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சந்தை வலை
by राजनारायण बोहरे
  • 4.3k

  transleted from hindi      கதை- ராஜ்நாராயண் போஹ்ரா                                சந்தை வலை     என்னால் அவரை ஒரு முறை அடையாளம் காண முடியவில்லை. அந்த அன்னபூர்ணா மைத்துனரின் மிகவும் பழக்கமான உள்நாட்டு ஆளுமை, இன்று ...

வீட்டுக்கு வீடு வாசப்படி
by c P Hariharan
  • 36.9k

This is a Tamil motivational story.We think that we only have problems in life. But, in reality everybody is undergoing one problem or the other. But apparently,we are unaware ...

Thai thanthayarin thavippu - Tamil
by c P Hariharan
  • 11.1k

A touching story really worth reading. Instead of laughing at others we should learn from others life experiences.

kalam badhil sollum
by c P Hariharan
  • 31.9k

Everything does not happen in life as we wish in life.. Some times we have to flow against the current. More often than not, we try to be adamant ...

Declining human values - Tamil version
by c P Hariharan
  • 9.9k

Human values seem to be extinct. We have to be totally self reliant. We are living in a mutually exclusive society. We just do not care anybody in our ...

தப்புத் தாளங்கள்
by c P Hariharan
  • 6.6k

This story depicts repercussions of little carelessness on the part of parents in grooming children. When we postpone things for tomorrow many obsatcles come in between beyond our contemplation.

Mamiyarin Technique
by c P Hariharan
  • 6k

This story depicts how the time takes revenge with us. Winds never blow in the same direction. Life is full of vicissitudes. We do not understand that. Rather we ...

Innovation - An inevitable tool for survival - Tam
by c P Hariharan
  • 5k

in the backdrop of cut throat competitions, continuous innovation is quintessential for our very survival.Those who do not innovate lag behind and ultimately perish. We need to innovate to ...

Role of moral science inour lives - Tamil version
by c P Hariharan
  • 6.6k

Today s children are tomorrow s citizens.Moral education helps schools in developing matured and responsible citizens in our society. It helps us leading a balanced,cheerful and healthy life.

Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu
by c P Hariharan
  • 6.3k

This story indicates that lessons of life are totally different from what we learned form schools and colleges.A little patience we show makes a lot of difference in life. ...

புவனா ஓர் கேள்விக்குறி
by c P Hariharan
  • 5.5k

This story in Tamil is about how a teenage girl get trapped in affair and repent later on like anything. The character in this story is only average as regards ...

by c P Hariharan
  • 9.2k

                                        வேலைக்காரி திவ்யாவும்  வித்யாவும் சென்னை நுங்கம்பாக்கம் பகுதியில் அடுக்குமாடி கட்டிடம் ஒன்றில் பக்கத்து வீடுகளில் தான் குடியிருந்தார்கள். அவர்கள் கணவர்களுக்கு  நல்ல வேலை  இருந்ததால் இருவரும் வீட்டை நிர்வாகம் பண்ணி வ

Happiness quotient - Tamil Version
by c P Hariharan
  • 7.4k

Each of us craves for happiness. Happiness as transient as rainbow. Happiness comes from within. If we expect happiness from outside we can never get it.

Struggle for survival - Tamil
by c P Hariharan
  • 10.5k

With burgeoning population our very survival remains a great threat unless we stand out in the crowd. As Darwin puts it only the fittest can survive.We have to keep ...

சுவரில்லாத சித்திரங்கள்
by c P Hariharan
  • 9.9k

This story depicts how they struggle to live ostentatiously despite abject poverty, We can draw pictures only if there is a wall which they realize rather lately.

நிறம் மாறும் உறவுகள் (Niram maarum uravugal)
by c P Hariharan
  • 15.3k

Niram Maarum Uravugal is touching inspirational story in Tamil. I have won the national competition on aspirational story in this title. It s worth reading as we learn ...