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Google - 1
by Omahazeeya
  • 72

The street she lived in was always bestirred. From the crisp morning that'd have skies slashed with delicate, lethargic strays of golden hues to the night that'd have all ...

Just Stay... - 2
by Priyanka M Verified icon
  • 108

PART 2 “Hi…beta...ahh, I mean, Reeta!” he said standing, awkwardly, absolutely startled. Reeta, smiling tenderly, pulled out the chair and sat calmly opposite to him. Wearing a knee length cotton kurti, denim ...

by Khyati Panchal KITTU
  • 424

પરવરીશ શબ્દ સાંભળતા જ માતા પિતા અને સંતાન વચ્ચે નો સંબધ યાદ આવે છે. માતા પિતા તરીકે તમે તમારા બાળક ને જન્મ થી લઇને જે પણ સંસ્કાર આપો છો ...

Safe haven - 17
by Elizabeth Verified icon
  • 332

#Chapter 17                Broken to Pieces                                  Anusha was cleaning ...

The Last Song of Life
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 284

Yesterday my grandmother died.I came to know at 5.00 pm in the evening. And we had to leave for our village. When we reached there it was 7.00 O'clock.It ...

Piyush Goel - Mirror Image Writer
by Piyush Goel
  • 76

Piyush Goel (born 1967) also referred as Mirror Image Man by media, is an Indian writer, author, and world record holder, known for writing books in Mirror image style. ...

Gandhi vs Singh
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 304

What if Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh themselves discuss face to face the most controversial and debatable topic that Why did Gandhiji not Save Bhagat Singh?

सेक्स वेदोकी नज़रमे
by Jensil Kankotiya
  • 240

                 सेक्स !!!!!!!, सेक्स ?????? , सेक्स........., में जानता हु आपके मनमे यह सब भाव उठ रहे होंगे मगर ये बात भी ...

Staring Eyes
by Rohit Sharma
  • 268

Fist story Staring Eyes “A colleague in my office who is close to retirement age, keeps staring at me. His eyes are always following me. A man’s attutiude remains ...

My New Slogans
  • 102

    My New Slogans                     JIRARA                           ...

It is 10 O'clock - 4
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 284

And after finishing the dinner Krishna and Aashka were returning home. Aashka was feeling so great that she could not believe that it was actually happened. She was still ...

by Amar Kamble
  • 308

                           " A luvstory is nothing but the fruitless attempts of luv @ low risk!" All the logical ...

Just Stay !!! - 1
by Priyanka M Verified icon
  • 464

JUST STAY !!!! (PART 1) Date: 3rd March 2020 Day: Tuesday Time: 11:15 PM He waited at the coffee table impatiently, his eyes constantly dancing to and fro the ...

Sleeping Beauty
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 298

It was a normal day. Neither very bright nor very dull. Pratham Shah was getting ready to go to his college. He was looking himself in the mirror. He ...

Safe haven - 16
by Elizabeth Verified icon
  • 398

   # Chapter  16   Three Precious Little Words                   Anusha was sitting on her office chair, with the reports on the accident in ...

एक नज़रिया मेरा भी
by Jensil Kankotiya
  • 180

“ जपटके पलटना ,पलटकर जपटना,   लहू गर्म रखनेका हे एक बहना,   परिंदो की दुनिया का दरवेश हु में,   की शाही बनता नहीं आशियाँना।”               ...

What Happiness Is Not?
by Gautam Navapara
  • 200

  What Happiness Is Not???   I would love to be happier, I’m sure most people also would, so I thought it would be interesting to find answer of ...

Mother’s mirror Crowd Mentality
by Rohit Sharma
  • 132

1.       Mother’s mirror In the spacious lawns of elder brother’s  big house, the condolence ceremony in memory of mother was going on. On the chair was mother’s picture with ...

Woman-A Miraculous Feminine Existence
  • 184

Woman: A Miraculous Feminine Existence       In search of deeper meaning of life         JIRARA                   ...

Convict 786 - 2
by Abhijit Chakraborty Verified icon
  • 438

This is the concluding part. Must finish the first part to read this one.

by Deepti Khanna
  • 401

Lantern twinkled in the hands of ammi as she walked in the dark hours of  night . Carrying a pot of water on her head , she muttered in ...

Safe haven - 15
by Elizabeth Verified icon
  • 410

          #Chapter 15              A Fluttering Heart                       Alvin was staring at ...

ત્યાગ અને સમર્પણ નું બીજું નામ એટલે પ્રેમ
by Milan Mehta
  • (17)
  • 794

ત્યાગ અને સમર્પણ નું બીજું નામ એટલે પ્રેમઆજે ૧૪ ફેબ્રુઆરી એટલે કે પ્રેમનો દિવસ –બે પ્રેમીઓંની દિવસ પ્રેમ એટલે શું...?? એવું કોઈ પૂછે તો એની સ્પષ્ટ અને ચોક્કસ   વ્યાખ્યા ના ...

  • 268

  Ulfomaran                 JIRARA                                     ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 598

The word 'love 'has created this world,without love, our lives would have been gloomy, dismal and not of any worth. In India, people still prefer their kids to get married ...

Scape Goat
by Rohit Sharma
  • 222

1.       Scape Goat The new flyover was ready but the administration did not allow the public to use it because no one had inaugurated it. The Chief Minister was ...

Memorable Moments
by Forum Shah
  • 487

_Making memorable moments for urself is not a big thing!But you being the Key person in others memorable moments is the everlasting feeling!!!_*हम सुरज की कद्र उसकी उँचाई के ...

Safe haven - 14
by Elizabeth Verified icon
  • 420

# Chapter 14           Mere promises                   Someone was taking her to her bed. She could feel that, how ...

it's a trap
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 338

“What?!” He screamed, he was sitting in his luxury car.He adjusted himself, he was hyperventilating, and drops of sweat were shinning on his temple.“How can you do this to ...

Come Back to Leave Me... Again - Prologue
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 578

Why does the love always seem beautiful in romantic movies and novels, but not in real life? Why should lovers not be in any relationship after they break up? ...