The Servient

The Cast Of Characters
Mr. Bram Matheson - A Horror Novelist
Mrs. Maisie Matheson - Wife
Albert Matheson - Son 
Anne Matheson - Daughter
Mrs. Sarah - Assistant Director
Peter & Brenda - 
Servants of "Whaley Haunted House"
Mr. & Mrs. Balcombe - Neighbor
"Thomas Whaley" The Servient Of Whaley Haunted House - The Evil
Mr. Brock - Police Inspector

 Chapter One

It is said, Man can escape from his shadow,
Not from his past.
Escape from his actions, Not his fate.
Can avoid untoward, Not from happening.
Neither you can postpone and me.
It's another matter that in order to understand this situation of life, I have to go to the mouth of death.
You might not believe this, but I have agreed.
Now look, I am thousands of miles away from this house but who can say after hearing the silence of this house can write someone's death. Something similar happened to Mr. Bram Matheson and his family.
It was the year of 1980s, There was a novelist named "Mr. Bram Matheson" Who was a horror novelist, Their horror novels were going into a huge loss. He sent the draft to the director of his horror novel. But the director didn't like and accept, Then he decided to go to the office and debate about on his novel to the director. 

Act One, Scene One

Now let's Mr. Bram Matheson start talk with the Assistant Director "Mrs. Sarah" in the office.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Hi Sarah!
Mrs. Sarah : Hey Mr. Bram come in, I was waiting for you.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Thank You Sarah, How did you like my novel?
Mrs. Sarah : Really bad Mr. Bram, Director Sir rejected your contract, They didn't like your horror novel, Means? Director Sir is looking for a novel that your own senses get scared while writing.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Please Sarah, give me 6 months time, Then after I will write a novel that after reading people will remember God.
Mrs. Sarah : What? 6 Months, You have already spent too much time, No idea what were you doing for 3 months? Since when have you been married, You have been distracted, Now please focus. You have two months and I have too, So first draft should come in 2 months or else we lost job.
Mr. Bram Matheson start talking in panic, 
Mr. Bram Matheson : I will write, you don't panic. But you know there is a problem, as a writer I need inspiration. While I'm writing there is scary ambience? So that I get scared as soon as I feel like someone is in the room, Like someone watching from the window, The winds want to say something? Someone's shouts loudly near me. You know what? I need this type of ambience.
Mrs. Sarah : Yes, Bram write this novel with this feeling. You know Bram, I have a place of inspiration for you. There is a house 100 km away from here in San Diego, California. You will find scary ambience there.
Mr. Bram Matheson : What is so special about that house?
Mrs. Sarah : About 15 years ago a retired army officer went to live there with his family. Do not know what happened? One night he picked up the axe and cut his family into pieces. When the police asked him, Why did you do this? So he said i don't know, An evil spirit has forced me to do so.
Mr. Bram Matheson : It means that house is haunted.
Mrs. Sarah : Perhaps, The name of that place is also the "Whaley Haunted House." Before this, The owner's name was "Thomas Whaley." That's why people still call that place "Whaley Haunted House."
Mr. Bram Matheson : Such an interesting place and you have not told me till date. You see, the novel you are looking for, got it. But you have to make a promise to me. You will not mention this to my family.
Mrs. Sarah : Absolutely will not, I know If they come to know, They will never go there.
Now "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes to live in that house with his entire family. Bram's mother, who was paralyzed, because of which she could neither speak properly nor walk. "Mr. Bram Matheson" didn't know that there would be something which he would not even guess. But the game of death started with his life. "Mr. Bram Matheson" had love marriage. His wife "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" loved him very much, They both had took great care of each other. But who knew that they would be separated from each other.

Act One, Scene Two

Now further, Conversation between "Mr. Bram Matheson" & his family inside the van."
Mr. Bram's daughter "Anne Matheson" : Hey! Dad, where have you brought us in the bushes and mountains? I thought I would enjoy with my friends in summer holiday, But you have brought us to a secluded place, It's so boring Dad.
Mr. Bram's son "Albert Matheson" : Why do you so stressful Anne? Don't worry see this new place you will definitely like.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Oh! Anne, Don't worry, Spend summer vacation with us today and next year with your friends.
Anne Matheson : Ok! Dad, But by the way when will we reached?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Dear daughter, We are soon to arrive.

Act One, Scene Three

After about half an hour they reached that house. The house was really scary, There was a terrible silence around that house, Everyone started watching that house carefully.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : What a place, This is really wonderful. I wish we could come here for our honeymoon.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Never mind, consider it your next honeymoon.
Albert Matheson : This place is so scary Dad, I'm thinking, I should write a story too.
On his talk everyone started laughing at him. That's when a man and a women come out of that house. Both of them were servants of this house, They used to take care of this house. The man said "Hello Sir, I'm "Peter" and she is my wife, We both look after this house.
Anne Matheson and Albert Matheson go inside that house first of all. "Anne" said to her brother "Albert."
Anne Matheson : I'm carrying all this stuff, and you are bringing just one guitar like the Baron.
Albert Matheson : Throw all the stuff, and learn to respect the guitar.
Anne Matheson : Oh wow..! Very bad rhyming.
Albert Matheson : Look there,
Anne Matheson : So cute, What a dog?
As soon as Anne touched that dog, The dog started barking, Both get scared. That's when Mr. Bram Matheson and everyone come into the house.
Albert Matheson : Dad, This dog is trying to bite us and it's not even running away.
Anne Matheson : Why don't you do it, you go and sing the song then the dog will run away, Hahaa...!
Mr. Bram Matheson : Wow! What's cute dog? Albert and Anne choose your rooms.
Albert Matheson : I will take the biggest room.
Anne Matheson : No, I will take the biggest room.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie, Take Mom to that room.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Ok..! Let's go mom.
As soon as the servants arrive inside the house carrying the goods, then they horrified to see the dog and the bag falls from Peter's hands.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Oh! Peter uncle, What have you done, This bag contains my wedding gifts.
Servant Peter : Sorry sir made by mistake.
Mr. Bram Matheson : By the way Peter uncle, whose dog is this? You have any idea.
Servant Peter : I don't know sir, Never seen this dog here before. The man who came to live here 15 years ago, He had also a similar dog.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Means the owner went and this dog stayed lonely in this house.
Servant Peter : I don't know sir, We have never seen this dog here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : It means this dog is a ghost? Got the story I was looking for.

