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NCC Cadets is real hero's in corona pandemic
by pankti solgama

"NCC Cadets is real hero's in Corona pandemic "             The NCC is the largest uniformed youth organization its motto is "unity and Discipline". The ...

The Murder on the Links - 15
by Agatha Christie
  • 66

The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie 15 A Photograph The doctor’s words were so surprising that we were all momentarily taken aback. Here was a man stabbed ...

The Mysterious island - 7
by Saurabh
  • 87

Aman and sonali run so fast as if they are some athlete but suddenly they collide against a broken tree and that giant creature that follows them now has ...

Hacker Z - 10 - Wait, What Back To School?
by Shubhangi Kene
  • 113

Chase didn't want to get recognise by people. He though that people in Russia doesn't know him that well but what was happening now? Not only a girl recognised ...

Experience of a corona warrior. Day 2
by Jyoti Rana
  • 213

19/06/2020     Hi good morning  ..!!Today m staying in 6 b room as room was provided to stay here during Covid duty.  I wake little late and also don't ...

by Subbu
  • 62

What are Honorary Doctorates Ph.D / D.Lit ?   An honorary doctorate is a high-level academic recognition granted by a university to a recipient without completion of the normal ...

After My Death
  • 77

        After the last resort, the ventilator was finally unplugged,And my body was declared dead. It was now lying numb,On the hospital bed.My entire family was standing around me,Crying and ...

Fearlessness.....the great..6
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 118

Fear is the deadliest enemy of mankind. It is only only and only comes from you. Nobody is responsible for that. Go into fear, silently enter into it, so you  ...

Friend zone
by Devanshi Kanani
  • 146

From early morning I received a bunch of messages for friendship day wishes. I am happy, happy to have such people who take care for me.”, I told him. ...

Maybe forever - 11
by Elizabeth
  • 352

   #Chapter 10 You can always say sorry, But the real apology is when you hear the sadness in their voice and see the look in their eyes. And you ...

by Anjali Deshpande
  • 160

NOBODY LIGHTS A CANDLE Anjali Deshpande 46 When they returned the trunk to Ramwati in Amirpur she said nothing, did not even refuse to take it like Rakhi had. ...

by Rujula K
  • 78

This is the diary of a young witch who studied at the Venevelent's school of sorcery. She and her friends face a very powerful spirit of an evil witch ...

The Murder on the Links - 14
by Agatha Christie
  • 112

The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie 14 The Second Body Waiting for no more, I turned and ran up the path to the shed. The two men ...

The cursed game... - Part 10 - will the team come up together?
by King K.M
  • 259

Aren and Emma run as fast as they could and the reach the same cave where they find the rest of the team.The wolves behind them disappear.Aren and Emma ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 18
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 249

“Not Propophol but propofol” Charmi taught him correct pronunciation. “ propofol is used to make anybody unconscious quickly. It is a drug which starts to affect within three seconds, however, its effect lasts only ...

Memorable day @ the beach
by Dishita Gohil
  • 158

I open the door and step out of the rusty old van to be hit by a sticky hot humid air. I take a deep breath. I smell the ...

Journey Of Life
by Preetam Teekmani
  • 337

" Journey of life"Dear colleagues, time teaches us everything around us whatever going on workplace and whatever we faced in daily life. There lot of discrimination is going on ...

Falling in love - 11 - Who is Avira?
  • (39)
  • 1.4k

story so far...Whole night Raavi ponders about her feelings but doesn't come up to any conclusion. Next morning after breakfast, Aarav and Raavi start their journey back home.Through their ...

A Tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood
by S Sinha
  • 182

                          Article - A Tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood    I had come to the USA a few months back . I am stranded here as ...

The Deep End - 1
by Kshitija Jadhav
  • 641

Chapter 1   My name is Anika Dev and I am going to die. They have given me punishment of hanging till death for my sins. When death is smiling ...

Manali Adventure Trekking Camp - 3
by Yash Patel
  • (20)
  • 1.8k

Overly excited Karan started walking with a pace and he stepped on a melting ice sheet and slipped. He managed to maintain the balance but as we were going ...

Short story
by Yk Pandya
  • 186

सुमी आज यूँही घर सफ़ाई में लग गयी थी, अलमारी, ऊपर रखे समान को वो ठीक कर अच्छे से रख रही थी तभी उसकी नज़र समीर की एक पुरानी ...

by Anjali Deshpande
  • 136

NOBODY LIGHTS A CANDLE Anjali Deshpande 45 “Been a long time, ustad,” said Bharat when he saw him. “A lot happened behind your back.” Adhirath said, “let us take ...

Rebirth - Last Part
by Ratna Raidani
  • 190

Part 1 Lavanya and Shailja started for Singapore from Kolkata as Lavanya's vacation has started. Pulak was also going to reach Singapore the next day from Australia. Shailja knows ...

Hacker Z - 9 - Stranger or family
by Shubhangi Kene
  • 144

In his office Charles was still approving some documents. But he still couldn't forget what the silver haired teenager told him. Even though he shouldn't trust a stranger but ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 5 and 6
by Mugdha
  • 345

After looking at Niharika’s picture, Samyak can’t stop himself to think about her. He also looked at her Facebook profile. She has kept a security lock so her profile ...

Malayalee Episode 2
by Subbu
  • 115

Office canteen – a short break - All friends gathered- Table Nadira- Benita Nadira says her house has already fixed her marriage with another boy so no more she ...

The Mysterious island - 6
by Saurabh
  • 270

All four of them begin to run towards arnav while earth behind them is sinking into the water, at the same time in all chaos rohan sees arnav's friends ...

A Hiden Filling - 1
by Henna pathan
  • 575

 Sometimes in life we ​​have many feelings.  They sometimes hide from everyone, every person cannot understand it, there are many emotions, there are many grieving, there are some lovely ...

My Theater and Film-making Journey
by Keval Dholariya
  • 144

To Begin with, Let's have a question in mind what is film making? Everyone thought it is the presentation of the story in the medium of drama or we ...