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( The readers are requested to read Parts 1 and 2 of this series "The Landlady", to understand the continuity of this story so far …)

The Landlady - Part 3

I generally set my mobile alarm for 7 am on my office days. My office starts at 9 am, so I try to reach about 10 minutes early. So for the days I was staying at my Company guest house at Sector 22, I used to move out by 8:20 am to reach my office at Sector 17 well within time. By the way, I'm Sumit, a 36 year old bachelor. I've just been transferred to Chandigarh as a Deputy Manager of a renowned Marketing company, some days back.

Even today the alarm went off at 7 am. When my eyes opened, I found myself sleeping on the bed, with my head on the pillow, a bedsheet drawn up to my chin. No sign of Ritu in the room. But I distinctly remember that last night when I finally fell asleep, I was lying face down on Ritu's huge body. Was it a dream then, after all that had happened throughout the evening between my 51 year old landlady Ritu and me ?

But no, Ritu's pillow was still there on the bed, kept a little higher than mine, according to her height. Remember ? She had set the pillows according to our respective heights, 5'11" for her and 5'3" for me, so that my head could rest on her outstretched arm.

I sat up in bed. It was a lovely morning with sunlight streaming in through the curtains. I got off the bed, walked to the narrow balcony by my bedroom overlooking the lawn. Beautifully maintained plants and the grass was so well kept. I saw the Nepali Bahadur working on the plants, watering them. I went to the bathroom. What luck, that I could get the first floor of this exquisite bungalow on rent from yesterday.

When I came out of the bathroom 10 mins later after brushing my teeth also, I saw Ritu sitting on my bed. She had a glass of orange juice in her hand. As soon as she saw me, she kept the glass on the bedside table and came to me with a big smile on her face. She bent down and just picked me up in her arms from the front. By now I've got accustomed to this routine of hers. So my arms instinctively went around her neck and I wrapped my legs around her waist. She gave a small peck on my cheek and said, "Good morning my little darling ! How did you sleep the first night on a new bed ?"

I smiled, "Which bed ? I slept on a human mattress last night, but woke up on this bed today."

Ritu seemed to like my answer. She laughed and gave me a tight squeeze. She walked back to the bed and stood by the bedside table. She held me up with her left hand and picked up the glass of orange juice in the other. It seemed too easy for the 5'11", 87 kgs lady to lift my small 5'3", 64 kgs frame in one hand. I was desperately hanging on to her body with my arms around her neck and my legs wrapped tightly around her big waist. "Now my baby, drink this up. This is fresh orange juice, not the canned ones." She held the glass to my lips. I took a sip.

I said, "I'm getting confused Ritu. You started with 'darling' and in the next sentence made me your 'baby'. You are changing your roles pretty fast."

Ritu kept the glass on the table, held my face, brought it close to hers and gave me a big kiss on my cheek. "You naughty little man. This 'baby' is the romantic 'baby'. Not yesterday night's bedtime 'baby'. Now finish this up, let's get ready."

I still get confused with her role changes towards me. Sometimes she thinks that I'm her dead husband because of my 'smallness'; and reminds her of him. That is why she insists that I call her by her name, 'Ritu', and not Aunty or Didi, even though she is 15 years older than me. And at other times, she treats me as her unborn child. Like last night, when she made me sleep on her huge body like her baby.

I took the glass of orange juice from her hand and started sipping. She carried me straddling her breasts slowly from one room to another. I said, "It's just 7:10 now Ritu, since you're going to drop me off at my office, I think we can start by 8:30-35. You told me, it takes 10 minutes to get to Sector 17 from here on your scooter."

Ritu carried me in her arms and stood behind the closed glass panelled door between the drawing room and the big front balcony. "Yes. But before that you will have to shave and then have a proper bath, dress up and then we'll have breakfast. I forgot to ask you, do you like Aloo parathas ? I'm getting them made."

I had finished my juice. Ritu took the glass from my hand and kept it on the dining room table. She is walking back to my room now. I said, "Why are you bothering so much in the morning? I hardly eat anything for breakfast."

She stared at me with mock anger, my face right in front of hers, with me hanging on to her neck, sitting on her waist from the front. "All that will not do here mister. In that case I'll hold you on my lap and force two parathas down your mouth."

She took me to my bedroom and stood me on the bed. "Now go, complete your shaving and let me know. I'll just go and tell my maid when to bring up the breakfast. I think 8 o'clock should be ok with you ? Then we can start by 8:35."

I said, "Ya, 8 is fine. But what would I tell you after my shaving ?"

Ritu said, "Nothing, just tell me when your shaving is done. I'll tell you then. Now go."

I went into the bathroom to shave. It took me around 10 more minutes. But even before I finished shaving, I saw Ritu entering the bathroom. She stood behind me watching me through the mirror. Looking at her through the mirror, just standing so close behind me, it was as if there was a human wall behind me. She looked so tall and big and wide; and I looked like a small boy standing in front of her.

