of the mall. I was busy checking my phone messages. She pulled my hand and turned my attention towards the game on the ground floor. "Come Sir, let's go and play that. We'll win it. The prize is gift vouchers of ₹10,000."

I said, "What's the game ? And how are you so sure you'll win it ?"

She had started walking by this time pulling me along with her towards the escalator. "Come fast Sir, they will take 2 more couples only. I'll explain the game to you, it's simple."

We were down on the ground floor. She pushed through the little crowd around the area where this event was being held. Sita spoke to the two smart looking girls who were conducting the program. She was still holding my hand.

One of the girls said, "Madam, one of the criteria is, you have to participate as a couple. Also there has to be some relationship between the couples…like husband wife; boyfriend girlfriend; brother sister etc. What is your relationship with Sir ?" The girl was possibly having doubts, seeing that Sita was so much bigger and taller than me.

Sita said, "I'm his Secretary and Sir is my Boss. We have come for a conference to our Head Office here in Mumbai."

The girl discussed with her colleague, "Yes..boss secretary is an interesting relation. But how will you prove that Sir is your boss?"

I thought that I should intervene and help out Sita, since she was so interested in participating. I said to the girl, "See, this is my visiting card and this is my Company ID card. Check with my secretary's ID card, you will see that we are from the same Branch office."

Sita produced her ID card. The two girls checked both our cards. Then smiled at us , "Welcome Sir, Madam, you are in. You were the last couple. We are taking 10 couples for this game. We'll start now."

We stood along with nine other couples. I still didn't know what the game was. I tapped Sita on her hand and asked, "Tell me yaar, what is the game ? How will I play otherwise?"

Sita said, "They will tell the rules just now Sir. This is a game called 'Paper dance'. You won't have to do anything, just do what I tell you to. I'll handle the whole thing." She sounded very confident. I wasn't so sure

The two girls were announcing. What I understood is this : That there will be one sheet of a newspaper in which the couples will have to start dancing. Once the music stops, the papers will be folded in half and the couples will dance again. For every music change the papers will be folded in half every time. The couples will have to ensure that their feet do not go out of the folded papers, otherwise they will be disqualified. Whoever remains till the last will be the winner.

The organisers were announcing ₹10,000 gift vouchers from their new store for the winners. ₹ 3000 vouchers for the runners-up.

The papers were laid out for the 10 participating couples. We had to remove our shoes and all were on bare feet. We all stood on our respective sheets of paper. Sita bent her head down to my ear and said, "Sir, just hold me tight..don't feel shy. I need to win this money. Leave everything to me. You don't need to dance too. Just ensure that I don't lose my balance, because the paper will get smaller and I have big feet."

I didn't have time to answer, the music had started. The 1st round was easy, the paper was a single page of a newspaper. So both our feet were easily on the paper. Sita was holding me by my upper arms tightly and moving her body. I too moved with her. She was not taking any chances. I knew how much shopping she was dreaming of doing with 10,000 bucks. The music stopped. We too.

The next round was half of the sheet. That was easy too. Only that our feet were close together. Sita held me with her arms around my body. She moved with the music, my body moved too. The only issue was that my face was getting locked inside her neck. Remember, the top of my head reached her lips level. So my face was facing her neck.

I looked around to see. All 10 couples were still fighting it out.

The next round. Paper halved again. This is getting tough. Sita said, "Simple Sir. Stand on my feet. Just hug me tight. You don't move. I'll move my body."

I stood on Sita's feet. I hugged her tight around her waist. She had one arm around my back. Her other arm was in the air, moving it against the music in the form of dancing. She was twisting her upper body in the rhythm of the music. My face was again buried inside her neck.

2 minutes of music. 3 couples lost their balance. Now 7 couples were in the race.

The hostess girl announced that at least one participant must continue dancing. They can't just stand holding each other.

Paper halved again. There was a preparation gap after every music interval. Sita told me, "Sir, from now on, I'll have to lift you. No issue in that. But remember that since the paper is getting smaller and my feet are big, I cannot afford to lose my balance. So we'll do the easiest carry first. I'll carry you piggyback. You just hang on to me, no dancing, don't even raise your hand. I'll do the movements, you hold me tight and don't move. "She was the perfect leader, giving me the instructions. I was just following her.

