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Lonavla Trip - 2

( The readers are requested to read the earlier chapter 1 of this series 'Lonavla Trip' to understand the continuity of this story so far …)

Lonavla Trip - 2

Amit received a text message from Sarvesh at 6 pm. "Uncle I'm through. When will you reach Rekha Aunty's place ?"

Amit's session was not over till then. He replied back, "Will take some more time. You can reach there early, no issues. I think I'll reach by 7pm. It's very close to the hotel where I'm having my conference. You call them up and go. I'll catch up with you later."

By the time Amit finished his session, answered some stray questions and could finally make it to his hotel room, it was quarter to 7 pm. He had a quick bath and changed into a casual shirt and jeans from his official suit and tie which he had been wearing for his conference. Rekha / Hardika's house was quite close by, a walking distance from Hotel Fariyas. It won't take long. He was thoughtful enough to buy a box of Ferro Rochers for Hardika and a decorative showpiece for Rekha from the hotel's shopping arcade.

While walking, Amit reflected on the events of the morning… the car ride…sitting on Rekha's lap throughout the car journey. Rekha had specifically insisted on him to come early so that they get a long time to chat. Nice lady, Amit was thinking. Within this short time, it seemed they had struck up a good friendship. But she was way too tall for him, five feet eleven against his five-three, Amit thought with a wry smile on his lips. Otherwise, who knows… he possibly was waiting for such a compatible partner. For Amit of course, the height difference was not an issue. In fact, he preferred tall women. But if one had to think from Rekha's perspective, Amit argued with himself, she wouldn't possibly want to get into any relationship with a man who barely came up to her shoulders. And sizewise too, Rekha was over 90 kgs as against Amit's 63 kgs. Hardika rightly said, he looked like a school boy sitting on Rekha's lap.

The Apartment complex wasn't too big, but clean and well maintained. Rekha's flat was on the 3rd floor. When he was ringing the bell, it was 7.15 pm. After a few moments Hardika opened the door. She was looking beautiful in a lemon yellow dress. She smiled sweetly, held out her long slender hand to take Amit by his hand. She led him, still holding his hand, to a beautiful drawing room, not very big, but exquisitely furnished. Not lavish, but it exhibited a sense of taste and decency of the owner.

Rekha was standing in the middle of the room to welcome Amit. She didn't extend her hand, instead she bent down to bring her head down to Amit's level and just hugged him. It was such a warm welcome. But the small Amit just vanished inside the embrace of the big and tall Rekha. Then Rekha slowly stood up to her full 5'11" height. And up Amit went with her. His face was now in level with Rekha's face. She was giving him a big smile. Amit initially was perplexed. His feet were dangling about 8 inches off the ground. His face was right in front of Rekha now. On seeing Rekha smile, Amit smiled too.

Rekha whispered, "Thank you so much for coming ! I was eagerly waiting for you." Rekha just held Amit up in her arms and was looking at his face smiling. She wasn't making any efforts to put him down. When Rekha had suddenly picked him up in her arms, Amit got so startled, his arms went around Rekha's neck to hold her for support. Now Amit started to feel awkward hanging on to Rekha's neck, his legs dangling in front of her body, with Rekha continuously staring at his eyes.

Hardika intervened, "Mummy, kya kar rahi ho. Put Uncle down, he is feeling embarrassed."

It was as if Rekha was in a trance. She hurriedly put Amit down on the ground. "Sorry, sorry, I got carried away. Please don't mind Amitji."

Amit could not say anything. He just gave a shy smile. He handed over the gifts he brought for them to the ladies. Hardika was overjoyed, "Ohh thank you so much Uncle ! I love these chocolates." The 5'8" tall girl bent down and gave Amit a loving hug. She looked at her mother and said, "Mummy, your boyfriend is a thorough gentleman. You have made the right choice. I approve of him." Hardika was giggling.

Rekha smiled and gave her daughter a loving slap. "Very naughty!" She looked at Amit and said, "Really Amitji, you shouldn't have been so formal. But I must appreciate your choice of gifts for us. You are truly a thorough gentleman. Come now let's sit."

