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The Lady Cook - 12

Sunday morning. This is my day to stay in bed till late. Sometimes till 10 - 10.30 am too. Who cares? No office. No wife. I'm the lord of my time. But today I had to get up a little early. Geeta had said that she'll come at 9 to pick me up. We have that Mandir trip planned , remember ? Geeta, her elder sister Sita and me. The month was February, so there's still a bit of chill in the air, especially in the rural areas. So it will be sort of a picnic only.

Geeta came a little after 9 am. For the first time I saw Geeta wearing a Salwar suit. Both the sisters generally wear saris only. Geeta was looking quite bright in her lemon yellow salwar. She came in and closed the door. "Ready Sir ? Come let's go."

I was ready. Picked up my mobile and started towards the door. But she came and stood right in front of me blocking the door. I was surprised, "What ?" I said.

She stood there smiling down at me, arms on her hips, akimbo. Standing so close to me, she always mesmerised me with her superb figure. Whenever I stand in front of her, the sheer difference between our heights, her 5'9" against my 5'3", makes me feel so small. Her massive figure didn't make her look fat, but just well toned. Thick bone structure, right proportions. Big but very feminine. Last time she went to the doctor, she said she weighed 82 kgs. I have also gained weight with the good food she had kept feeding me. With the puris and parathas and fried food she knew I liked. But even at 64 kgs, she was still 18 kgs heavier and I was still a rag doll in her hands.

I said, "What ? Why are you standing there blocking my way ?"

She smiled, "I am taking you out of the city. Don't you think you have to pay toll tax ?"

I smiled, "What toll tax ? You are taking me out, you should pay. Why should I ?"

She replied, quite seriously, "Ok then, I'll pay !" Looking down at me, there was suddenly a mischievous look in her eyes. Before I realized what was happening, she stooped, slid one arm under my armpits and around my chest and her other arm, behind my knees, and then she swept me effortlessly up off my feet to hold me tightly against her, cradled securely in her powerful arms. She pulled my face upto her mouth and crushed my lips with a long sensual kiss. I had to put my arms around her thick solid neck and shoulders. She released me and looked at me so lovingly.

I whispered, "What are you doing? Sita might come up anytime ?"

She said, "I am taking my quota for the day now only." Saying that she snuggled her face into mine and kissed me all over…my cheek, nose, eyes, neck and then again a long kiss full on my lips."

When she brought up her face, I was gasping. "What has gotten into you Geeta, lately? You weren't so physical earlier ?"

She smiled mysteriously, "I'm playing a dangerous game, my little master. I don't know how long I can have you for myself. But that's for the good of all of us. You and us."

I mumbled, "I don't understand what you are saying Geeta !"

She smiled, "You don't have to, my little master. It's my game. I'll lose you to win you for life."

I was getting impatient. "What nonsense are you talking about ? And what is this little master you are suddenly calling me today."

Geeta was carrying me in her cradle. She pulled me up a little so that my face was right down below hers and said, "Do you love me ?"

I was not expecting this question. I fumbled, "What are you saying Geeta ? What sort of a question is this?"

She just said, "I love you. Do you love me ?"

I said, "But how can you ? You are married! "

She replied, still staring at my eyes, "I am madly in love with you and I want to keep you with me forever. I know you want me too. I've realized it every time I pick you up in my arms or my lap. Now listen to me carefully. I'm telling you beforehand. Today you'll do whatever I tell you to do. Even though you do not understand why I'm asking you to do that, you'll have to do as I say. You may protest, but ultimately you must listen to what I tell you to do. Remember I have a plan. I'll tell you later. I don't have the time now. Just know that it will be for my benefit and yours too. If you love me, please play along with me, even if you think it'll take you away from me. I promise, I'll explain everything to you as soon as I get you alone."

I just didn't understand what she was trying to say. Just looked blank at her, lying helplessly in her strong arms cradled against her full breasts.

She smiled and gave me a fast peck on my lips once again. And gently put me down. "Come, let's go, the auto is waiting downstairs." She started out of the door.

I locked up the door and followed her as if in a trance.

Down in the street in front of our main gate, Geeta had already got inside the back seat of the waiting auto. But there was no sign of her sister Sita. Geeta was beckoning me to come inside the auto. I got into the back seat and sat beside her. I was puzzled, "Geeta, where is Sita ? Isn't she coming with us ?"

Geeta had in the meantime asked the auto driver to start. We were on the move. She replied, "Sita didi will be waiting for us down the road near the market. She has some things to buy. We'll pick her up on the way."

Geeta was holding a bag on her lap. She was a big woman and was occupying almost half the back seat. I knew that Sita was an equally big woman. So I'll be squeezed between the two of them. I told Geeta, "I think I should sit on the front seat beside the driver. There won't be enough space for the three of us in the back seat."

