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I love the way you make me feel loved....

Aavni was making her last note for today's observation.... And was about to go off duty..
But then she heard other doctors whispering amongst them... She could not hear everything but she freezes on a name. Air Marshal Tej Pandey .

A word that made her life upside down.. a word that made everything complex.. a word that left Aavni with no choice but to fall in love again...

Aavni lost in her thoughts... She still remember how she came in contact with a guy who was 7 years younger than her. At first the game started with automatching kept silent mode. Then Aavni who had muted her game could listen to constant chatting of guys on other side in her team.. She liked the voice. Soon Aavni got killed and she started specting other players. She noted down name of that sweet voice, it was "Wendy Teja". She sent request to the player. Person accepted her request. Became game friends. Aavni who never talked to other players than Zaid started talking,or in other words initiated the talk.
With a message in her phone Aavni came to reality. She asked the co-worker about the name and confirmed that it was indeed the same name. Aavni felt her heartbeat get increased. She left pharmacy and started walking towards lift. Army hospital, was not in big chaos, but still had a little rush. She pressed button of particular floor. Again went to past. She started missing those beautiful moments when Teja made her feel special even after knowing that Aavni was older, he had no problem in friendship. But soon that friendship took turn and take fast forward to loveship.. Teja confessed his love for her..
Ding...!!!!! 8floor. Lift door opened and she came to her senses... Coming out of lift she turned left.. According to her co-worker Air Marshal was admitted in room number 064. With every step she could feel her heartbeat getting so fast.... Soon she reached the room.. The door was closed, but she could Sense someone behind her, she turned!!!! She saw that person behind her was none other that Ayan Bajpei. Roommate of Teja. Now her all doubts were clear.. It was indeed Teja, her cutipie Teja.

She gave space to Ayan, he opened the door and left door open unknowingly. She peaked in room a person was on patient bed half of the body was covered under blankets, but still anyone can see that person had good physique.. Of course it had to be good, he was an Air Force officer.
Aavni, the most beautiful pharmacist of the hospital, was on door. Ayan was unable to understand what was going,so he came to door to asked what she wanted. Aavni asked about how Teja got in that accident and came to know during talk that Teja was still single and he was out of danger but other than Ayan no one was there to take care of. Aavni asked Ayan if he needed some rest, Ayan on other hand really needed rest so he said yes and allowed Aavni to stay in room for a while.

Now, it was the moment for which aavni waited for 7 years.. from 6 years there was no contact between these lovers.. but it was proved that their love was still in their hearts.. Aavni went near patient bed. Teja was under sedative so sleeping well. With courage Aavni hold his hand. Teja came to Sense.. he tried to open his eyes.. A lady in room... Wtf, where's that Ayan.... He opened eyes and tried to adjust.. Aavni helped him.. Teja was totally conscious now. He could see that lady was someone known. Teja tried to remove Aavnis mask....

They were meeting for first time.. Teja was speechless. Aavni who casually told him that she will try her best to join army hospital, Aavni was here today in hospital uniform. Aavni kissed his hand. With tears in eyes. Both were unable to speak single word...

Suddenly they heard knock on door, Aavni turned her head in that direction. She saw Ayan over there, Teja still holding her hand.... Ayan saw this and quickly turned his head and went outside the room...
Aavni looked at Teja.. He was about to speak something, but he stopped. He asked Aavni to give her phone to him. Aavni gave it, Teja searched his number in contact list, Teardrop formed in his eyes... Looking at "Cutipie Teja"... He dialed his number from her phone... His cellphone was there only. Aavni saw phone blinking the name "Lifeline"....

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Interesting stories


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