Once my shaving was done, she said, "Come, let's bath."

I was surprised. I said, "What do you mean? Will you take your bath with me ?"

She laughed out loud, "Arrey nahi rey ! I meant I'll bathe you today."

" Nooo !! Why ??" I screamed.

Ritu laughed again. "Don't scream like that. My maid will hear you and think that I'm beating you up."

I still protested, "But why will you bathe me Ritu? I'm not actually your baby. I'm a 36 years old middle aged adult man."

Ritu was still laughing, "So what, if you are 36, I'm 51. I'm 15 years older than you and you can call me an almost old woman. Didn't I tell you yesterday, that when you were 4 years, I was already 19, an adult girl. So if we really were at that age, would you feel embarrassed if I bathed you. No, na ? So then the age difference between us is still the same. So why are you feeling shy now ?"

I still didn't agree, "But I'm not 4 now, I'm 36."

Ritu was still trying to convince me, "Ok tell me frankly, did you have any aunty or elder cousins who were older to you by 15 years. And did they ever bathe you when you were very small ?"

I said, "I think I have 4 such cousin sisters who are 12 to 15 years older. And two of them lived in our house for their school and college studies. They helped my mother in every way. They used to take care of me when I was a child, I know that. But I don't remember if they bathed me, I was too small. But I remember one incident when I was around 10 years old. One of my cousins was only 3 years older than me, but she was very tall for her age. She was even taller than my mother and father at that age. When she was 13 and I was 10, one day my mother told her to give me a bath. She was so tall, I also thought that she was much older than me."

Ritu laughed, "That settles it. You took a bath from a girl who was just 3 years older than you and you are refusing me who is 15 years older to you."

I said, "But then also I was only 10 and now I'm 36."

Ritu said, "See if you say that a hundred times also that you are 36, doesn't change the fact that I'm still 15 years older to you. Now, do you want to get delayed in the office today ? Come, be a good boy."

She caught hold of me and took my t-shirt off. Put it on the hook and caught hold of my shorts. I held on to her wrists to prevent her. Ohh, how thick her wrists were ! I couldn't even wrap my fingers around her wrists. Ritu didn't seem to bother that I've caught her wrists, she didn't even try to break free. She just pulled my shorts down. My hands also went down holding her wrists. She was sitting on a low plastic stool in front of me. She held me around my waist and took my shorts off my legs, one leg at a time.

She had already put the big bucket under the tap, while we were arguing. She had adjusted the hot and cold water taps, so that just a lukewarm water fills the bucket. She stood up from the stool and pulled me towards the tap. She started pouring water over my head like a mother bathing her child. Then she took the soap bar and started rubbing it all over my upper body, my stomach, my chest and inside my neck. She turned me back and rubbed the soap thoroughly on my back and shoulders and behind my neck. She pulled up my arms one by one and rubbed the soap all over. She spent some time rubbing my underarms. I was past the stage of protesting by then. I had given in to her and let her bathe me as she wished.

She pulled the stool in front of me and sat down again. Now the legs. This was the most embarrassing part. But Ritu was beyond all that. She was rubbing soap on my legs and thighs thoroughly. She turned me around and rubbed the soap on my buttocks, as if she was actually bathing a small boy. In fact when she was applying soap and scrubbing my thigh joints, I myself forgot that I'm a 36 year old man. She was sitting on the low plastic stool bending down in front of me. I was rather holding on to her shoulders and head, as my legs and body were all soapy and I was slipping on the wet bathroom floor.

Finally the face. She asked me to close my eyes and put the soap gently all over my face and neck.

Once the soap was thoroughly applied, she started pouring water again. The reverse process started now. Pouring a little water from the mug with one hand and rubbing off the soap from my body with the other. I had to hold on to her while she was washing me. First I held on to her shoulders when she was sitting on the stool. Then when she stood up, I held her around her waist, like a small boy clinging on to his mother's body.

I wasn't saying anything, I was too embarrassed to speak. But she was continuously talking to me. It was mostly baby talk, "There my baby, that's like a good boy…come lift your hand up …turn back now.. don't feel shy…see, mummy will clean you up so well, the girls in your office will start looking at you now…now close your eyes, otherwise your eyes will burn…good boy…mera chhota bachha…there all done now …you've made Mummy all wet…now I've got to go and change my dress fast, otherwise you will get late for your office."

Once all the soap had been washed off, she took a big white Turkish bath towel from the rack and started wiping me dry. She took her time to wipe all my parts thoroughly like she did while rubbing the soap or rinsing my body. Then she wrapped the towel around my lower portion, held me around my bottom and straightened up. As usual, I was up in her arms again, this time with a towel loosely wrapped around my waist. She carried me out of the bathroom and made me stand on the bed.

