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I am native of Kanodar, situated in North Gujarat. In spite of being a businessman, I spare time for my hobby of Authorship. My first Gujarati short story titled as Jal-samaadhi was published in 1965 in a Gujarati Monthly Magazine Savita . Till now, I have published 14 e-books, out of which 3 are in English, 10 in Gujarati and 1 bilingual. I am pleased having this Platform of Matrubharati for self e-book publication. I have great pleasure to publish my free e-book Kaavyanuvadan-Rasaswadan here. I hope that Matrubharati Readers would like to read this 3 in 1 book on poetry. Gradually, I am going to publish my rest e-books. Particularly, I am a Story-writer and I have published three Story-Books and the fourth one is in process.

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