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Lifeline - 2


I am not yours because you love me...
I am yours because I love you...

Avni caressd Teja's head. Look into his eyes and told for the first time " I missed you during these 6 years. I wanted you by my side. I needed you in my worst time and in my most happiest moments. I had no clue where you were. I hate you. I hate you."
Teja smiled at this silly girl. " Baby, I love you so much. I always knew where you were and what you were up to. But the day you left your home I lost your contact. I am sorry that I could not be by your side when you needed me the most, I am happy that you had some beautiful and happiest moment in your life. Baby, you are mine and I am not gonna leave you now. "

Aavni put her head on bed rest. Looking at her man thinking about those beautiful moments. Closes eyes.
Aavni started talking and chatting with Teja on very first day of their game. Aavni a gujju girl and Teja from UP... After knowing that Teja was from UP.. She was not aware that one day this distance would kill their happiness..
One day during their game, just like any other day Teja constantly helping Aavni how to play what to pick which gun is best. This tiny thing made Aavni so Happy. During the game:
Teja asked : "Aavni, what's the thing you are best at?"
Aavni waited for a moment.
Answered :" Teja, I am best at imagining my self as An Army Officer." With a sad voice.
Teja taken aback.
Thinking: " This girl is surely mysterious." He asked " Baby, why imagination, can't you fullfil your dreams?" Aavni felt strange... For the first time someone was addressing her with cute names...
"Teja, I am a gujurati girl. Not every family encourage their child to fullfil their dreams. My family could not understand what I wanted. I wanted a life with adventure, a life with strict routine, a life with punctuality, a life that can serve the nation".
Teja : "Aavi, Do you know what I am best at?"
Aavni felt good with this all good questions and the sweet way to ask such thing.
Aavni : " no."
Teja : " I am best at making you smile"
Just like this the topic got changed and Teja didn't informed Aavni that He was preparing for Air Force exams.
Everyday they played game together and chatted in game. One day Aavni asked Teja for his contact number.Teja shared contact.
Aavni: With trembling voice, Hello?
Teja : (no reply)
Aavni : hello
Teja : hmmm, Hello!!!!
Aavni : Hey Teja, how's you.?
Teja : (Still behaving distant).... Hey Aimsy....
They talked on call for a while... But Aavni could feel that something was off....
Aavni to her roommate Kruti.
Kruti: How much can you trust an unknown person?
Kruti : 0%... Aavni, what's the matter? Are you hiding something ? I am watching you from last some days.. The rude Anebelle Aavni, behaving lovely with everyone.... Spill the beans babes....

Aavni : Kruti, I am in confusion. I think my affection for Teja is getting increase day by day. I don't feel good if I don't hear his voice.

Kruti: Then go and tell him?

Aavni : Kruti, Teja is not in our city. He's thousands of miles away from me. (Sadness clearly written on her face.)

Kruti: Then where is he?

Aavni: Kruti, it's not easy to accept....

Kruti : Aavni, don't make things complicated. Tell me everything.

Aavni : Kruti, Teja is 19 year old boy...From UP. I mean he is not that much mature to understand this all. And what if he already has a girl in his life.. What if I become the worst milestone in his life. I don't want to ruin his future. He is actually out of my crazy world, how can I Drag him in my life. Will he ever understand me?
Kruti, I wish I could see him once in this life... "

Kruti : Aavni, I know you are confuse. But don't think too much. Just take time. Tell me what is he doing? Is he in college?

Aavni : Wait Kruti!!! I haven't asked him such question.

Kruti : Aavni, why I am feeling like your brain is rusting.. I mean Are you "The Aavni?" Aavni, the most punctual pharmacist of our job place? The most helpful but rude girl of my girl gang?. I am happy that I can see you smiling after long time, I don't want to mention but still... Happy that you are finally having someone that is reason behind your smile.

Let's do one thing, in your next game, ask him what is he doing ok?"

Aavni : ok. Good night Kruti it's too late now.

Kruti: ok , good night.
Aavni took her phone. Opened the battlefield to see Wendy Teja was in game. She stood idle for almost 40 min in game but Teja didn't allow to join his team. Aavni got request from her game friend Zaid, started game.

Aavni : Hey Zaid.

Zaid: Ohhh hello ma'am, how come today our mute player started to talk..

Aavni : Ohh, It's because I got a friend to talk with, so.

Zaid: ok, isn't it funny that I have a mute friend...

Aavni : great. With chatting and fun they completed game with Chicken Dinner.After completion of game Aavni quite the game.

Open social media and messaged Teja.
" Hey there"
Teja was preparing for his upcoming exams. Phone on silent mode.
Aavni after 10 mins, typed a message
" Hey, one game? "
Teja checked his phone opens messages and replied " Miss, m little busy with studies! TTYL. "

Aavni, after getting this reply, felt somewhat relieved..... Again started the game... This time watching Teja online and in-game.

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