Act One, Scene Four

Mr. Bram Matheson goes to the front room with a typewriter and he sit near the window and see everything from outside, That's when his wife comes.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Hey! Typewriter, Where is your laptop? I gave you that laptop very fondly.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Sweetheart, You know I don't work on laptop. I like to work on typewriter.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Ok, Don't touch the laptop, But?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie, Look I have a lot of work. So you go, I will come hurry as possible as.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Oh! You can work tomorrow too.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Promise, I just come.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Ok, I'll be waiting for you, Bye..!
Mr. Bram Matheson : Bye..! Sweetheart.
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" starts thinking deeply about the title of his horror novel. Suddenly he feels anyone look at him from the window. As soon as he looks near the window, He looks nothing. After a while he falls asleep, After few seconds a black shadow appears in the room with a dog. And he stands near "Mr. Bram Matheson" and starts watching him. Then that black shadow casts his spell on him and makes him type something and he starts typing, That's when Mr. Bram's eyes open then he sees that he is typing. He began to tremble and look all around. As soon as he sees his typewriter, Then removes his hands from typewriter and he starts to see the words written on the page.
Mr. Bram Matheson : "Whaley Haunted House" But who wrote this title? Maybe I must have written, and who can write? But the title is too good.
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" realizes something and he stands up, then he starts looking out of the window, That's when someone puts a hand on his shoulder and then he turns back.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie you? 
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : When will you come Bram? How long have I been waiting for you. Bye the way, I want to see how much you wrote? "Whaley Haunted House" Just the title, you have written the title in such a long time and that too of stolen.
Mr. Bram Matheson : The very important thing in novel is a title. If its title is found, understand the novel is fifty percent complete.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Excellent, It means you can do the rest tomorrow, Come on now, It's too late.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie, do one thing, You go and sleep without me today. I want to write whole night.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Oh..!
Mr. Bram Matheson : Please..!
After that "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" leaves from there, Mr. Bram Matheson starts working with his typewriter and he falls asleep near the that window as he writes.

Act One, Scene Five

When it is morning, "Mr. Bram Matheson" is awakened by the someone's voice coming from the outside. So he gets up quickly and walks out. As he walks towards the garden. He sees, His wife is serving breakfast to both an unknown man and woman. That's when everyone starts seeing "Mr. Bram Matheson." Just then the unknown man said to him,
"Hello..! Mr. Bram, I'm your neighbor "Alvin Balcombe" and she is my wife "Mrs. Balcombe." Mr. Bram your breakfast is here but sorry not much left. Hahaa..! 
Mr. Bram Matheson : Never mind, You may eat.
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : Mr. Bram, I ate your breakfast with great love. Now you come to our house tomorrow and enjoy breakfast. By the way my wife makes very delicious breakfast. Hahaa..!
Mr. Bram Matheson : By the way, You are very interesting person?
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : Mr. Bram, I wanted to meet you for a long time. I thought you were not married and you are a bachelor but when you came here with your family, We came to meet you.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Wanted to meet before, Mean? I have come here on yesterday.
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : What are you saying? Many times I have seen someone's shadow coming and going in this house.
Mr. Bram Matheson : What are you saying Mr. Alvin? This house has been closed for the last 15 years. There are two servants, But they also live in the outside quarter.
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : Oh! Yes, I have seen those two servants but they don't talk to anyone else and anyway I don't know anything about this place. If you say you aren't be then who can? And by the way I heard there is an outbreak of ghosts here. The ghost township is here. By the way not you? So is that ghosts have i seen? Hahaa..! And yes I have also heard that you're writing a horror novel.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Oh! Yes Mr. Alvin,
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : So go, You meet that ghost and write his biography. And by the way the title will remain the ghost's autobiography. Hahaa..!
"Mr. Bram Matheson" gets scared after listening to him, And goes to see the rooms inside the house. As he walks a little farther, Someone's shadow is visible from him. Who is moving and going to another room. That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" called him.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Hey! Who are you, Stop...!
"Mr. Bram Matheson followed him" that's when he chases him and reaches an unknown room. As soon as he moves his hand to open that door, then that door opens automatically. And then he slowly moves inside that room, Then he see a box, As soon as he open it. He see, An ancient axe is in it. He pick up that axe and start watching it. 
Mr. Bram Matheson : Wow! wonderful axe.
Then he starts looking at himself in the front mirror. He sees that retired army officer inside the mirror with this axe. Then he falls down afraid. He quickly puts the axe into the box and go out from there. When "Mr. Bram Matheson" comes to his room then he sees outside through the window.
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : Mrs. Matheson what is in the night dinner? By the way I like curry of gourd and cheese.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : You must come Mr. Alvin with your wife.
Mrs. Balcombe : Thank you Maisie, We will definitely come but tomorrow you must come with your husband for breakfast.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Okay! 
Then they leave from here. "Mr. Bram Matheson" sits at his chair and look the typewriter and he starts thinking about his own novel. Just then "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" arrives.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Where were you? Now let's have breakfast.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Nothing, Just looking at the rooms in the house. Let's go, I'm hungry.
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" and his wife went to breakfast.