Geeta replied, "No, that's not possible. Here the police do not allow any passenger on the front seat of an auto on the highway. There have been some accidents. Don't worry we'll manage."

We met Sita a little before the crossing of the market area. She was standing with a plastic bag in hand. Geeta asked the driver to stop the auto in front of Sita. When the auto was parked on the side, Geeta asked me, "Sir, will you please shift to my side and just stand a little bending your head. Let her get in, then we'll adjust the seating."

It is quite difficult standing in an auto although I'm not so tall at 5'3". I had to bend over and stand. Sita came in and sat beside Geeta. Geeta took the plastic bag from Sita's hand and kept it on her own lap along with the bag she was already holding. Then she pulled me with both her hands, holding my waist, to sit. She manoeuvred my body in such a way that when I sat, I found that I was sitting on Sita's lap. I was about to exclaim out loud, but Geeta, anticipating that, put her finger on my lips and gestured with her eyes towards the auto driver. She wanted to convey that I shouldn't say anything amiss in front of the driver. I was startled. I looked up at Sita's face sitting on her big soft lap. She looked equally puzzled and was looking at Geeta with admonishing eyes. Geeta brought her face close to both Sita's and mine and whispered, "Don't create a scene in front of the driver. Didi, you hold Sir properly on your lap and act normal.Then the driver will think that we are in the same family and this way of travelling in an auto is quite natural for us."

Looking at me, Geeta said, "Sir, aap bhi thhoda relax ho kar baithiye Didi ki goud mey. Lean your body back on Didi's lap. Sit comfortably. Talk normally with us, as if you are used to this."

Then to Sita, she said, "Didi put both your arms around Sir's body and hold him strongly. You are sitting on the side of the open door. There are bad bumpy roads ahead full of potholes, otherwise Sir might fall off your lap and get hurt."

Sita seemed hesitant but put both her arms around my waist and pulled me firmly inside her body. She was so much bigger and heavier than me, I felt as if she literally picked me up a little and then pulled inwards. My thighs looked so thin over her thick, solid thighs. My feet had left the ground and were hanging about 6 inches above the auto floor. Rightly so, as she is 6 inches taller than me at 5'9".

The auto had already started as soon as Sita had settled in. My head was now around Sita's shoulder. Sita was looking over my head towards Geeta and asked her to bring her face closer to hers. Now I was sitting on Sita's lap and the sisters had brought their faces close together and were talking over my head in whispers. They were talking in their own Chhattisgarhi dialect. I've been working in this city for about a year now. Also working with the local people in the office and especially with the labourers in the warehouse, I now understand the language. Of-course I cannot yet speak the language. And that's because I don't need to, since Hindi is widely spoken here as well.

So, as I was saying, Sita was speaking in a very low voice to Geeta in their own language. She thought that I did not understand what she was saying. Geeta however knew that I understood their dialect, but she didn't say anything to her sister.

Sita was saying to Geeta, "You did this on purpose, no? You very well know that he is now my office Boss, my Manager. I'll have to work under him from tomorrow. And you are putting me in this awkward position…holding my boss on my lap. And for such a long distance too. With all this bumpy road, how will he feel bouncing on my lap? He will start off with a bad impression about me. If you knew that sitting in an auto would be a problem for the three of us, why didn't you convince him for the bus? He listens to what you say. Or else, why didn't you take him on your own lap? Why put me in an odd situation even before I start my work in his company ? This way he will never confirm me. Do you want that ?" Sita sounded quite angry at Geeta.

Geeta tried to pacify her elder sister, "Nahi didi, nothing will happen. You didn't take him on your lap by yourself. I forcefully pulled him to sit on your lap. Sir knows I'm like this only, always playing a prank with him. He doesn't mind my harmless

jokes. And besides, how can I take him on my lap, you tell me ? I'm married, na ! The auto driver is local, what if he sees me with my husband someday ? What will he think ? What if he goes and tells my husband that I was holding my boss on my lap for the full auto ride? You are unmarried and so is Boss. So it's alright for you if you take him on your lap. And besides, you are just the right person for him. You are only 3 years younger to him. And he is the most eligible bachelor. Wouldn't you like to have a husband like him ?"

I casually turned my head in order to catch the reaction on Sita's face at this last comment of her sister. I think I caught a glimpse of a shy smile on Sita's lips. She whispered to Geeta, "What nonsense are you talking Geetu ? Kahan Sir aur kahan mey ? Why will he marry me ? Besides, he is so much shorter than me. See how I'm holding him on my lap like he is my small child."

Geeta rebuffed, "So what if he is short ? What will you do with a tall husband ? Will you make him pick mangoes from the tree ? Look at his position, his qualifications, his income, his behaviour, his kindness."

