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Introduction to ayurveda
by Yashvant Kothari
  • 72

INTRODUCTION TO AYURVEDA   INTRODUCTION      Ayurveda or the “Veda of Life” stands for Indian System of Medicine Etymologically, the ‘Ayus’ means span of life and ‘Veda’ means unimpeccable ...

Great Grandpa's Armchair
  • 411

"Mom, the guy who buys old furniture is coming at twelve. Have you emptied all that needs to be discarded?""Yes Sahil, everything is ready. We've ordered a new sofa ...

The monk And his Asthan
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 276

the monk And his Asthan " Hail to the Paratpar Brahma God called Akhil Brahmand! Hail to Adi Acharya Maharaj of the community! Hail of Acharya Maharaj! Hail to ...

Famous Mridang Badak - Kudau Singh
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 225

Famous Mridang Badak - Kudau Singh  Author: Rajnarayan Bohre     Mridang has a different importance in classical music. When there is a discussion of mridang in Indian music, ...

by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 255

Karsadev   Rajnarayan Bohre   Say this Varadani, this Rajbola name Eladi curry tapasya, Bhola re ……… Brought a boon from Bhola, Nirbhaiya re .......    Gadrajon was a ...

The journey begins
by Shristi
  • 711

Thunderstorm and lighting delayed their departure.It was 4p.m. and still they had not left waiting for the weather to be a little calm.Although it was a mere five hour ...

One day in the Gairing - By Joydeep Debbarma
by Joydip
  • 804

One day in the Gairing is one collection among other short stories. when I was working for State Rural Livelihood Mission I have an opportunity to visits hilly places. ...

एक नादानी
by Yk Pandya
  • 1k

 6 बजे का अलार्म बजते ही रुचि उठ गयी और द्रोईंगरूम में आकर खिड़की के पर्दे हटाकर खिड़की खोल दी, ठंडी हवा का जोंका पूरे रूममें फेल गया, रुचि का मन करा की वही और थोड़ी देर खड़ी रहे और सुबह का मज़ा ले पर कहाँ?? वो सोचने लगी, अभी मयूर उठे उसेपहेले सुबह का नास

सिया के राम
by Yk Pandya
  • 588

   सिया ओ सिया उठ जा बेटा स्कूल के लिए देरी हो जाएगी, ऐसे ही शांति बहन आवाज़ दे दे कर हर रोज़ सिया को उठाते, सिया भी उठने ...

by Yk Pandya
  • 607

रोज़ सुबह ५ बजते ही वशु बा उठ जाती और अपने नित्या कर्म निपटाती , बड़ी सादी, सरल, वशु बा, सफ़ेद साड़ी, माथे पर चंदन का तिलक, गले में ...

Short story
by Yk Pandya
  • 727

सुमी आज यूँही घर सफ़ाई में लग गयी थी, अलमारी, ऊपर रखे समान को वो ठीक कर अच्छे से रख रही थी तभी उसकी नज़र समीर की एक पुरानी ...

कोशिश - एक माँ की आस
by Dil ki Kalam se
  • 3.4k

"इन्सपेक्टर साहब, मेरे बेटे का कुछ पता चला क्या?"हर रोज की तरह ममता पुलिस स्टेशन में वही सवाल करने गई थी. "नहीं माताजी, जब भी पता चलेगा आपको बता दिया ...

MY PARENTS and LOVE_silver
by Dhara M. Doshi
  • 1.6k

       Once a little fish asked its mother, "why do we live in water and why do humans live on land?"       The mother replied, "we ...

Prabodh Kumar Govil ki Laghukathayen
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
  • 1.7k

The Wrinkles      After supper she removed the "Ramayana" and the rosary from her bed and shook the wrinkles off the bed-sheet. Then she called out to Vicky..."Come ...

An unspoken truth
by Sapana Kharod
  • 994

         I was being so disturbed coming home back from my work thinking about how unfair it is that I had worked so hard and yet ...

MEERA (The Fearless girl)
by Venu G Nair
  • 1.4k

MEERA (The Fearless girl)       Meera was on the way to her office, walking very fast as it is already late.  Her  Manager is very strict. 10 ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 1.6k

First of all we have to understand what is the meaning of the term Mens Rea and how does it play important role in criminal Jurisprudence? The word Mens ...

by Author Mahebub Sonaliya
  • (120)
  • 3k

Some time we become baised for someone. It can be also possible that the behavior of the person depands upon the condition and time. Please Read my story and ...

The Beautiful Heart
by Joydeep Debbarma
  • (11)
  • 2k

A short story, it is based on the true story of a girl, who deceive her mother because of her vanity.

Jungle Tales of Tarzan
  • 1.3k

Jungle Tales Of Tarzan TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Tarzan s First Love 2 The Capture of Tarzan 3 The Fight for ...

  • 1.2k

THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Man Who Died 2. The Milkman Sets Out on his Travels 3. The ...

Tarzan the Untamed
  • 1.3k

Tarzan The Untamed TABLE OF CONTENTS I Murder and Pillage II The Lion s Cave III In the German Lines IV When the Lion Fed V The Golden Locket VI ...

  • 1.1k

MR STANDFAST TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I 1. The Wicket-Gate 2. The Village Named Morality 3. The Reflections of a Cured Dyspeptic 4. Andrew Amos 5. Various Doings ...

Tarzan of the Apes
  • 1.2k

Tarzan of the Apes TABLE OF CONTENTS I Out to Sea II The Savage Home III Life and Death IV The Apes V The White Ape VI Jungle Battles VII ...

Aesop's Fables
by Aesop
  • 1.1k

Aesop's Fables

Tales from Shakespeare
by William Shakespeare
  • (32)
  • 7.7k

Tales from Shakespeare