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Evrything you See has An Advantage as well as Disadvantage
by Mohini Vyas
  • 54

Once upon a time in the rainforest of Africa lived many types of animals. One of it was tortoise. There all animals would make fun of tortoise as it ...

Buddhas Lamp - 8 - The sky speaks to you
by Subbu
  • 156

Chapter 8 The sky speaks to you   Horoscope play a vital role in the  life of a human being. The soul is the principle of life, feeling, thought, ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 108

talk about soul life is lifeless ************************************** Some are proud, some are famous here. Some are silent, some are forced there. ************************************** The chaman in which I understood myself ...

Stay With Me - 14 - The Rituals
  • 606

Please read CARNAL instead of CARNIVAL. I don't know what did I type that my cellphone changed it to Carnival.. lol..D. Story hitherto..Viansh lightly takes the ...

Dalit as Deva, ā la Black is Beautiful
by BS Murthy
  • 150

It was in 1932 that Gandhi took up the cudgels for India’s dalits, for long ostracized as untouchables, and as if to make them feel like devas, he rechristened ...

Capital punishment - Doctrine of Torture and Kill
by BS Murthy
  • 120

That hundred and forty years after Fyodor Dostoyevsky enlightened us against capital punishment, we still persist with it in some parts of our planet, belies our insensitivity towards the ...

Searching for writer..... - 30
by Pramila
  • 504

True love doesn't demand or force. It only loves.....***** NOTE  : The quotes in the above lines and in previous episodes are taken from charan's diary, which he wrote these lines ...

by Mario Jose
  • 60

EPISODE XXIII “¿Can you play it again for me, please? -The Loser Titan pleaded him by joining the palm of his hands as if praying. This song is going ...

Simran Bua - 1
by Uplifted
  • 183

It has been almost six months since I've been posted in Chandigarh. I was working as an Administrative Manager of a Marketing company there. The one place which I ...

Sohib learnt a lesson
by Muskan Yadav
  • 171

Sohib was walking down the green park when he saw a girl who was learning to ride a bicycle. As he watched her he thought of  surbhi. Slowly a ...

IN Search Of The Broken key - 1
by Divakar Venkatesan
  • 192

Chapter 1                                                                        Lost in Woods   It was a strange and unexpected day for me... I awoke on a mountain, not sure how I got there or what I ...

X: Khoj Shuru - 1
by Neeraj Chand
  • 153

                                  CHAPTER 1: The First Meeting   "FAMOUS PRODUCER GRUESOMELY MURDERED" The front-page ...

Falsity of Fame
by BS Murthy
  • 180

The notion of fame is but the nurture of history that hangs on the thread of a name. Much before man turns fond of his name, the resumes of ...

અતિત ના સંસ્મરણો (ભાગ-૨) - છેલ્લો ભાગ
by Keyur Patel
  • 216

ભાગ -૧ થી ચાલુ … હવે આગળ..ફોન ડિસ્કનેક્ટ થયા પછી .. સુરેશલાલે પોતાનું ખાણું બનાવ્યું અને ડિનર લીધું ..અહીં યુએસએમાં, આલોકે તેની પ્રિય પત્નીને એક સારા સમાચાર આપ્યા કે ...

Buddhas Lamp - 7 - Om Mani Padme Hum
by Subbu
  • 174

Chapter 7 Om Mani Padme Hum   “There are two kinds of energy in the human body. One is kinetic energy, and the other is mental energy. The kinetic ...

Do you love me? - Episode 28 - Relax
by Pavan Naidu
  • (14)
  • 804

Continuation of episode 2511 PMThey decided to have a late-night meeting to prevent the spread of this news to the news-hungry media. If this news leaks out all the ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - 3
by Mohini Vyas
  • 171

Vyom was happy to help Mars. But After 1 month the trees died. President took help of the animal again and as Vyom saw that animale he knew who ...

Confession of a Murderess
by BS Murthy
  • 153

I, Radha, w/o late Madhu, r/o 13, Red Hills, Hyderabad, she began to dictate calmly, confess to having willfully poisoned not only Ranjit but also Shakeel, Pravar and Natya. ...

Badnām-Gita’s Spoiler Slokas
by BS Murthy
  • 321

The Bhagavad-Gita was eulogized as “the most beautiful, perhaps the only true philosophical song existing in any known tongue” by the 19th Century Prussian philosopher William von Humboldt but ...

Buddhas Lamp - 6 - Magic the art and science
by Subbu
  • 213

Chapter 6 Magic the art and science   “Research is a never- ending process; a lot of research is taking place in many parts of the world. Some are ...

The Angel Inside - part 6 silence is the best Savage answer
by King K.M
  • 459

Jay POV I lay down my head back on the chair as I sigh and start up checking the file, analyzing the medical records of my current patient. Today I ...

Revenge of the Ghost - 24
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 417

Shankarbaba stood up immediately and told Ravindra to stay there and went out. Ravindra felt a sudden chill and he realized that the ghost was there. He ran out ...

When Life Gives You Lemons... - Part 8
by Prateek Dave
  • 381

With the indecisiveness regarding my future out of the way, I had now slowly started embracing my college life. Though the things were not as rosy as I had ...

Pitfalls of Premarital Sex
by BS Murthy
  • 228

While Roopa resembled a flower at dawn with its dew on, her complexion of tan was in consonance with the radiance of her velvet skin. Even as her vivacious ...

Theory of Atom
by Shamad Ansari
  • 2.4k

Nuclear hypothesis, antiquated philosophical hypothesis that all things can be represented by endless mixes of hard, little, inseparable particles (called molecules) of different sizes however of a similar essential ...

Buddhas Lamp - 5 - Tu-Shun- the monk with superpowers
by Subbu
  • 348

Chapter 5 Tu-Shun- the monk with superpowers   They say that if you want to find a lost object, you have to search for it first at the place ...

Stay With Me - 13 - The Announcement
  • (15)
  • 1.2k

Story hitherto.. As Tulika agrees to marry, Tulika's dad happly shares this good news with Nomaan's family, both families agree to perform Roka. There Nomaan gets a chance to ...

A Marital Advice to Daughter
by BS Murthy
  • 294

“If you’re not interested in this match, so be it, but if I don’t show you life as I’ve seen it, I might be failing you,” Ramaiah said in all ...

Radha’s Love ‘n Loss
by BS Murthy
  • 330

    When it was time for them to part for the day, Radha gave Kavya the missive that she penned for Dhruva. Darling: I am ashamed that I ...

Who-The Tale of Mrs. Anonymous - 2 - The Party
by Janushi Raichura
  • 309

The huge mansion was decorated conventionally in a royal way. Everybody was busy chatting with each other. A group of ladies were laughing in a fake sense so loudly ...