Act One, Scene Six

When the night comes "Mr. Bram Matheson" sits to write his novel and he starts writing his novel on the typewriter.
Mr. Bram Matheson : It is said that when a person tries to become God, it crosses all limits of madness. One such scientist, who is in the process of becoming God had gone mad. He had only one purpose in life, To give life to the dead persons. Away from the eyes of the people, he set up his own laboratory. One night when the whole world was sleeping, He set out in search of dead persons. Started digging by going to the cemetery. Then he found a lame dead body and took it to his laboratory. He attached electric wire to every part of the body of the corpse. Then as soon as he turns on the main switch.
Then the lamp placed in front of "Mr. Bram Matheson" starts to turn on and off. All the bulbs of the house start turn on and off.
Peter : Oh God! Protect us, Then there is happening a disaster.
Then a ghost is truly born in that house, Nobody knows what is going to happen next. "Mr. Bram Matheson" writes again.
Mr. Bram Matheson : And that dead man become alive and he turns to first victim. He raises his axe, And he walks through the streets.
"Mr. Bram Matheson" doesn't even know himself, What he is writing is really happening. Then he feels that someone is passing by the window. He looks back but nothing sees to be around. Then that ghost moves towards Mr. Alvin's house.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Nobody knows who will be his next victim and whose life will be the last day today? He sneaks into a nearby house.
The ghost of Mr. Bram's story sneaks into "Mr. Alvin's house." He is watching television with great fun.
Mr. Bram Matheson : In that home he started looking for his victim.
That's when the ghost starts seeing "Mr. Alvin Balcombe." 
"Mr. Alvin Balcombe" is so busy on television. He doesn't care, Who stands outside is that ghost. After that without seeing him "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" considers that ghost as his wife and starts talking.
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : Darling..! You came, You know what? Our neighbors are very good, They are kind and friendly but they just talk less.
The ghost moves towards "Mr. Alvin Balcombe."
Mr. Alvin Balcombe : Have to go to dinner at their house? Hey..! Why are you not saying anything? What happen? 
As "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" looks at him, So he sees that ghost is standing in front of him with an axe. He is standing up fearfully. And tries to run away. That's when that ghost catches him from behind,
Mr. Bram Matheson : But how will the ghost kill him? Will he cut him with an axe? No, to messy. Not having fun, 
Right now "Mr. Bram Matheson" thinks something and starts writing. The ghost hits Mr. Alvin's head on the wall and he kills him. "Mr. Bram Matheson" also writes something similar in his novel, Which is really happen but he doesn't know.
Mr. Bram Matheson : The ghost takes the corpse to the attic and hides the corpse.
The ghost of Mr. Bram's story hides, "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" corpse inside the attic of "Whaley Haunted House." Then that ghost starts moving in that house, Mr. Bram's son "Albert Matheson" takes the guitar and starts singing, As soon as he comes out of the room, He looks that ghost with an axe.
Mr. Bram Matheson : The ghost finds another victim on the way. Upon seeing a young boy, He becomes angry, 
That's when Albert's guitar falls out of his hand and he keep looking at him with fearly.
Mr. Bram Matheson : The ghost starts moving slowly towards him. It's enough. He is a ghost not an angel of death. He leaves that boy.
Then the ghost of Mr. Bram's story also disappears from there. Then "Albert Matheson" goes there in panic and says.
Albert Matheson : I really saw someone, Or was it my misconception? No, I really saw someone.
Then "Albert Mathesom" goes to his father's working room screaming.
Albert Matheson : Dad! I've seen anyone, Don't know where he went, You come with me fast.
Mr. Bram Matheson : But where?
Albert Matheson : Let me show you.
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes there with his son.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Hey! there is no one here.
Albert Matheson : No Dad, I'm telling the truth, I saw him here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Albert, I used to tell you a scary story in childhood, Then you were not afraid but today you are young but afraid.
Albert Matheson : Dad, I'm not scared. I just thought there was someone here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Ok! Just that's all, Let's go to dinner, I'm feeling very hungry.

Act One, Scene Seven

Now "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" is serving food to all family members, All are laughing at "Albert Matheson."
Anne Matheson : Hahaa..! Albert is so timid.
Albert Matheson : Don't be kidding Anne, If someone else had seen a ghost would have died.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Well say anything Bram, There has something in this house.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie, That's why we came here. But when did you believe in ghosts? Writers like me make them. At least our family members should not be afraid of them. Hey! our neighbors who were coming to have dinner with us, Where are them?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : They are not coming, Don't know where "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" has gone without telling?
That's when Mr. Alvin's wife reaches there crying.
Mrs. Balcombe : Maisie, My husband has not returned home yet? Don't know what happened to him, I'm worried a lot.
Mr. Bram Matheson : You don't be afraid, Give me your husband's number.
Mrs. Balcombe : I have tried but he isn't picking up the phone.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Ok! Try again, Tell me the number.
"Mr. Bram Matheson" called him many times, but he didn't answer on phone.
Mrs. Balcombe : I'm very afraid, Don't know how they will be?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : You don't panic.
Mrs. Balcombe : What do? I do now.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Now go home and wait, He will come soon. If he doesn't come till morning then we do something.
It is 12 o'clock at night and Mr. Bram Matheson starts writing his horror novel on the typewriter.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No! This lines aren't right, Not having fun. Let's enter a new character. A Police Officer but prodigious, Strange Cop!