She bent down, I climbed on her back. She straightened up holding my thighs. I had my arms around her neck clasping them in front of her breasts. She jerked me to adjust my body on her back. She pulled my legs and asked me to intertwine my ankles in front of her stomach. She asked me to hold her very tight as she will release her hold on me. I will have to hang on to her body by my arms and legs like holding around a tree trunk. Both her hands were now free.

The music started, she got on to the folded paper. She kept on hand under my bottom for safety and raised her other hand in the air. She was twisting her body and moving her hand with music beats.

I looked around. There was one other pair, where the girl had lifted the boy. They were of similar heights, but the girl was heavier, so she had lifted the boy. She had cradle-carried the boy and was already struggling to keep her balance.

For the other couples, the men and boys have also mostly cradle-carried their female partners. Only one had lifted his partner on his back like us.

3 couples fell off the paper, including the girl carrying her boyfriend. Also the piggyback team. They lost their balance while trying to dance, holding the partners up. Now 4 couples remain.

The host girl announced again, "Since the partners are lifting one another, the same lifts cannot be repeated."

Sita now lifted me from the front. I hugged her tightly with my arms around her neck and clasped my fingers behind her back. My legs wrapped tightly around her waist. She said, "Sir, you rest your head on my shoulder, so that your face is not in front of me and my front vision is clear." I buried my face inside her wide neck. I was feeling embarrassed to surrender myself completely in the arms of a woman, especially in front of a crowd. But I knew how much Sita wanted those ₹10,000 worth of gift vouchers.

The music started. I just lay there with my face in the crook of Sita's neck. She just moved my body from side to side like rocking a baby in the rhythm of the music.

This time two couples tried hip carry. The lift is easy, but the balance is tilted to one side. So while trying to dance, they were finding it difficult to keep their feet on the paper.

There was another man, who was tall. But his partner, possibly wife, was short, but a little heavy. He cradle-carried his wife.

After 2 minutes of music, the two hip carrying couples lost balance. Only the tall man remained with his short wife. And for us, the big 80 kgs and 5'9" tall Sita with me, her small 5'3" and 63 kgs boss.

Now the paper was quite small. Sita said, "Sir, if they don't fall off this time, it will be difficult to keep my feet in the next fold of paper." She bent down and scooped me up, cradling me in her strong arms. She said to me, "Sir, I'm holding you high up, so that you have a good hold around my neck. You rest your head on my shoulder and just lie still. No movement from you. I'll do the rest."

My face was on the level of her breasts. I had no alternative but to rest my face on her breasts. I felt like a baby being held by his mother on her breasts for feeding.

The tall man had taken his wife riding on his shoulder. The wife had one hand up and waved. That's her dance.

The music started. This time they played fast music. The host girls were urging us to dance to the beat of the music. Sita rocked me in her arms, from side to side. I just clung to my tall, big secretary's neck. She did the heavy work of carrying me and dancing with me.

The crowds were cheering loudly.
2 minutes went by, and nobody lost balance. They kept the music on.

They changed the music. 2 more minutes gone. Our competitors were giving a tough fight.

The host girls announced, "It's a tie breaker. When we say 1,2,3 , you will have to lift one leg."

I clung on to Sita, not moving at all. She had cuddled me up in both her arms and on her breasts. My face was pressed on the portion just under her neck and over her breasts. I could feel her soft, cold skin with my nose and on my cheeks. It was as if I had totally surrendered my existence to her. She was controlling my body totally as per her wish.

At the count of 3, the tall man and Sita lifted one leg.

Not even 20 seconds passed, the tall man lost his balance. The lady sitting on his shoulders fell to the ground. Luckily she was not hurt. Both the girls helped her up.

But Sita stood on her one leg, since the music was still playing. Everybody was cheering for us. The girls stopped the music. Sita put her foot down.

We had won !!

Sita put me down and hugged me.

The crowd was still cheering. Both the girls came and congratulated us. The losing pair, the man and the woman congratulated us too. We congratulated them in return. They put up a good fight.

And now the prize distribution ceremony. First they presented the ₹ 3000 worth gift vouchers to the runners-up team.