"Now, Mr Deputy Manager, you do some work. Get ready fast, while I go and change and get ready too. I'll not take much time, I'll be back in 10-15 minutes with your breakfast. We'll have to eat fast, otherwise you will be late for the office."

She left me standing on the bed and took off. She walked as fast as her tall, heavy body allowed her, but with surprising agility. Her physical fitness with such a big figure truly reflected her dedication and hard work at her private gym.

I was ready in 10 minutes. My clothes were so well organised by Ritu in the cupboards, that there was no time wasted. Ritu was also back within 15 minutes as she had said. The maid came and kept a large tray on the dining table. There was quite a spread…Aloo parathas with curd and pickles as accompaniments. Plus there was toast, butter, jam and boiled eggs. There were fresh cut seasonal fruits too. Boiling hot tea was kept in a pot. When the maid was laying down the bowls and plates on the table, I looked questioningly at Ritu. She smiled and said, "I didn't know what you prefer, so I didn't take any chances."

I took small portions of everything, more so because I was getting late. The bathroom drama took away quite some time. Ritu said that she'll come back and have a proper breakfast. I could understand that she needs to eat more because of her big figure.

By 8:35, Ritu was starting her scooter. She had two helmets. Good for me. I didn't want to be recognised by office colleagues riding pillion behind an old lady, well almost. 51 is not old as such, just crossing middle age.

The scooter was good, there was a good projecting backrest bar, which I could hold on to while she was driving. Although Ritu told me to hold on to her waist or at least her shoulders, I said I could manage holding on to the backrest bar.

Ritu dropped me a little away from my office. By the time I was swiping my ID card at the office main door, it was 8.50 am. Just in time.

It was a hectic day in the office. I was heading the Customer Support department. There was a big order which came through. So the Sales team was after us for early processing of the orders, indenting and prioritising despatch of goods. I even had to go out for a few hours for a site visit.

Ritu had told me to give her a call about half an hour before I thought I could get out of the office. So I asked her to come around 6:30 pm. When I came out of the office building, I saw Ritu waiting a little farther away on the opposite footpath. I had told her specifically not to park near my office. She didn't care to listen. As I approached her, she came towards me and said very dramatically, "Arrey Sumit Beta ? You here ? Oh right, you told me your office is in Sector 17. So, you are going home now ? Come, I'm also going home, I'll give you a lift. Just hop on to my back. Arrey, I mean, not on my back literally, behind me on my scooter. Of course I can very well carry you home on my back also." She laughed at her own joke.

I sat behind her on the scooter. She handed over the helmet and asked, "Want to go for a coffee and snacks somewhere ?"

I said, "Not today, Ritu, I'm feeling tired. I had a hectic day."

She said, "Fine. Come let's go home then." She took off on her scooter. I looked to the left and right to check if any of my office colleagues saw me riding pillion behind an old woman, taking me home.

It's difficult to talk through helmets with visors. So we didn't talk on the scooter ride home. From behind, looking at her with her helmet on, it was not possible to understand that she was almost an old woman. Also with my laptop bag slung on my back, sitting behind this giant of a woman, I felt like a school boy being taken home by his middle aged mother. But even then I had a strange sensual attraction to the tall, well toned body sitting erect in front of me, making me feel so small and weak. I was also getting a strange feeling of safety and security. I felt that since she is there with me, nobody can harm me; that she will protect me.

On reaching home, she told me to go upstairs to my flat and freshen up. She will be coming shortly after giving necessary instructions to her maid.

I freshened up, changed into my customary shorts and cotton t-shirt and went and stretched out on the bed. I had a slight headache. The day at the office was quite hectic.

Ritu came some minutes later, accompanied by her maid carrying a tray. The maid kept the tray on the dining table and left. Ritu came to my bedroom and saw me lying down. She was worried, "What happened my dear ? You said you were tired. Any problem in the office?"

I said, "No, no, just a small headache. It happens to me if I go out in the sun. I had to go on a warehouse site visit today…that's why."

Ritu came near my bed. She bent down, slid one arm under my armpits and around my chest and her other arm, behind my knees, and then she swept me effortlessly up off my feet to hold me tightly against her, cradled securely in her powerful arms. Instinctively I wound my arms around her neck and shoulders. She started walking with me towards the dining room. "Come, have some hot tea and pakodas. After that I'll give you a nice head massage. All your headaches will be gone."

She sat me down on a chair. I said, "I'm hardly walking when you are around me. You are carrying me most of the time."

She pulled out a chair next to me and said, "Why should you, my love ? I like taking care of you in every way I can." Ritu was wearing a loose fitting cream coloured dressing gown, with a cord tying it up in front of her stomach. The sleeves of her dressing gown was up to her elbows, revealing her thick forearms and big strong wrists. Her bone structure itself was quite thick, I observed. Her hair tied up in a bun behind her head. That exposed her big thick neck and her solidly built wide shoulders. No ripped muscles, just full and solid looking.