Act One, Scene Eight

Mr. Alvin Balcombe didn't return home, So his wife made a complaint at the police station in the morning. "Mr. Bram Matheson" enters a police officer as new character in his story, A police officer actually comes to his house in the morning, Seeing the Police Officer, "Mr. Bram Matheson" and his wife falls in surprise. 
Police Officer : Hello! Sir, I've come here to ask something about "Mr. Alvin Balcombe." By the way my name is Brock, Inspector Brock.
Mr. Bram Matheson : My name is "Bram Matheson" and she is my wife Maisie.
Inspector Brock : Oh! Hello, "Mrs. Matheson" Anyway you can go, You make tea for "Mr. Bram Matheson."
Mr. Bram Matheson : I don't like tea, I take coffee only.
Inspector Brock : So ok, Let's take coffee. We will take coffee and talk too. By the time coffee is made, You get fresh. And I make the rounds of this house.
Inspector Brock goes to Mr. Bram's working room while he is investigating. Then he see the typewriter and he picks up the scripts of Mr. Bram's novel and starts reading. That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" reaches there.
Mr. Bram Matheson : You are here.
Inspector Brock : By the way, What the hell is it? I mean,  What are you writing?
Mr. Bram Matheson : I'm writing a horror novel beacuse I'm a writer.
Inspector Brock : I'm sorry quite good your novel but there is one thing, Since when have you come to live here. Since then this incident happened and "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" was also here yesterday, I'm right.
Mr. Bram Matheson : See, I have a lot of work. Ask quickly what you want to ask?
Inspector Brock : You mean to say, I'm passing the time with you. By the way, You must know your neighbor "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" has been missing since last night.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I know.
Inspector Brock : His van is also at home. No van can even run here at night, So where did he go?
Mr. Bram Matheson : See, It's your job to find out him, If I knew about him then you are sitting in your office with comfortable.
Inspector Brock : You are saying right, But I have found traces of some weird steps from Mr. Alvin's house to your house in the investigation.
Mr. Bram Matheson : What do you mean? I dragged him here.
Inspector Brock : No way, Your feet are equal but The footprints that I have got. His one foot is small and the other is big.
Mr. Bram Matheson : How is it possible?
Inspector Brock : That's what I need to find out. Can I search your house? Well you don't mind so,
Mr. Bram Matheson : No, there is nothing like that. Let's go, I help you. I too have not seen this house properly. Please come with me.
While walking, "Mr. Bram Matheson" and Inspector Brock reach to the attic, 
Inspector Brock : This room is closed, what's inside this room?
Be afraid "Mr. Bram Matheson" opens the door, where he had also gone earlier,
Both go inside the attic, That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" look at that axe and he gets scared. Mr. Alvin's corpse was inside the attic but they unable to see.
Inspector Brock : Let's go "Mr. Matheson." There is nothing in this old place.
As soon as Inspector Brock begins to move out from the attic, That's when he sees that axe.
Inspector Brock :  How is this axe here?
Mr. Bram Matheson : I don't know, This stuff was here, I came here only yesterday. I don't know much about this place.
Inspector Brock : "Mr. Matheson" keep alert, I have heard many stories about this house.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Ok, I will keep alert.
Inspector Brock : Let's go.
"Mr. Bram Matheson" goes to leave Inspector Brock outside. When he turns towards his house. That's when, He looks his mother, Mr. Bram's mother is sitting on a wheel chair and his wife is walking her in the garden. That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" thinks of entering an old woman in his novel.

Chapter Two
Act Two Scene One

Till now you have read that "Mr. Bram Matheson" comes to write his novel at "Whaley Haunted House" with his family. He gets his novel title "Whaley Haunted House" strangely typed on the typewriter by its own. "Mr. Bram Matheson" creates a ghost, furthering his novel. As the novel progresses, We read that every word of Mr. Bram's novel becomes true. He writes the death of his neighbor in his novel and the ghost of his novel really kills "Mr. Alvin Balcombe." He writes entry of a Police Inspector in his novel and the next day the Police Inspector really arrive at his house. Inspector Brock finds some strange footprints inside that house. But he doesn't get any specific evidence. "Mr. Bram Matheson" thinks of another murder, furthering his novel and he decides to kill an old woman.
Now further,
It's 12 o'clock at night, "Mr. Bram Matheson" sits and he starts writing his novel on the typewriter.
Mr. Bram Matheson : That sleeping ghost wakes up again, The ghost gets very angry when he left an alive young boy then he decided to kill an old woman.
That's when The ghost of Mr. Bram's story enters his mother's room to kill her. His paralysed mother starts shivering when she sees that ghost. As soon as the ghost rises his axe then Mr. Bram's mother tremble and pressed the alert button near her. As soon as "Mr. Bram Matheson" hears the sound, he stops typing, Then the ghost also stops automatically, He doesn't kill Mr. Bram's mother and disappears from there. "Mr. Bram Matheson" reaches to his mother's room first, Then all the member.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Mom, What happen?
That's when Mr. Bram's mother points out in front of gate fearfully, "Mr. Bram Matheson" quickly looks outside but he doesn't see anyone outside. When "Mr. Bram Matheson" comes back to the room, So he sees his mother trembling. Then he goes to near her mother. Mr. Bram's mother wants to say something to him but she wasn't able to speak due to paralysis.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Mom, Nothing is there, All are talking about ghost and evil in this house, Maybe that's why you're nervous.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, You don't worry, You go and do your work, I take care of her.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie, Tell me if you need anything.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Ok, Bram.
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" and the rest of the people go to their rooms.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No, These lines aren't right, Anyone else. It's not good to kill an old and destitute woman in this horror novel. Enter someone else but whom to kill?
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" thinks something and starts typing on the typewriter. The ghost sets out to find its next victim, He starts moving towards the kitchen, Peter's wife "Brenda" is washing utensils inside the kitchen. That's when she feels someone and sees that ghost's shadow with an axe on the wall. As soon as she sees behind, The ghost kills her with that axe.
Mr. Bram Matheson : The ghost moves forward dragging that maid's corpse and hides that corpse in the attic.
After some time "Peter" comes to the kitchen searching for his wife.
Peter : Brenda, Where are you? Hey? Where did she go while washing the utensils? Is there anything wrong? Oh! God protect her.
That's when, Peter reaches Mr. Bram's working room crying.
Peter : Bram Sir, My wife "Brenda." I didn't find her anywhere, Don't know what happened to her?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Where would she go? Must have gone to buy stuff, She will come, You wait.
Peter : No sir, I told you earlier that you go away from here. All these incidents have started after your arrival.
Hearing Peter's crying voice, Everyone of the house come out their rooms and go towards Mr. Bram's working room.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : What happen "Peter" uncle?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Nothing happened Maisie, His mind is spoiled. He is saying that since we came here, It has all started. I'm the writer and "Peter" uncle is telling us stories.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Let's go "Bram" from this house. Write your novel somewhere else, In another house.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Now what happen to you?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, While I was drying my hair yesterday, Someone was watching me secretly.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Sweetheart, That was me, who was looking at you secretly. I often look to you secretly, Because you look good at that time.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Now isn't the time to be romantic. Try to understand, You weren't Bram was someone else. You were sleeping at the time. There is definitely something in this house. Let's go, You all pack your stuff. Bram, I pack your stuff.
Right now "Mr. Bram Matheson" gets angry and gets up from his chair.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No one will go from here, Who has to go is "Peter" uncle. He has spoiled everyone's mind.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : But Bram,
Mr. Bram Matheson : Shut up your mouth, I said no, No one will go anywhere. Everyone go and sleep, We will talk in the morning, Now go.
"Mr. Bram Matheson" shouts and tells everyone to go to their room.
As soon as everybody goes out, "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" Thinks?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Don't know, I have seen "Bram" is so angry for the first time. There is something wrong.
Anne Matheson : You don't panic mom, I talk to Dad.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : No Anne, Wait a day or two. A few days later I will talk to him myself. You all be careful tonight, Close your door and sleep.