Sita said, "Arrey, I don't want a tall husband. But why will he or his family accept such a giant of a bride ? He will get plenty of beautiful, educated girls of his height and community if he wants."

Geeta was still insistent. "Aarey didi, that is the point. I know what he wants. He talks to me like a friend. He is 40, why do you think he's not married yet ? He likes a special type of girl, which he cannot disclose to his parents. Nor has he got the courage to approach himself, for fear that he will be turned down. He likes girls much bigger, stronger and taller than him. Trust me, I know everything about him. And besides you also know how to speak in his mother tongue. That will be a major plus with his family. You are a graduate too, that means you are educated enough. And your most important qualification is you are 6 inches taller and almost 20 kgs heavier than him. You just listen to what I tell you to do. He will definitely fall in love with you very soon. You see, he has already done so much for our family…given my husband a job, your job, given money for our mother's shop, bought us so many dresses. This is the least we can do to him. Give him happiness and also ensure that he remains in our family forever."

Imagine my plight ! Two tall, heavily built ladies of my age group, talking about me, totally ignoring me sitting on the lap of one of them like a baby. They are talking over my head in soft low voices, but I can clearly hear abd understand everything. In between their chats Sita had been pulling my body up and adjusting me on her lap from time to time, as I kept slipping down with the auto's jerks and motion.

While they were discussing very private matters where I was the main subject, Sita was totally ignorant of the fact that I was able to understand what they were discussing. On the other hand, Geeta was clever enough to explain her plans to her sister Sita, to start an affair with me. She was in fact purposely conveying the same message to me, so that I would play along with her plan.

But this is what confused me more. Does it mean that Geeta was now wanting me to get involved with Sita with the ulterior plan for me to marry her ? In such a situation, does she want to continue her nocturnal adventures with me secretly or totally withdraw herself from her relationship with me ? I just cannot read this woman.

I looked at Geeta questioningly, sitting on Sita's lap. Geeta asked, "What Sir ? Hungry ? Wait, we have brought food packed already. You know Sir, Didi told me, 'Why will Sir eat from a roadside dhaba ?' So she woke up early today and cooked these Alu parathas for you."

She opened her bag held on her lap and took out a tiffin box. She started breaking the parathas and took aloo sabzi with the piece and fed me with her own hand. I had to take it in my mouth. I protested, "Aarey Geeta, why are you feeding me ? Give it in my hand. And what about the two of you, won't you have the parathas ?"

Geeta laughed, "Yes Sir, we all will have. We are one big family. You sit comfortably on Didi's lap. You don't have to soil your fingers. I will feed both you and Sita didi and I'll have too." Saying this, she broke another piece of the same paratha, took some sabzi and fed Sita. Sita was reluctant, but couldn't do anything. She didn't want to dirty her fingers, since she was having her arms around my waist holding me on her soft, big lap. Then Geeta broke another piece of the same paratha and ate herself. I somehow felt as if I'm a child sitting on his aunt's lap being fed by his mother, while he was playing, fiddling with his mobile. I saw from the corner of my eyes, Sita and Geeta exchange glances over my head and smiled at each other."

We reached our destination shortly after. Geeta announced, "The auto will not be able to go right upto the temple, there are no roads. We will have to walk some distance."

The auto driver said that he will wait at a nearby dhaba … we just have to give him a call when we return from the Temple. We had to walk across a field for a short distance. Then came a small stream. The Mandir was on a hill on the other side of the stream. The stream didn't have much water, just about ankle deep. But it was a running stream with quite a fast flow of water. There were lots of stones and rocks lying all across the full stretch. We saw people crossing the stream carefully stepping on the bigger rocks. It seemed quite risky to me. If there was a mis-step, one can fall and get hurt on the rocks. I was quite bad at these sorts of things.

I backed out. I told the girls, "You two sisters go and have your darshan and offer your puja. I'll wait under this tree on this side. I'll not be able to cross this stream."

Both of them started protesting. "How's that possible ? We came this far and you will not see the Mandir. That is very bad," Geeta was shouting the most.

Sita said, "See Sir, lots of people are crossing. Nothing is happening."

I was adamant…I cannot take the risk of breaking my leg. Then Geeta said, "Ok didi, let's do one thing. You open up your slippers and put them in this empty plastic bag I'm carrying. Sir, you open your slippers too. I'll carry my bag and this plastic bag of slippers and cross over to the other side. Didi, you pick up Sir and carry him across."

I immediately protested, "No, no, no !! How is that possible ? She cannot carry me publicly. There are so many people here."

Geeta sounded cool. "So what ? Look around Sir, a lot of people are carrying their wives or children or their old family members across the stream. This is quite common here. People don't even bother to look."

I said, "But I'm not old. I'm a fully grown adult male. How can I be carried by a girl across the stream?"

