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by Ashish
  • 156

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing the first signs of letting up amidst news that a vaccine by the first quarter of 2021 may be a real possibility, companies have ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 234

Hello Readers! today I  again came with a new  topic for the motivation and inspirational for your success.Before we  start talking you should follow me of me on instagram. Instagram: @_from.bottom.of.heart_Let ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 648

Hello readers!In the last book you all have  learn about the next chance in the form of a new day!Today I want to tell you one information before starting our ...

Life in Days
  • 342

"How much time do we have?"Aditya asked the doctor in a whisper. His insides were shivering and his frightened heart was in his mouth. There was absolutely no hope ...

Ask your self
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 495

In one village, one Saint set on the outside of village under one beautiful tree. One cart came with his family and asked this saint I am coming from ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 369

A day  a of life !Have you ever thought about that morning which gives something to you?Have you ever thought about it? Every morning bring many things to learn.It ...

Attitude is important.
by Hiten Kotecha
  • (17)
  • 522

Life is  ever changing story. Every day you have to face new problem and new things. But if you think in deep, the most important  thing in life is ...

Reason of failures.
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 381

Every man facing failure. Failure is invetible. Nobody wants to be failed  but the fact is that failure  comes and we have to face it. We should search a ...

If there is life... Written by Ashishkumar Tailor
by Ashishkumar Tailor
  • 1k

If there is life, it's within you, If you are searching, searching outside? Searching in this world ?, I feel you must search it within you.Love this life as this ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 483

Hello Readers.So Today we are  going to discuss on the topic of success!Many of you have listen the same sentence again  by many peoples. that "we have to achieve the ...

Proud to be women....
by Asmita Madhesiya
  • 645

Talking about a women allurement , comeliness, good looks (There  are lots of synonyms which I could say) is very easy .Apart from all these there are lots of ...

Take action.
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 285

Everyone dreams. However, not everyone  achives. The most important  thing  is  to take action  to achive dreams.We are very very sleepy person. All the time we thinks I will ...

Your brain is garden
by Hiten Kotecha
  • (12)
  • 480

The most important part is brain of human being. We are very sleepy person. We never thinks too much about our real life problem. We all run after money, ...

Bill from a Son
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 432

There was a beautiful village named Rampur located on the banks of the river Narmada. The people of Rampur were honest and simple. They believed in internal happiness and ...

Corona Nurtured Elderly Couple Digitally
by Hemakshi Thakkar
  • (21)
  • 1.4k

Corona Nurtured Elderly CoupleDigitally                   This is the story about an elderly couple  living in a city of Mumbai.They  always wake up ...

by Hiten Kotecha
  • (14)
  • 561

See every man must have goal.As we know before some years when survey was done, at that time only 3 to 4 % had goal. Now it not must ...

Interview and Food habits
by Subbu
  • 213

On the day of the interview your food habit is a key factor which influence your success. A very heavy food may sometimes play the trick on you. Taking ...

Believe, Once You Believe, Everything Is Possible
by Ashishkumar Tailor
  • 867

Calculation of belief is so simple, either you can have belief in it or you can't. When you believe on something, you do it, you may fail, be better ...

Be happy in small things
by Hiten Kotecha
  • (19)
  • 639

We all surch happiness. All human does all the things to find happiness only. Happiness is the ultimate goal of life.We always thinks we will be happy if somthing ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 444

Hello Readers,Once again we are going to discuss on the topic of the success.I hope you all got inspired by my last four books .But Today, we are going ...

English for the Job Interview
by Subbu
  • 471

Are you ready for that important job interview? Your English is perfect and you are all set to make a good impression on your employer. It is important to ...

Come out from comfort zone.
by Hiten Kotecha
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  • 879

Life is ever changing things. Everything is changing. You were  child,  now you become young. Who were young,now become old. So the principal of nature is changing. But we ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 735

hello Readers, Hope you all got inspired by my poem or motivational speech and today I am going to continue my inspiration speech!So today,Out topic is all about what will ...

self confidence
by Hiten Kotecha
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  • 873

Confidence word itself is very nice. You have need of confidence in every step. I have seen  many start the work but cause of lack of confidence they leave ...

Never say Never again for Interviews
by Subbu
  • 555

In any interview your main objective is to convince the employer why you are the right person for the job. You have to prove that you are having the ...

by Jiya Vora
  • 831

Success!A  single word when we listen what first falls it in our mind.That it is something  when we achieve our all the dreams and have some peaceful life!And we ...

I love my profession.
by Hiten Kotecha
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  • 1.1k

The great sentence is " if you love what you are doing, you are successful "All men are working but I have seen so many does not like his ...

Common Mistakes Committed in a Job Interview
by Subbu
  • 351

No job interview is flawless. One of the good techniques for preparing for your job interview is learning from others’ mistakes and knowing how to avoid these common mistakes.You’ve ...

by Jiya Vora
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  • 1.3k

Writer : JIYA VORATOPIC : FREEDOMLANGUAGE: ENGLISH.Freedom !This mind has bears pain and heard grones ,But these heart of mine still believes in Glory of freedom  utmost!'Freedom' -This word ...

Never think of past.
by Hiten Kotecha
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  • 1.4k

Every man has past. And past is gone, yet we people never forget our past. And it is impossible to free from the  past. But if you forget the ...