Act Two Scene Two

When it's morning, Inspector Brock again came to "Whaley Haunted House" to investigate of Peter's wife missing case. 
Inspector Brock : I came to ask about Peter's wife "Brenda" but it seems that after listening to all of you, There is a lot of danger here.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : I forgot to tell you one thing. "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" was telling, he has often seen someone here before we came.
Inspector Brock : Ok, I want to do a good search of this house. I think, Apart from all of you in this house does anyone else live?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : See, My husband is very disturbing at this time. He is very angry, Please don't bother him anymore.
Inspector Brock : All of you don't worry, do your work normally and I do my work.
Then Inspector Brock starts investigation  of that house. Inspector Brock scour that entire house, but he doesn't get an evidence. Then he remembers another room he didn't look properly, Where he had gone with "Mr. Bram Matheson" earlier. He walks towards that room. As soon as, He moved his hands to open the door, So that door opens itself. That's when Inspector Brock took out his pistol and started moving forward. After going some distance he smell bad. He chases that bad smell. That's when he find three corpses covered with largest black foil. He gets scared seeing the corpses, As soon as he takes out his cell phone. That's when, That ghost kills him with an axe from behind.

Act Two Scene Three

"Anne Matheson" is talking to her grandma in the garden and she is sitting on a wheelchair and smiling. That's when "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" came.
Anne Matheson : What happen mom?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Where did that Inspector go? Who came here to investigate?
Anne Matheson : Don't know mom, He must have finished his work and gone. I also haven't seen him.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson gets terrified and starts realizing that there is something wrong here.

Act Two, Scene Four

When It's 12 o'clock at night, Mr. Bram Matheson comes to his working room and watches his novel's copies on the typewriter.
Mr. Bram Matheson : How much was I write yesterday? What? Police officer dies, I didn't type this. But by the way, Who can type except me. But whatever, The angle is too good. Let's go ahead. The ghost then sets out to find his next victim. That's when the ghost thinks, That he had leave an old women. He decides, Quitting incomplete work isn't in his habit.
That's when the ghost of Mr. Bram's novel reaches his mother's room. She is sleeping, The ghost starts moving towards her. As soon as he starts strangling her, That's when Mr. Bram's mother too wake up and she starts shiver at seeing that ghost. She cried and tries to scream but she didn't get voice out of her mouth. The ghost strangled and killed her. When "Mr. Bram Matheson" stopped typing. That's when his wife "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" shouts heavily. Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" gets up from his chair and listening to the voice go to his mother's room and as he enters his mother's room, He sees that his mother is dead on the bed. "Mr. Bram Matheson" weeps after seeing this incident. The members of the house get very scared after this incident.

Act Two, Scene Five

When it's morning, As soon as "Mr. Bram Matheson" reaches home after burying his mother in the graveyard, Then he sees two Police Officers at his house, That's when, He starts talking to them.
Police Inspector : Mr. Bram, Your mother died due to heart attack, This has been proved by the medical report but It looks like seeing the dead body of your mother, I think any incident has affected her very badly because of which she died. So Mr. Bram, It's a very strange coincidence.
Mr. Bram Matheson : By the way sir, My mom and dad loved each other very much. They couldn't live without each other. My mom ever since my father's death, There has been a very bad effect on her, She became even more weak after being paralyzed, She also had heart attack two times and what could be the reason? You tell me sir. By the way, Many people had gone missing, Those detected? And where is Inspector Brock?
Police Inspector : Today he isn't on duty, Maybe he will be Looking for any clue.
That's when Assistant Director "Mrs. Sarah" comes to that house. When Mr. Bram Matheson looks at her, Then he goes to meet her.
Mrs. Sarah : I'm really sorry Bram, Very bad has happened, But are you alright?
Mr. Bram Matheson : I'm fine. Inspector please excuse me.
Police Inspector : Ok, we are going, We will contact you if something happens.
Mrs. Sarah : let it go, Who can stop what happened? Those who died cannot return. Tell me one thing, How much have you written your novel?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Let's show you.
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" takes "Mrs. Sarah" to his working room and he gives her horror novel copies for reading.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Sarah, While you read my written script, I bring coffee for you.
Mrs. Sarah : Ok, Bram.
When "Mr. Bram Matheson" comes to his room with coffee, As soon as he hands over Sarah's shoulder from behind. That's when she gets scared.
Mr. Bram Matheson : You got scared like this? As you have seen the ghost.
Mrs. Sarah : I haven't seen, I have read. What amazing you wrote? This is a hit horror novel, Best seller.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Thank you so much.
Mrs. Sarah : You see, how you become millionaire overnight? I call to the office now and tell you more.
That's when "Mrs. Sarah" called the Director.
Mrs. Sarah : Hello! Ya sir, Yes I have script in my hand, Bram has written very well. I can't tell you, This is going to be the best seller. Ok, Ya! Sir, I just now bring the photocopy. Hey! Bram, Your life became too good. You know what? A film can also be made on this horror novel and I have also talked about publishing different languages. You know what? Boss is really very happy. Ok, I'm taking a photocopy with me. Bram, Just a minute. Take this, an advance check of twenty lacs.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Thank you, I think this house is really lucky for me.
That's when, Mr. Bram's wife "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" comes that room.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, It's time for the guests to leave, Let's go.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Can't see, I'm very busy. Are you mad? And why should I do everything? Get out from here.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, What has happened to you?
Saying this, "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" leaves from there, After this "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes to leave "Mrs. Sarah" outside. Gradually "Mr. Bram Matheson" comes under control of that evil shadow and he is angry all the time.

