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Love from the hell

With tears in her beautiful brown eyes, Vidhya was talking on call with her boyfriend Vihar.

Vidhya : "Just go to hell, don't bother to ask me about my well being "
Vidhya : " then why are you calling me out of blue... It's been 45days, can't you understand the value of communication? "
Vidhya: " if you really loved me, Vihar you would have known how I am living my life.. You have no idea how many friends are there in my life and with whom I spend my entire time"

Vidhya : " The f with healthy privacy of one, I need you to interfere in my life, Can't you ask me? Don't you feel to check whether your girl is happy whether your girl is healthy... Can't you behave like normal boyfriend?
Vihar, it's enough. Leave me alone. If this is what you think the love is, I am happy being loved by the hell. I am having a call in waiting. Bye"
Just like this Vidhya cut the call. The most awaited call. She was used to this type of treatment from her boyfriend. But today was the first time she screamed at him. The one whom she loved from all her might. Vihar, her only relative in this entire world. After her parents died in an accident she was all alone in this cruel reality. Only person living in four bhk apartment. Once a happy home became an empty shell. Vihar was the only person she talked to. She encouraged him to achieve whatever he wanted. Now when he was out of town, the daily calls and messages were just like dream for her. Even her messages were unattended in chats.
After the call, she checked the number in call log. The number that blinked during call. She took the cigarettes and lighter. Started Smoking. Again phone started to blink "Boss calling". Attends with annoyance.
Boss: Hello!
Vidhya : yes sir! Is there any problem in last file?
Boss : I need your latest story right now.
Vidhya : (with hesitation) But sir, it's too late.
(Looking at time 00:30.)
Boss : Vidhya darling, don't you know your promotion depends on your stories, I hope you know what I mean. That boyfriend of yours,not gonna know about this... Just come to my place tonight. I'll make you feel like heaven."
Vidhya : Kafir, please. Don't speak nonsense about my personal life. Stop harassing me by calling at such times.
With this she cuts the call.
In few minutes she got a message from Vihaar.
" Vidhi, (he calls her like this) I am sorry. Let's break up. We can't continue like this"
She didn't replied, cried all night. Unable to understand what was happening with her.
Next day at office.
Secretary look at the door, name plate saying
"Chief editor, Vidhya Batra. "
Knocked and after approval enter.
Ma'am, Kafir sir (Boss) is calling you in his office with your story. He said you must attend this meeting.
Vidhya : okay, you may leave.
With this, clicking on "save" in laptop. Closes all the tabs and shutdown the laptop. Checking her look in selfie camera, she stands up. Closes the button of her blazer. Applied the lip colour and maskara. Wearing high heels, a perfect figure with height of 5'8" came out of cabin, a file in hand.
She comes near boss's cabin knocked the door and without waiting for permission she entered.

Boss : After looking at her figure like wolf, said " Hello miss Vidhya, I hope you are ready with your story. You promised me to present with psycho killer story. Is it ready?"

Vidhya : pulling the chair just near Kafir's chair. Sits on it crossing her legs, seductively touching her lips " yes, Kafir. "

Kafir looks at the gorgeous lips.. How come this everytime denying Vidhya behaving like this.

Vidhya : (Going closer to Kafir's chair.) grabbing the armrest of his chair,.. Speaking so near to Kafir's ears... Just like whispering " Kafir, what about the heavenly feeling you promised last night".... Touching his ears says " let's go to my home"

Kafir couldn't hold his desire. Trying to kiss her. She turns and he misses. She grabs his collar saying "Ohh baby, you have waited so long. A little more. Come to my place tonight. I have an old wine. We'll have fun. "

With this she stands up and with clicking her high heels on wooden flooring goes out of Kafir's cabin.

At 18:00.
Almost everyone from office were making out punch in time kipping area leaving for home. Vidhya was in her cabin. Still working. She was closing all the tabs in laptop one by one ensuring the quality of work. Checking for emails. Answering it. And finally shutting down the laptop unplugged it, puts in bag. Checking phone. No messages from Vihar. Takes her belongings and goes out of cabin to see Kafir waiting for her on other side of door. She got imbalance and her file fell on floor. Kafir watched this. Took the file from floor giving it to Vidhya.
He smiled, apologised. "I'll be at your place at 9. Is it okay?

Vidhya faking a smile said "yes". Taking file from his hand says "Sorry" softly.
Left office.

At home.
She was in bathroom at 8 o'clock. Phone rang. She attends and hear a voice message,saying "sorry Vidhi, it was because of anger. I am coming home after two days. Let's start our life. I love you. I'll never leave you alone. Please forgive me Vidhi. From now on I'll make sure you never have to wait for my message and calls. I am really sorry." from Vihar. Closes it. Comes out of bathtub. Looking at bare body. Wears bathrobe, putting sharp scissors in pocket.

Comes out, checks time it was 8:30. She arranged table, puts wine and glasses. Goes to room, changing into hot red dress, applied make up. Doorbell rang. She comes out of room. Look at wall clock. It was 9. Opens door. Kafir was there. A big bukey of red roses. She took it allowing him to come inside and sit.
After sitting for 5-10 mins and Kafir couldn't hold his desire to touch Vidhya, gets up came closer to her. Vidhya knew this, all tricks of Kafir. She didn't refuse. Standing this much closer to Kafir was making her feel ill. He tried to hug her. But Vidhya avoided. She came closer to him and whispered" let's have wine darling."

After completion of bottle of wine Kafir was totally out of control. Vidhya had spiked every glass of wine that she filled for Kafir.
Kafir was totally Drunk. Gets up to come closer to Vidhya. Swaying his body. Vidhya tightly hold his arms... Dragged him to put him on sofa. Took the syringe full of illegal drugs from table side vase. Injecting in one go to Kafir. Not stopping.. Doing Same thing for several time.... Kills Kafir.

She took one cigarette, started smoking.
She checked her phone. Watching her pics with Vihar. Missing the beautiful memories of her time with Vihar . Her promise to self that she loves him and will never allow other person to touch her. Reminiscing the torture of Kafir.
Hallucinating Vihar's voice saying" I love you baby... " saying " Sorry, let's break up" Opens messages. Typing " love you dear. I am only yours whether you love me or not. Baby, from now on there will be no message or calls from my side. LOVE YOU SO MUCH take care of yourself "clicking "send". Takes scissors.... Dark red liquid coming out of wrist.

She laughs she cries..... At last Falling on floor unconscious...

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