There were comfortable sofas placed in the room. Rekha took Amit by his hand and led him to the sofas. She chose a two seater Sofa and sat down making Amit sit right next to her.

Hardika had gone inside. She came out with a tray where there was quite a spread of namkeens and sweets and cashew nuts and juice. She laid the tray on the centre table in front of Amit.

Amit said, "What is the hurry ? I've just come. Let Sarvesh come….". He couldn't finish his sentence, both Rekha and Hardika started laughing. Amit looked from one to the other, a puzzled expression on his face.

Rekha said laughing, "Arrey Amitji, Sarvesh has come one hour ago. He has already had these. He is inside busy playing and chatting with the girls."

Amit just exclaimed, "Girls ? What girls ??"

Rekha clarified, "Actually one of our neighbours' daughters are here to meet Hardika since she is back home from Mumbai. These girls live on the 5th floor. They are two sisters Raina and Naina. Raina is of Hardika's age,18 years and Naina is 13. Sarvesh has now become a hero with the girls, showing off his muscles. He is thoroughly enjoying himself with his new young friends."

Amit chuckled, "Nice rhyming names Raina, Naina."

Hardika started laughing,"Uncle you should see Sarvesh…he is such a hit with the girls. They have made him their small brother and are playing kids' games with him…'School-school', 'Doctor-doctor', 'Beauty parlour'..."

Both Amit and Rekha were laughing. Amit asked, "Why small brother?"

Hardika laughed, "Because the girls are both quite taller than him, Raina the elder one is 18 years and is 5'7" tall and the 13 year old Naina is already 5'5" tall. Although Sarvesh is 23 years old, beside his 5 feet height, they just tower over him. So they are sometimes becoming Sarvesh's father and mother ; or mother and teacher ; or mother and doctor ; or both are beauty parlour girls. Sometimes they are making me the doctor and they both become his parents."

Rekha laughed, "This is interesting. Come Amitji, let's go and see."

Hardika said, "No wait Mummy. If you both go, Sarvesh might feel embarrassed and not play with them. I'll just go inside and close the door, leaving it open a little. You come a little later and peep through the door.

Amit and Rekha went a few minutes later. The door was slightly open. Amit peeped in. Rekha stood just behind Amit and peeped in over his head. Since he was 5'3" and she was 5'11", Rekha could easily see over Amit's head.

What they saw inside the room was very funny. There was a table in one corner of the room. A little girl was sitting on a chair with some books in front of her on the table. On the opposite side of the table, there was another girl, older than the other one, sitting. And there was Sarvesh sitting on this girl's lap. The girls' faces looked young as per their 13 and 18 years of age, but in height they both were quite a bit taller than Sarvesh's 5 feet height. Also they were a little on the heavier side. So although Sarvesh is a young man of 23 years of age, since he was just 5 feet tall and the girl was 5'7", he looked small on the 18 year old girl's lap. Also it looked funny since Sarvesh is a muscular bodybuilder and he was sitting on this teenager girl's lap who was 5 years younger than him.

The scene looked as if it was a parent teacher meeting in progress. Sarvesh was the student. The teacher Naina,the 13 year old girl, was complaining to Sarvesh's mother, Raina, the other 18 year old sister, about Sarvesh. Sarvesh sitting on his supposed-to -be-mother Raina's lap started to cry. Hardika, who was till now standing beside the table, extended her hands towards Sarvesh. She picked Sarvesh up from the front and started to walk him around the room patting him on the back, as if trying to console his crying. Sarvesh had his arms around Hardika's neck and put his head on her shoulders and cried loudly. Hardika jerked him up and Sarvesh wrapped his legs around her waist. It seemed as if Hardika was acting as Sarvesh's father, carrying him on her lap, trying to pacify him.

Both Amit and Rekha were laughing silently witnessing this drama through the gap between the closed doors. Rekha had her hands on Amit's shoulders standing behind his back. Rekha was standing very close to Amit's back, so much so that their bodies touched. She was so much taller than him that she was easily looking over Amit's head through the door.

Both the girls got up from their chairs and went to Hardika who was still carrying Sarvesh in her arms. Naina, the 13 year old girl who was acting as Sarvesh's teacher patted Sarvesh on his back and said, "Don't cry beta. You study properly, then I will not scold you. Now come to your teacher, I'll buy you ice cream."