Act Two, Scene Six

When the night comes, "Mr. Bram Matheson" starts typing of his horror novel, That's when "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" comes to Mr. Bram's working room.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, We should get out from here as soon as possible.
Mr. Bram Matheson : What are you talking Maisie? Mom died yesterday. We have to stay a few days.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, You don't think there is something wrong here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Oh! Maisie please, You don't start again. The place where my destiny is coming and my novel is going hit to the market. The place proved lucky for me, Why are you telling me to move away from that place?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, You forgot everything by coming here, You don't care about your family.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Maisie, Look at this, "Mrs. Sarah" has given me a check of twenty lacs. Who am I earning this money for? I'm earning only for us. Maisie, I only care about my family.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Ok! Bram, will you accept one thing. At this time, Let's go to meet "Peter" uncle. I want to hear this house's full story from him.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Ok, Let's go.
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" and his wife go to meet servant "Peter.

Act Two, Scene Seven

Peter : I already told you that you all leave from that house but you all didn't listen to me.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : "Peter" uncle, Please tell us all things about that house. What is in this house?
Peter : According to my thinking, The first owner of that house who built that house.There his soul wanders. He doesn't want anyone come to his house. So he drives any of them mad and kills the rest of the people.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Are you listening Bram, I already said to you, something is wrong in that house.
Peter : The last tenant of that house who came to live here with his family. He had heard some ghost stories in childhood. After coming here, He told everyone, The ghost of his childhood story sees him, talk to him, and asks him to kill everyone but nobody believed him. Then one night whatever happened? You all know.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Hahaa.., Wow! what's the story, You must be the writer. I'm useless in front of you, Wow! I agree with you.
Peter : Bram Sir, You leave that house right now, Otherwise it will be a huge disaster.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Please let's go from here, I don't want to stay here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Well don't stress now, We'll talk tomorrow, By the way, We listened to such a good story, Let's go.
Peter : Bram Sir, Why do you always sit near the window and write?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Why? Something is special.
Peter : The first owner of that house also used to look out of the same window just like you. All the same things happening again. History is repeating itself again Bram Sir.
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes away from there angrily.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram,
And he goes to write his novel in his working room and starts typing his novel on the typewriter.