The tea and hot pakodas were refreshing. Even before my tea was over, Ritu had got up and walked into the bedroom. I finished my tea and came to see where she was. She had put off all the lights of the room keeping only the green night lamp on. She was arranging pillows on the bed, making a back rest with two pillows placed by the bedhead. She beckoned me to come on the bed. She went and sat on the centre of the bed resting her back on the pillows set as backrest. When I came up on the bed, she stretched her two legs forward and sat leaning on the pillows behind her back. She asked me to sit on her lap, leaning on her like sitting on a recliner chair. Since her thighs and legs were so much fatter than mine, when I finally sat on her lap, my thighs and legs fully rested on hers. I stretched my legs and leaned back on her body. My head was just resting on the valley between her two large soft breasts. My legs stretched right out and ended where her feet ended. From the back she took off my T-shirt and kept it aside. My bare body was now fully resting on her body, with not a single part of me touching the bed. There was no question of that also, since her body was so much taller and wider than mine. She had completely spooned me on top of her. Her lap felt so soft and thick but so full. I simply went inside her.

She said, "Close your eyes, dear." I did. She put both her palm on my temple and started pressing softly. Her thumbs and fingers were putting very soft pressure on my forehead. Her fingers moved back into my hair to the centre of my head. She held up tufts of my hair in her big fist and gave them soft but firm little pulls. Then again back on my forehead. Now the pressure slightly increased on my forehead. Her fingers moved down to the back of my neck, then to my shoulders. On a pure systematic rhythm this continued from the forehead, to the back of the head, to the shoulder blades. The pressure she was exerting now was not so soft, but not too strong either. Just enough to relax my nerves. My head resting between her breasts had such a soft cushiony pillow. My eyes were closed, soaking in the massage from her soft but strong hands.

After about 15 minutes lying straight on her lap, she turned me around. She turned me on her body lying face down on her breasts. My chest now rested on her big firm abs. My thighs and legs were lying on her thighs and legs. My face was buried into the crevice of her two big, fat breasts. My arms instinctively went around her waist to the hollow of her back and the pillows behind her.

Ritu now started massaging the back portion of my head, moving her palms to the back of my neck. Her fingers now moved to my bare back; worked on the sides of the spinal cord. She bent forward and massaged the back of my waist.

I was feeling so relaxed. My headache had all gone. I was feeling much better and was able to now enjoy the comfort of lying on her massive frame supporting my full body. I was lying on her huge body, feeling totally weightless, all my weight transferred to her lap. My nose was touching her soft skin between her breasts. Both my cheeks felt cold, when I realised that they were also touching her soft big breasts. But I remembered that she was wearing a dressing gown fully covering her up to her breasts. I felt like looking up to her face. I slowly lifted my head from within the cleavage of her big breasts. Since she was sitting with me lying face-down on her body, I had to bend my head to my left to look up at her face. She saw me trying to lift my head. Looked at me lovingly and smiled. "Feeling better dear ?" She asked and caressed my hair. I just smiled and nodded. Then I saw. Her dressing gown was now loosened up and her upper portion was now wide open. Her shoulders and chest were now looking so full and wide. There was a cream coloured sleeveless nightie with thin straps underneath her dressing gown. Those straps were also slid over her shoulders onto her upper arms. My face was now resting on one of her huge breasts, now completely free of any cover. She covered my eyes with one big palm. She guided my face on her breasts. My lips touched a small hard mound, they instinctively opened taking it in. Her big palm remained on my face covering my eyes and also my cheek. I felt like I was a small baby lying on my mother's breasts. I fervently started to suck. It was such a relaxed feeling. She started caressing my hair and my face lightly with her fingers. My eyes remained closed. I was sucking slowly but passionately. I was feeling so safe, so secure lying in her breasts with my mouth full. I was feeling so small, so little, so weak, so helpless …but I loved all these feelings all together. I felt my hand, my right hand being guided by her. My hand was lightly placed on her other breast…so big, so soft…my palm couldn't hold it all. Then her hand moved back on my face, covering my eyes and my cheek. My hand felt a hard small mound under it. The tip of my fingers closed around this hard small mound. No it was not hard, but felt soft when I squeezed. It was such a heavenly feeling. I was sucking on one and softly squeezing the other. I was transported back to my childhood… when I was a baby lying like this on my mother's breasts…sleeping on her big body.

I felt like not opening my eyes…I did not want to come back to reality...just to lie face down on Ritu's breasts, with her supporting my entire body weight on her strong, solid, soft body. I had no care in the world…..just peace and this heavenly bliss between my lips…