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Never Alone!
by Swati Joshi
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“Auto…….!” A young woman perhaps in her late 20s is trying to stop an auto rickshaw on the road. The watch on her hand is showing 8:25 p.m.. She ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman verified
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              IDEA OF RICH                        Looking for Wealth and seeking quick Rise,A man ...

Eid-e-Milad prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the paradigm  
by Riyas MA
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Eid-e-Milad; prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the paradigm     Eid-e-Milad which is known to be one of the most important festivals marks the birthday of Prophet Mohammed who is referred ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman verified
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QUEST FOR TRUTH In search of truth, when Sun was bright,I wandered all days but no clue in sight.Not found the answers, no truth at all,Was tired & puzzled, ...

It is 10 O'clock - 1
by Sunil Kapadia
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It is 10 o’clock in Ahmedabad. Most of all the offices are being opened now. A branch office of a very famous bank is also being opened now. The ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman verified
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First of all we have to understand what is the meaning of the term Mens Rea and how does it play important role in criminal Jurisprudence? The word Mens ...

Soulmate at workplace - 1
by Darshak Patel
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Chapter: 1Life changing momentEveryone needs patience in life. Lake of patience is biggest problem of our generation. Sometimes we are saying that time is going faster, time is going ...

by Rutvik Wadkar
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THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIALImagination!Creativity!Creative Fancy Thoughts!Mind's Eye!Insight scenes!Conception!Have you ever knew about the Terabithia? It is an imaginary kingdom. The Kingdom was plotted in the novel Bridge to ...

one day...
by Sarvesh Saxena verified
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 One day I was going somewhere sad, I was singing a sad song in sadness Tired of sitting in the shade of a tree, started wondering what has happened… Suddenly someone laughed, When I ...

Connection Are Not
by Ravi
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Todays look beautiful… but i can’t say…it… Physically you are nearst me… but hearts  very far… because connection not... Talks we have lots... but they are in profession.. casually ...

by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
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                                  Sameera nodded her head in agreement. “Ok ma, I will do as you say” she ...

IPC 375
by Abhijit Chakraborty
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Like every day, Manav was jogging on an almost vacant road. It was his daily habit. Very few people were jogging too. Manav was very happy these days because ...

AQAAB - 12 - Last Part
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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Come, I will first click a photograph of Mother and then she will click our photo, Ananya said chuckling. Ananya, Tanishk and Ananya’s mother were standing on the main ...

Memory lane
by Elizabeth
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                  Do you miss him Nidhi?? Her friend nudged her on the shoulder again. Nidhi stood there, glued her eyes on ...

Love from the hell
by Ami
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Depression and loneliness. These are two major cause that change a person"s behavior. Vidhya is a young lady. Living alone and have no friends. Kafir (name selected bcz of ...

AQAAB - 11
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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‘If thousands of innocents die by drawing a line on the earth then what is the need to do that?’ This was the theme of the movie that was ...

AQAAB - 10
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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All those things which Masru Uncle avoided telling him and never said anything about, were now in front of Tanishk like an open book. Now it was very easy to ...

by Rohitashwa Sharma
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  Annamma Today was the last day of the year, and there were some leaves left over. Workaholic Manoj took a day off from work upon his wife’s insistence. ...

by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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Though Tanishk was engulfed in the city crowd after Masru Uncle’s death, he had become alone from the inside. Though he had earned money, fame and his customers' satisfaction ...

Spy on Vacation
by Prashant Vyawhare
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Spy on Vacation Writer: Prashant Vyawahare   Dear Readers, This story is a fiction based on a life of a RAW Agent Sujit Kelkar who went on a vacation ...

by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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No-no, not here...no...oh girl, what you doing? Oh, no...man! The boy poured some more drink in the old man’s clay pot from the bottle. The old man looked at ...

Soul Mate
by Hitakshi Buch
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When nature decides to act upon, one can change his mind. As a human being we need to accept it. Right shimohi ? What's say... Ajit was in mood ...

by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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Altamash had seen three places overall. One was near Beirut in Lebanon. There was a small hotel on an island. Just outside the hotel, there were many small stones placed ...

Three Laghukathas
by Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani
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1) Treasure In the evening after the father's funeral, the two sons were sitting in the courtyard outside the house with their relatives and neighbors. At this point, the ...

by Yashvant Kothari verified
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JOURENY OF RAM   YASHWANT KOTHARI     86,LAXMI NAGAR OUT SIDE BRAHMPURI JAIPUR-302002 M0-91-9414461207 Ykkothari3@gmail.com                           ...

by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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Because of her need to go to New York every now and then, Selina Nanda had bought a house there where she lived along with some of her local ...

Does the Soul Procreate
by Ajay Amitabh Suman verified
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Every body Knows that the Population of the Human has been increasing every day. In the Year 2016, the total Global Human Population was estimated as 6.9 Billion approximately. ...

Build your Character
by Ravi
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Some of symptoms which make you sometime stronger and sometimer very weak 1) habits 2) nature 3) behaviour 4) thinks 5) gesture thats 5 symptoms create your character and ...

Problem solving technique... - 6
by Anuja Kulkarni verified
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Problem solving technique...-6   Eshan was listening to Anika. And he was not ready to accept that Anika can't come from her depression. He refused that and responded Anika, ...

by Prabodh Kumar Govil
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The world went into a shock. The media termed it as the most painful event of the twenty-first century. Nobody could have imagined that the stars would plan such a ...