Act Two, Scene Eight

Mr. Bram Matheson : Before me who was the owner of the house, He was locked in the "Madhouse" for so many years but one night, He runs away from the "Madhouse."
And really the previous mad owner runs away from the "Madhouse."
Mr. Bram Matheson : I made him run away, While he reaches his old house. By the time, someone should be killed but whom to kill? 
Just then, He starts writing the murder of a young girl in his novel.
Then the ghost of Mr. Bram's novel proceeds to kill his daughter. "Anne Matheson" falls asleep on the chair while reading the book.
Mr. Bram Matheson : The ghost moves slowly towards the girl.
That's when his wife "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" arrives.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Your coffee.
As soon as "Mr. Bram Matheson" stops typing, Just then that ghost also stops and gets angry.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Now please leave the typewriter and take coffee. Listen Bram, Now you have got your novel plot too. Now we go from here. You can write anywhere? Really this place is very strange.
Mr. Bram Matheson : You wanna go then go, Now I will be here forever.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : I came with you, I will go with you.
That's when, The typewriter starts typing novel on its own and that ghost starts raising an axe over "Anne Matheson."
Mr. Bram Matheson : How is this voice?
As soon as "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes to see his typewriter, The typewriter stops typing. Only then that ghost doesn't able to kill "Anne Matheson" with his axe.Then he growls angrily, Just then she wakes up after hearing his scary voice and she feels someone behind her and as soon as she looks back, she looks that ghost standing In front of her with an axe, then she shouts loudly and run from there
Anne Matheson : Oh my god! Dad, save me.
That's when, "Mr. Bram Matheson" and "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" rush towards her.
That's when "Albert Matheson" too arrived.
Albert Matheson : What happen?
Mr. Bram Matheson : What happen? Anne.
Anne Matheson : Dad, The ghost is over there.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Where? Let's show me.
Anne Matheson : Come with me, He was here, I saw him here, I swear dad, I'm telling the truth, I saw him with a giant axe, He wanted to kill me.
Only then "Mr. Bram Matheson" looks here and there inside that room but he doesn't see anything.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No one is here.
Anne Matheson : Dad, I am telling the truth.
Mr. Bram Matheson : You all of mind have gotten crazy or maybe you all are cheating with me to run away from this house, I'm right, Now is so enough.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : No Bram, Now is so enough, Please! Let's go from this house,
That's when, "Mr. Bram Matheson" says to all angrily.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I said, No one will go anywhere? If anyone said such things again, Then think?
Just by saying all this, "Mr. Bram Matheson" leaves from there.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Don't worry both of you, I'm with you from now on we will sleep together in my room, No one will be left alone, We will sleep with the door closed and then we will go from here.
Anne Matheson : Mom, I'm telling the truth, I've seen that ghost really here.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Yes Anne, I know. You both are right, You both can't say wrong. You both have seen him.
Albert Matheson : Anne, Don't worry, Being me, That ghost can't able to harm my family. 
Thereafter "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" takes those to her room.
"Mr. Bram Matheson" gets into a lot of depressed after listening to his family. That's when he sits on the chair and starts reading the script he has written. He is shocked as he reads his script.
Mr. Bram Matheson : And that ghost starts moving towards a beautiful girl. Hey! I didn't type this line, Then who did? What's happening?
I wrote that a neighbor dies, Then "Mr. Alvin Balcombe" missing?
Then I wrote that a servant's wife dies, Then, Peter uncle's wife missing?
Then I wrote the death of an Inspector in my novel, And then "Inspector Brock" missing?
Then I wrote that an old woman dies, And then my mom died?
The ghost of my story hides the corpses in the attic, And the ghost of here? Somewhere that too.
That's when "Mr. Bram Matheson" wakes up and goes towards the attic of that house. Suddenly he smells the dirty stench and he becomes more nervous.
Mr. Bram Matheson : How is this smell?
As he pursue that stench, he sees some covering corpses below. As soon as he removes that black foil to the corpses. Only then he sees the corpse of all the missing people, He starts shivering and moving backwards. As he retreats, He collides with that ghost. When he looks that ghost? He faints from panic. After some times when "Mr. Bram Matheson" awakens, He runs away towards his working room. As soon as he reaches the room, He collects some wood and burns the fire, Then he takes his novel's copies in hand and begins to look it carefully, And with pity, He starts thinking of burning it. He was about to put those copies into the fire, Then his phone started ringing.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Hello!
Mrs. Sarah : Congratulation Bram, Very good news, Not only Boss likes your horror novel but our international partner has also liked. He has offered you fifty lacs signing amount and when the story ends, fifty lacs more. And also a film deal. I'm just bringing check for you right now, We will also discuss the plot ahead. I have a lot of amazing ideas for climax. Hello, Bram are you listening?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Yes, I'm listening.
Mrs. Sarah : Ok! I just come, Bye!
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" starts thinking about his novel and he starts being very happy inside. That's when the ghost comes to his room and he stands near him. Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes to him.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I made you, I can't kill you. 
Speaking so much, "Mr. Bram Matheson" put the copies of his written novel on the table and went away towards the attic with the ghost. After a while, "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" arrives to her husband's working room. That's when her eyes fall on the burning fire, She takes the novel's copies from the table and walks away.

Act Two, Scene Nine

Mrs. Sarah : Oh! Bram, I have a solid idea for climax, Absolutely original.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Sarah, Before that I have something to show you? Come on.
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" takes "Mrs. Sarah" to the attic.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Sarah come on, Look it.
Mrs. Sarah : What is this? You have made? Our ghost's model, It looks so real.
Mr. Bram Matheson : You know what? But It's real.
Then the ghost opens his eyes and starts moving. "Mrs. Sarah" shivers at the sight of him.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Don't afraid, Sarah.
Mrs. Sarah : Are you mad?
Mr. Bram Matheson : I have made this and only I can control this. He does what I write? Think Sarah? What can we do with it? We don't need publicity, Seeing this, People will go crazy like this for our novel. Think Sarah, Think?
Mrs. Sarah : Yes but it's dangerous, I can't believe, A real ghost is in front of me.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I felt the same before. But the truth is in front of you and me.
Mrs. Sarah : But will he kill me or not?
Mr. Bram Matheson : No Sarah, But if I say "Yes" then?

Act Two, Scene Ten

After that "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" goes to her room and starts reading his husband's written novel from the beginning, After reading this, She gets scared.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : I can't believe it? Everything that "Bram" has written in his novel is really happening. God! What's going on?
Just then someone starts knocking the door out loud, "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" gets scared and she goes to open the outside door fearfully. When she opens the door? Then an unknown person comes inside the house screaming.
The Unknown Person : Go away, Just go away from this house. Otherwise everyone will be killed.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : But who are you?
The Unknown Person : I want to kill that ghost, Who ruined me? I'm the one who cut his family into pieces, But now I won't leave that ghost, I'll burn this haunted house.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : See, you also want to kill that ghost and we also. But that ghost has taken control of my husband's mind.
The Unknown Person : Oh! It too late, But still something can happen. You tell me the whole thing, I'll help you.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : But you go there, If my husband will see you? Then he will ask you to go. Let's go there, Come with me.

