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by Nandini K
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SOCIETY:What is the real meaning of society?Let's start with a story; when a child is born in one's house the child first see their parents . when child grow ...

Love Story
by Vaghela Nita Balubhai
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Dear Boyfriend, My life has become quite interesting since you came into my life. You have supported me in every bad or good situation so far and first I ...

by Apurva Raghuvansh
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Angry at the moment Unaware of the time, Do not know anything, Curiosity to know Longing for Nothing to lose, A lot to get Wandering darbar Say nothing to anyone Think so Had thought to be very Can no

Philosophical Similarities in Bible and Gita
by Bhupendra Kumar Dave
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Philosophical Similarities in Bible and Gita                                                                --- Bhupendra Kumar Dave             I had given an article क्या गीता और बाइबिल में एकरूपता है for the departmental magazine विद्युत ...

From Bottom Of Heart
by Jiya Vora
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1. A Dream To Achieve Till Yesterday, She was disgraced while passing from that narrow street. Her million dreams were destroyed on that night. Her eyes are full of tears ...

by artijoshi
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Healthy breakfast smoothie will help you to start your day in a healthy way. A breakfast smoothie is quick and easy to make, and of course, healthy smoothies are delicious.FRUITS ...

Career as an Actuarial Professional – A Counseling  
by Valibhai Musa
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My today’s Article is a result of my unquenched thirst of being an Actuarial Professional at my very young age. Soon after my graduation in 1966, I was in ...

A Book to my Friend
by Nandini K
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One day on my friend birthday I had given a book to my Friend in gift and then she asked me , why you always give me book on ...

Strategies in Bearish Stock Market
by Valibhai Musa
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In recent days, we have observed that Indian and non-Indian stock markets are not stable in their usual standard ranges. Constant little ups and more downs of the markets ...