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by ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ

   Brigadier Dheersingh said 'Sheela Kumari!  Mother of india accepted your gift . Your demand, of course, will definitely become the flower of the feet of the mother India. ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 9
by BS Murthy
  • 54

Canto 12 At Wits End   In his search for Seetha thus Sauntered Ravan’s place Hanuman. Failed as he to find her still Felt she could have died of ...

When We Met - Book - II - Chapter 2 - where fumbling hearts will find beat for each other, again.
by Aisha
  • 120

 Edward's POVFor a minute, he was silent. He just kept staring at her. For a while.What was he to respond to her? He wasn't confident enough of speaking a ...

શબ્દોના કિનારે....
by NishA_Rajput
  • 87

આવ્યો છું હું...!!આ જીંદગીની છેક સુધી ફરી આવ્યો છું હું...સમનદરની એકે એક તરંગ તરી આવ્યો છું હું...!તરતાં-ડૂબતા શ્વાસો છે હવે જે રાહે...એ, રસ્તે રસ્તામાં તારી યાદોને મળી આવ્યો છું ...

Stay With Me - 5 - The Unexpected Guest...
  • 255

Story so hospital Tulika gets to know about her mother's illness, the same day she loses her mom, and she accepts her dad. they perform her mom's mourning ...

SKARS : Monster in the School - 3
by Kiaan Sethi
  • 126

Chapter 3 Mystery Begins Something is going on in the sd8 group. Everyday in the lunch break they meet at the canteen and spend discussing and they go silent ...

Rewind ज़िंदगी - Chapter-2.2:  माधव का परिचय
by Anil Patel_Bunny
  • (16)
  • 372

Continues from the previous chapter…     धीरे धीरे माधव की आमदनी बढ़ती गई, और उसके पिता द्वारा ली गई उधारी कम होती गई, पर इसका बुरा नतीजा यह हुआ ...

The Placements - 3 - Untitled
by Prateek Dave
  • 249

"Your name is on the list." Arnav, one of the volunteers, informed me outside the canteen as Bajrang and I were sipping tea. The nervousness which was visible on ...

An Unwanted Call - 1
by शब्दांकूर
  • 252

Sharayu got up with ringing bell ... ahhh who is this she just pissed up with this early morning call .. she picked cell and just say hello in ...

by Mario Jose
  • 24

EPISODE XVIII “Pay attention to what I say, Adolfo Sammartino, go tell The Loser Titan to stay behind the scenes, so that Balou could act thereupon”.   Order: Notice ...

Team Work The Pillar of The Organisation.
by Manik Sinha
  • 159

Team Work  the pillar of the Organisation."Success depends on a combination of good timing, natural advantages, and harmonious teamwork." Sustainable competitive advantages, such as patents, licenses, brands, and leadership, ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 8
by BS Murthy
  • 90

Canto 11 Qualms of Celibate   Felt soon Hanuman that Seetha Forsake would not her Lord Ram.    How could forlorn Seetha then  Would have had that happy look? ...

by Subbu
  • 66

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar. The body is unable to produce enough insulin or cannot synthesize insulin properly in diabetes. Insulin urges the ...

Searching for writer..... - 21
by pramila
  • 315

Sometimes idiocy also good for life. Darkness teach us how light is important.  Distance makes us feel and understand how that person is important in our lives. 

Tortured Women
  • 189

Two stories clubbed in one1. Sorrow Found SolaceEven after two hours, she was still palpitating and perspiring. It wasn't easy. Neerja took a deep cold sigh and questioned herself,"Has ...

When We Met - Book - II - Chapter 1 - where their hearts meet and the world collides
by Aisha
  • 207

 [ Excerpt From Book - II ]  She came forward and hugged his waist, her head on his heart, the fear he'd never fathom ran across his wildly pumping veins ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 7
by BS Murthy
  • 129

Canto 10 Women in Want   Hanuman on the sly entered Chambers private of Ravan. Such a cot he found lay there  Made to rival Ravan’s throne. Meant to ...

SKARS : Monster in the School - 2
by Kiaan Sethi
  • 186

Chapter 2 SD8 - The Rivals While SKAARS came into light there was another group in the class which was gaining popularity. The captain of the group was Kunal,and ...

by Subbu
  • 72

Today, smart phone is an extension of our lives and most people can never go long without checking on their phones. In fact, it is said that we have ...

I. H. T. G. - 1
by Amar Kamble
  • 516

                        I had nothing to do with her until she intended to undertake my number. I would definitely ...

The Positive Treatment
by Naina Yadav
  • 411

On a hot dry day of Summer morning there was a child name Raju was from a very rich family .he had a brother name Sonu. we want to ...

दो कहानियाँ- एक मीठा सफ़र और स्कूल भाग गया
  • 198

चींटीटोला की सतरंगी चींटी के उस दिन की शुरूआत गन्ने की फांक से मीठा रस चूसते हुए हुई.यह देख टांयटांय तोता आम के पेड़ को दिखाता हुआ बोला,‘‘ मीठे में आम ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 6
by BS Murthy
  • 99

Canto 8 Pushpak’s Prowess   End to end he searched Pushpak  Cover he could not all its ground.  Wonder that was Pushpak called Like the one that never conceived. ...

Importance of Empathy in Organisational Growth.
by Manik Sinha
  • 219

Importance of Empathy."Empathy is important as it helps us to understand how others are feeling so we can respond appropriately to the situation. It is typically associated with social ...

My Unexpected Love Towards Him - 1
by Hafsa Begum
  • 651

Hello! readers I'm the author and this is my first ever experience and I hope you like the characters of my fictional story. So basically it's a love story ...

You are my life - episode 27
by Vizhi Malar
  • (11)
  • 675

You asked me once whose life is more important to you, your's or mine?! I replied, obviously it's my life. You went away with disappointment not knowing that "YOU ARE ...

SKARS : Monster in the School - 1
by Kiaan Sethi
  • 327

Chapter : 1 The SKARS As you all know, children are cute, naughty, ridiculous,funny,  adventurous and some are prodigies. ………I am Kiaan and I am a bit of all…... ...

Missing Family
by Dev .M. Thakkar
  • 756

MISSING FAMILY BY DEV .M. THAKKAR Once upon a time two mans were walking together, they don’t know each other but they were going to do one deal, one ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 5
by BS Murthy
  • 150

Canto 6 Precincts to Beat   Having recouped from despair  Roamed then Hanuman all the more. Entered he then Admin block  Came with face-to-face palace.  Keep at bay as ...

  • 327

 वीर के लिए सबसे अच्छा समय होता है शाम का. जब सूरज डूबने और हल्का अंधेरा छाने लगता है. तब वह बाल्कनी में आकर खड़ा हो जाता है. वहां ...