Act Two, Scene Eleven

Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Everything written in this novel is really happening, Slowly my husband is writing his family's death.
The Unknown Person : Something similar happened to me, Well there is still time, Now all of you can escape.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : But I can't leave my husband in this state. "Albert" and "Anne" you both go away from here.
Anne Matheson : No Mom, We all won't leave you, We all together will stop that ghost and save dad.
Albert Matheson : But how do we stop that ghost?
The Unknown Person : The novel that "Bram" has written, We have to burn all pages of that novel. The ghost tied to the pages of the written novel. Burn all the pages and we will set this house on fire by spraying petrol and burn this "Whaley Haunted House" to ashes. "Remove the cause, The effect will be automatically gone." Now "Mrs. Matheson" You go to the kitchen and bring petrol or diesel, I go to the garden to collect wood.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : "Anne" you come with me and "Albert" you help him.
Albert Matheson : Mom you take care of yourself and "Anne."
The Unknown Person : Let's go "Albert" we don't have time.
"Mrs. Maisie Matheson" quickly reaches the kitchen and picks up two cartons full of diesel and heads towards the garden.
That's when that unknown person lit a fire and tells "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" to throw novel's pages on fire. Then She throw all pages on the fire.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Doing this will destroy the ghost?
The Unknown Person : Yes and after this, Your husband must get out of that house.
Just then "Mr. Bram Matheson" gets out of the house and he looks at that burning fire. He fires when he sees that fire.
Mr. Bram Matheson : What are you doing? Maisie,
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" runs towards that fire, and sees the pages of his written novel are burning, He starts crying after seeing all this, Have you gone mad?
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, The story is over. Now please let's go from here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No, 
Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" angrily slaps "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" and shouted loudly.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I will complete this novel, I will write it again. I can rebuild the family but can't write such a novel again.
The Unknown Person : You are repeating my mistake, Come to your senses, Bram. Go get out of here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Who is this crazy? Who is this?
That's when "Mrs. Sarah" also came out of that house.
Mrs. Sarah : Bram, What happened?
Mr. Bram Matheson : Oh! "Mrs. Sarah" see, What my stupid family did? They burned what I wrote? I have to rewrite everything.
Mrs. Sarah : Oh! "Bram" don't panic, I have another copy of it.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : It means the ghost is still alive?
That's when the ghost comes out of the house with his axe. Everyone trembles on seeing that ghost.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : "Bram" give me the second copy. It have to be burn. If not done, he will kill us all. That's the way to stop him.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Shut up! Beware if someone touched my novel. Whoever hands it? He will be killed. Listen, This ghost won't disturb anyone, This ghost won't hurt anyone, I won't let him do anything, Trust me.
That's when, The unknown person started snatching the copy from "Mrs. Sarah." Only then "Mrs. Sarah" pushes him down. Then "Mr. Bram Matheson" asks the ghost to kill that unknown person.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Kill him,
Mrs. Sarah : Bram, No.
The Unknown Person : No, Oh! my god.
As soon as the ghost listens to "Mr. Bram Matheson." He proceeds to kill the unknown person. Then the unknown person gets up and tries to run away, But wherever he tries to escape? The ghost surrounds him. On the other hand, "Mr. Bram Matheson" takes that copy from "Mrs. Sarah" and starts going towards house, Then his wife "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" surrounds him and starts snatching the copy from him.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Now enough. I can't put my family in danger for your sake. Give me the copy, Please give me.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No Maisie, Please understand.
Anne Matheson : Dad, Please try to understand.
Albert Matheson : Yes! dad give the copy to mom.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Leave it, You all try to understand.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Give me the copy Bram, I can't sacrifice my family.
As "Mrs. Sarah" snatches the copy, "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" pushes her and she falls down.
The unknown person falls over "Mrs. Sarah" to escape the ghost, The ghost rises his axe to kill him, As he wields the axe, That's when the unknown person turns away, The axe directly hits Sarah's neck and his head severed from his body. As soon they hear the sound of the axe, When they look there. Then they see, The ghost cut "Mrs. Sarah" into two pieces with his axe. Just then the unknown person comes rushing and take the copy from Bram's hands and goes to the burning fire.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Oh! No, Stop..! Don't put my toil in fire, My soul will be ruined.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Stop Bram, Please!
The unknown person said to ghost
The Unknown Person : The revenge will be equal, You kill me and I will kill you.
Only then the ghost threw his axe towards him angrily, And that axe is directly hit on his chest. He fell to the ground and the copy from his hand also fell into the burning fire. As soon as that copy of the novel starts burning, That's how the ghost also started burning at there. As the copy burns, the ghost burns and agonized in the same way, This kind the ghost burns to ashes.
After that "Mr. Bram Matheson" shouts loudly and starts crying.
Mr. Bram Matheson : No..! What did you all do? Screwed all my hard work.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Still nothing is lost, Let's go from here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I'll write a horror novel again, I'll create a new ghost.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Who will buy your novel?
Mr. Bram Matheson : No..! A new story begins at the end of every story. I'll write a new story, I'll write a new story now.
Saying this, "Mr. Bram Matheson" goes back to that house and he go back to his working room and start typing on the typewriter again. He re-creates the ghost by writing the novel again.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Stop..!
Albert Matheson : Dad, are you gone mad? Please get out from here.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram, Please let's go from here, leave all this.
Anne Matheson : Dad, Please get out from here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Back away, I said just back away.
Albert Matheson : Dad, Don't be crazy, Let's go from here.
Mr. Bram Matheson : I will kill you all. 
Just then that living ghost again arrives in the room to dragged his axe at ground, Then everyone is surprised to see that ghost.
Mr. Bram Matheson : Kill my family, kill them. Kill my wife first, Kill her.
On hearing all this, "Mrs. Maisie Matheson" becomes instantly sad and starts thinking of the moments spent with her husband.
"Mr. Bram Matheson" again sits on his chair, and starts typing on the typewriter and the ghost starts moving with his axe towards them.
Anne Matheson : Let's go mom, We have to set this house on the fire. 
Albert Matheson : Let's go mom, We haven't time.
They all run out of the working room and stand in the garden.
Albert Matheson : Anne, Take mom, I set this house on fire.
Mrs. Maisie Matheson : Bram,
Albert Matheson : Sorry dad.
"Albert Matheson" lit the matchstick and threw it towards the house, Diesel caused the fire to spread throughout the house. After some times, The whole house started burning.
Mr. Bram Matheson : What's happening? Fire? Stop this fire, I said stop this fire.
Then both "Mr. Bram Matheson" and his created ghost start burning in the fire. And on seeing the whole house burns to ashes. All are gets very sad to see him dying in front of their eyes, and starts crying. After seeing all this, They go away from there.

The End