She extended her hands towards Hardika who was holding Sarvesh in her arms. Hardika also extended her hands to pass on the 23 year old Sarvesh to the 13 year old girl, Naina's arms. But all this was too much for Rekha. As it is Amit could sense by Rekha's body movements behind him, that she was desperately trying not to laugh out loud. Now seeing Hardika bending forward with Sarvesh in her arms about to pass him on to the outstretched hands of the 13 year old girl, Rekha could not control her laughter. She burst out laughing, and in so doing she pushed Amit. Amit was standing in front of Rekha leaning against the door, which automatically swung open. Both Rekha and Amit got ushered into the room unceremoniously. The three girls and Sarvesh, all got startled. In the bewilderment, Hardika did not pass on Sarvesh to the 13 year old girl's arms, but she kept on holding him on her hips.

The two girls Raina and Naina came running to Rekha and hugged her. "What Aunty, you spoilt our game."

Rekha patted the two girls on their cheek and turned to Amit and said, "This is Raina and this small one in Naina. They are very sweet and very naughty."

They all laughed. Rekha said, "Why don't we all stand close, let's take a selfie or rather a groupfie ?"

They all came closer, Hardika came carrying Sarvesh on her hip. Sarvesh was desperately asking Hardika to put him down. Hardika behaved as if she did not hear him. Rekha, since she was the tallest, held out her phone to click the picture. She made Amit stand right in front of her. Hardika stood beside Rekha, since she was the next tallest, holding Sarvesh on her hip. Sarvesh was still urging Hardika to put him down, to which she was turning a deaf ear.

Naina, the younger girl, was also asking Hardika to pass Sarvesh to her arms. Hardika said, "No Naina, you can't take him in your arms, not for the picture. Sarvesh bhaiya is 10 years older than you."

Naina insisted, "But I'm 5 inches taller than him, he will look like my small brother on my lap."

Rekha said, "Raina, Naina you move a little to the side, don't come in front of uncle, he is getting hidden behind you, you both are taller than him. Ok good…but no…now all are not coming in the frame."

Naina said, "Let me lift uncle in my arms then, he is also shorter and smaller than me. Then all of us will come in the frame."

Rekha laughed, "No beta, you can't do that. He is 50 years old and you are just 13."

Naina protested, "But aunty see, I'm taller and bigger than uncle. I can lift him. Shall I show you ?" Naina bent down to pick Amit up in her arms. Amit backed away and hid behind the tall Rekha. Naina went after him and again bent down and tried to hold Amit around his thighs. Amit managed to get away and moved further back. Naina went after him again.

Rekha and Hardika started laughing like mad, seeing the 50 year old man backing away from the bigger, taller 13 year old little girl, lest she pick him up in her arms. Amit couldn't find any place to hide from the tall and big 13 year old girl. He ran out of the room and Naina chased him.

Now Rekha looked concerned. She cannot let this happen to his special guest Amit. She was not able to run fast with her huge body of 5'11" height and 90 kgs weight. So she told the 18 year old Raina, the elder sister, to run and save Amit from her little sister Naina. Raina ran after her sister. Rekha and Hardika followed them out of the room too. Hardika in all the excitement forgot to put down Sarvesh and was still carrying him on her hip. Sarvesh had his arms around the tall 5'8" Hardika's neck and his legs wrapped around her waist for support.

Naina by this time had caught up with Amit. She held him from the back. She bent down behind Amit and wrapped her young but fat arms around Amit's thighs. Since the teenager was taller and heavier than the middle-aged Amit, he was not able to free himself from the girl's grip. Right at that nick of time Raina the 5'7" elder sister caught up with Naina. She forcefully freed the small 50 year old Amit from the tall 13 year old Naina's hands. Naina again tried to attack Amit to pick him up. Raina shielded Amit by hugging him to her body, so that Naina doesn't get to lift him. Naina came and started pulling the hapless Amit from the back to take him out of Raina's hug.

