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Jitesh Donga is Gujarati author, blogger and novelist, famous for his highly acclaimed novel “Vishwamanav”. Born in a small village named Sarambhada in Amreli district of Gujarat, Jitesh spent most of his childhood-life in his village helping his farmer parents. He published his debut novel VIshwamanav at the age of 24. The novel is told to be one of the most famous and influential work in Gujarati literature. After completing his primary schooling in his village and secondary schooling in Rajkot, Jitesh started writing his novel when he was in 7th semester of B.Tech (Electrical engineering) at Charotar University of science technology, Anand, Gujarat. He completed the novel after two years. After completion of his graduation, Jitesh choose to quit his job as an Engineer and to explore other jobs. For next two years he did 14 various jobs including being Night-watchman at ATM, working night shifts at call centers, Waiter at CCD, Service engineer, Insurance surveyor, and Book fair manager. During these two years he worked on his debut book Vishwamanav in his free time. When jitesh approached various Gujarati literature publishers for publication of Vishwamanav, the book was rejected by almost 14 various publishers. Later jitesh states Almost all the publisher denied me because book was dark and vulgar. They were afraid to publish it! And I loved that! After facing so many rejections, out of spite of Gujarati publishing industry Jitesh put the book online on free of cost. He also put the PDF of this book on his blog and shared it in Facebook and Twitter. He also requested the readers to share their reviews on Social media. Within a month of its launch, the book received extremely good response with hundreds of reviews. Later, with the requests from so many readers Vishwamanav was accepted for paperback publishing. The book launch was held during GLF- Gujarat literature festival at Cept University, Ahmedabad. Book was launched by well known Gujarati columnist Jay Vasavada and Dipak Soliya. However, Vishwamanav as an e-book was also published on various online Ebook publishing platforms and applications like Dailyhunt books, Matrubharti Ebooks and Pratilipi.com. Later, Jitesh wrote various Gujarati articles on youth and contemporary issues which were published on various online self-publishing platforms like Pratilipi.com, Dailyhunt, and newshunt application, and Gujarati magazine like Abhiyaan. In 2016, WBG Publication published Jitesh s second book Antarvalonu. Antarvalonu is a compilation of short stories available on Internet translated in Gujarati. Currently Jitesh is working on his third book. Jitesh is also working on a script of a Gujarati film.

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