We were all standing close together, all three of us. Geeta smiled and said, "Then Sir, there are two options. Either you cross over the stream on your own. You can hold my hand or Didi's hand if you want, for support. Or else let one of us carry you to the other side. But in any case, coming so near the Mandir, one of us cannot go back without a darshan of the God. That will be a bad omen for all three of us. Sir, you might not believe in these superstitions as you say, but we believe. Now you decide how you will cross the stream."

Sita then spoke up, "Sir, I'm holding your hand and I'll be just beside you. I have crossed this stream many times. I know the right place to cross over. There are a particular set of big rocks on which to step. You follow me and walk with me; or you just let me carry you over. Nothing will happen. Here at this temple a lot of sick or disabled young men also visit. They are all carried across the stream. People here are used to seeing this. Nobody will even bother to look at you being carried by a woman."

What could I say. One thing I strictly believe in is to not hurt anybody's religious sentiments. I said, "Ok fine. You carry me over."

Geeta took the bags in her two hands and started crossing the stream. We stood on this side, Sita and me, and watched her. Geeta expertly stepped on the big rocks and crossed over without once losing her balance. She looked over and waved at us.

Sita looked down at me 6 inches below, from her impressive 5'9" height, "Sir, would you mind climbing on to my back. I'll carry you on my piggyback. You hold me around my neck and wrap your legs around my waist tightly. In that way, I'll have both my hands free. This will help me to balance both of our weights and also prevent any fall."

She stood with her back to me and bent down, so that I could climb up on her back. I held onto her shoulders and gave a little leap on her back. She put her hands behind herself and caught my bottom. She jerked me up her back and straightened up. My hands instinctively went around her thick neck. I wrapped my legs around her waist and locked my feet. She held my thighs and pulled me up behind her back to adjust my body. My face was now over her left shoulder just a little behind and beside her head. She turned towards me and smiled. "Comfortable Sir ? Shall I start ?"

She started to cross the stream and continued talking to me to give me confidence. "One thing I want to assure you, Sir. Now that I have lifted you on my back, I can guarantee you that I'll never let you fall. You are so very light. See Sir, how small you look on my tall body. I am feeling like I'm carrying Geeta's 8 year old son on my back. Sir, I'm so much taller and heavier than you, you rest assured Sir, I can carry you around like this for the whole day and I'll not get tired."

I wasn't in any position to reply. I just held on to her neck tightly. So tightly, that my face was just beside her face and our cheeks touched. She was holding me up very strongly. I could feel her firm rounded back and shoulders under me. I was now confident at least of one thing… that she is holding me up so strongly and securely on her body, that there are no chances of me falling off from her back. I didn't even realise that inside this shy, gentle and sober woman, there existed such a physically strong and robust girl.

Sita easily carried me to the other side, balancing herself on the rocks. I raised my eyes and saw Geeta coming towards us. Sita still hadn't put me down from her back. Geeta smiled at me and said, "See Sir, you hired a secretary and you got a bodyguard for free."

Sita put me down and all three of us set off for the Mandir. Sita went ahead to buy the flowers and sweets for the puja offering. Geeta waited till Sita had moved away. Then she came close to me, bent down to bring her face to my face level and whispered in my ear. "What Sir ? How did you like the ride on my sister's lap on the auto and her back across the stream ? If you just say yes, I can get you two engaged today itself in this Mandir ? Are you willing ?"

I looked up at Geeta, surprised ! What is she saying ? Is this why she has brought me here today ? I had to ask her, "Geeta, I don't get you. What are you doing today ? You forcefully pulled me down to sit on Sita's lap for the full auto ride here. Then you made her carry me across the stream. In the auto, you were brainwashing her to fall in love with me. I just don't get your intention ? So, why did you kiss me this morning in your arms and tell me that you love me?"

Geeta smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, I love you. But still I cannot leave my husband because I don't want my son to get hurt. That is why I want you to marry Sita, so that I'll have you in the family permanently. Then I can also have you for myself, anytime I want."

I smiled back, "But in case I marry your sister, will she allow you to have me anytime you want me?"

She said, "I don't know, I haven't discussed all this with her. I think I'll have to bargain with her and strike a deal. After all, if it wasn't for me, she wouldn't even have the chance of meeting you ever. Also, it is only on MY request that you gave her the job. She definitely HAS to share you with me."

I was speechless ! What is Geeta planning to do ? Is this even viable ? Sorry, I should rather say, is this even the right thing to do ? And besides, Geeta is not even considering what I think about this whole complicated match-up plan. Does she even bother to know whom I would want to marry….Sita or Geeta, if at all I want to marry any one of them ?

Come to think of it, have I myself decided that I even want to marry anybody at all, at the age of 40 ?

( To be continued....)

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