Then the two hostess girls came to present a small Winner's trophy and the gift vouchers worth ₹10,000 to us. They wanted a picture taken of the gifting of the award. One of the girls suggested that Sita should carry me like in the final round. I couldn't object. After all, they were giving us such a valuable gift.

So Sita lifted me in cradle-carry once again. The girls handed over the vouchers to me lying in Sita's arms and the photo was clicked.

The condition was that the purchase had to be made within a month from their store at that mall only. Since it was getting late, I told them that we'll come on any of the next 3 days to do the purchasing.

Sita was ecstatic with joy. She was so glad, while walking down from the Mall back to our hotel she said, "Sir, I feel like picking you up and hugging you and carrying you all the way back to our hotel."

I said, "Don't even try that. Tomorrow after office, if I'm late, you come to this store and buy whatever you want. You send me a text. I'll catch up with you here once I'm through."

Sita said, "No Sir, I cannot buy alone. You have to be with me. And out of this, half is yours."

I laughed, "No, you did all the lifting work. I just enjoyed the dancing in your arms and cradle."

We decided that since it's not so late, just 8.30 pm only, we'll just relax in our hotel room and then order dinner from Room service at around 9.30 - 10 pm.

We both came to my room. Sita just couldn't stop talking about the paper dance. She made tea from the arrangement in the room. While having tea, she opened the packet of the dress which she bought for her neighbour and laid it out on the bed.

She said, "Sir, will you please stand up, I'll just check the length of the kurta once again." I came and stood near her. She draped the dress on my body and stood back to look at it.

Then she came close and took the dress in her hands and said, "Sir, can I bother you a little more ? Will you please put this dress on for me to see if it's fitting you properly."

I said, "What are you saying Sita ? How can I wear this lady's dress ?"

She said, "Sir, nobody is here. Just you and me. Please sir. If there's any size problem, I can go and change it tomorrow."

What could I do? She insisted so much. I took the dress and was about to go to the bathroom. She said, "Wear it here na Sir. Only I'm here in the room."

I took off my T-shirt and wore the Kurta. She said, "Now the churidar also, Sir."

The kurta was down to my knees, so I removed my pants and wore the churidar also. Sita came and checked the fittings. Then gave a satisfactory smile. "Perfect fittings Sir. Come with me." She pulled my hand and led me to the full length mirror. She stood behind me.

I looked at the mirror. At first I didn't recognise myself. I saw a young girl with a canary yellow Churidar set on, looking back at me from the mirror.

Behind me I saw Sita having a big grin. "You look so cute Sir, like a schoolgirl."

She just scooped me up in her arms. She was wearing a plain light blue sari with small prints. Looking at our reflection in the mirror, I looked like a schoolgirl being carried in her mother's arms.

Sita said, "Look at you Sir, don't you look cute in my arms ? Such a small and dainty little girl. Sir you know, when I was rocking you in my arms in tune with the music, with you lying with your face buried in my breasts, I was having such an odd sensation. I felt like you were my baby and I had a longing to breastfeed you. Can I, Sir ?"

I didn't know what to say, I just looked at her.

She looked down lovingly at my face and carried me to the bed. She sat down cross legged on the bed with her back resting on the bedhead. My head was on her fat left thigh resting on her knee, my body lying across her lap. She took a pillow and put it under her left thigh, so that her thigh got raised. Accordingly my face got raised in front of her left breast. She removed her sari pallu and loosened her blouse. She took my face in front of her left breast and then covered my face with her pallu back in place. She put her long fat fingers through my hair and was lightly scratching my head. She put her right hand inside her pallu and guided my lips on the tip of her big solid breast. My lips automatically closed around it. My right hand was behind her back. She took my left hand and guided it on her solid, big, full right breast. It was quite a handful for me. My face was still covered, my eyes were closed under her pallu, my lips were busy. Her right hand rested on my arm. She held my hand tightly, lovingly. I was in a different world, lying on her big soft lap, it was feeling like the softest bed I have ever laid on.

Holding me lying across her lap, my face still covered under her pallu, my lips on one of her breasts, my hand squeezing her other breast, she picked up the bedside telephone in one hand. While still scratching and caressing my hair with her other hand, she spoke on the intercom, "Hello Room Service, calling from room no 401, can you take the dinner order please ? But serve it 45 minutes later, say at 10 pm, okay ? Take down the order please……."