Amit in the meantime was in a precarious position. He being a small 5'3" and 63 kgs, 50 year old fully grown up middle-aged man was helpless inside the tight hug of a tall 5'7" and 75 kgs, 18 year old Raina's hug, with a 5'5" and 70 kgs, 13 year old girl trying to pull him out of her elder sister's embrace.

Raina seeing no other option to save Amit from her 13 year old sister, bent down and scooped the small uncle up in her arms cradling him like a baby. Since Naina was still pulling him, Amit wrapped his arms around the tall, big young 18 year old girl's neck. The young girl held the middle aged Amit tightly up on her breasts and started walking towards Rekha and Hardika. She was having a big victory smile on her face having been successful in rescuing and carrying away the middle aged man from her teenage little sister's stronghold.

Rekha said, "Good job Raina, you saved my prestige. Amitji, now you come to me, I'll hold you in my arms, then the naughty Naina can't pick you up. The 18 year old Raina passed on the middle aged Amit from her cradle to the tall and heavy Rekha's arms. Rekha held Amit up with her left hand. It looked so easy for the 5'11"and 90 kgs Rekha to hold the 5'3" and 63 kgs Amit up in one hand and hold him up high near her breasts. Amit was shocked that Rekha was holding him up in one hand only. He put his arms around Rekha's neck for support. Rekha gave a laugh and pulled her arm closer to her body. Amit was actually sitting on Rekha's left arm, her arm bent at an angle in front of her body. She was holding him the way a mother holds her small child.

Naina was still nagging. "Aunty, why can't I carry Amit uncle? Even Didi carried him in her cradle. I will not drop him or hurt him. I'm used to carrying my school friends like you are now holding Amit uncle in your arms or even like how didi cradle-carried uncle. And some of them are taller than Amit uncle too."

Rekha tried to pacify the 13 year old kid. "No beta, try to understand. You are just a 13 year old little girl and Amit uncle is a middle aged adult man of 50 years. Didi can carry him because she is 18 years old, which means she is an adult now. So she can carry an adult man also, there's nothing wrong in that. But you being just a 13 year old kid, you are not supposed to carry any adult man, even if you are physically able to."

Then Rekha turned to the others and said. Now let us complete the photo session. Now Raina, Naina can stand in front. It will be symmetrical also. With Sarvesh in Hardika's and Amitji in my arms."

Amit protested, "What are you doing Rekha, you can't take a picture with me on your lap ? This is no emergency like we had in the car. You take your selfies without me. Then everybody will come into the frame."

Rekha insisted, "What Amitji ! Don't be a spoilsport. Come na ? I'm your friend now. And you have already sat on my lap for such a long time in the morning. Mujhsey kya sharmana ?"

Rekha now pulled Raina in front of her. Since Rekha herself was 5'11" and Amit sitting on her arms was now also up to her level, Rekha towered over the 5'7" Raina standing in front of her. Similarly the 5'5" Naina went and stood in front of the 5'8" Hardika, who was holding up the 5' Sarvesh in her arms. So now the frame was perfectly formed with the four girls standing with two of them carrying the two men in their arms. Rekha with her long hands took quite a few selfies at different camera angles. Only after the pictures were taken did Rekha and Hardika put down Amit and Sarvesh from their arms.

Raina said they have to go home, so the two sisters left. Before leaving both the sisters asked Sarvesh to come again the next evening, so that they could play again.

Rekha said, "There's still time for dinner, so Hardika you show Sarvesh your music collection and video games. Both of you are of the same age group and now Hardika you will be in Mumbai. It's good to know a handsome hunk in the city who can protect you if needed."

Sarvesh was quick to reply. "You don't worry aunty, I'll keep in regular touch with her there. I'll come running whenever she needs my help."

Rekha smiled, "Thanks beta. Now both of you chat. I'll take this old man and chat with him."

Rekha caught hold of Amit's hand and said, "Come Amitji, we hardly know anything about each other. Let's get acquainted." She came to the drawing room where they were sitting earlier on the sofa. She picked up the tray of snacks and handed over to Amit, "You hold this while I carry the tray with the juice jar and glasses. Let's go and be comfortable inside." She led the way to an inner room.

( To be continued… )