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Half a Cup of Tea
  • 351

"Mom, for how many years will you have only half a cup of tea?"I smiled at Vaibhavi while setting the small mug on her out stretched tray. Patting her ...

Sometimes words won't express our feelings
by Its me
  • 318

Having a deadly combination of soft rain, the fragrance of soil and the beginning of an academic year. A new year, a new 11th std batch in Summit Junior ...

A New Climax
  • 360

"With a very heavy heart Mehraj lowered the casket in the ground and buried his beloved wife Minaz. As he wiped his tears and was leaving the graveyard, only ...

  • 306

A portly body, white-bearded man, often with spectacles, wearing a red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, white-fur-cuffed red trousers, red hat with white fur, and black leather ...

Dhara and her dreams
by Misha
  • 399

Dhara and her dreams       When I saw her, I didn’t understand anything. I was nonplussed that what is she doing here?  I mean at this Red-light ...

Christmas Tree
  • 372

"Alright children calm down! I know you all are excited to decorate the Christmas tree, but if you rush out of your line, then you don't get a chance. ...

The catalogues of life
by Pratham Shah
  • 219

Gentle breeze, Cool weather, Cloudy atmosphere and on the roads of the old Town I was moving with "Ferrah" (Our Female Dog).I was in my favourite shorts enjoying the ...

Unbreakable Friendship
  • 312

"If only I could find such a wonderful friend in reality, then life would be amazing."Samriddh took a deep sigh as he closed me and put me in his ...

Social distance
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 297

Social distance        The word social distance has been heard, experienced, discussed and known all over the world since March 30, 2020. But social distance has deepened ...

by Dr. Brijesh Mungra
  • 681

A PERFECT MISS.- MATCH                                  In today’s scenario it is quite impossible to make a thing personal. as,same happen in my case. I stand with cup of coffee ...

Help Of Maa
by Godson Danny
  • 849

            The horn sound is dashing in his head, it is a maruti suzuki white in color and its head lights are blinking for ...

Dhumketu: A Funny Story of An Disobedient Disciple
by Abhijit Chakraborty
  • 531

We all know that the teacher teaches the students. In ancient history, the teacher was known as the guru and the student as the disciple. Dronacharya, Kripacharya, Shukracharya were ...

Once Upon a time in Mumbai - An Evening In Mumbai.
by Zahid..
  • 498

  Evenings has its own specaility particularly when it's Evening in Mumbai just like  Sun Itself  coming down to witness the undisturbed sounds (actually undisturbed  )made by punctual Mumbai trains ...

Ghosten Resort - 6
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 624

Ghosten Resort - 6 Hello, my friends welcome to the world of Adventure, Thriller and Scarry. I am presenting a very honted story part - 6  Ghosten Resort. One of the ...

Ghosten Resort - 5
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 621

Ghosten Resort - 5In the well......When he see a small gate he think that "I opened This gate I think this is the way to going to tantric. He ...

Out of this World
by Damayanti Chandrasekhar
  • 1.9k

Dead on arrival. That's how she spoke of her birth. She didn't belong here. She knew that when she took the first gulp of air and her lungs collapsed ...

Lost 3 am partner
by Garima Jain
  • 417

                       ???? 3 ?.? ???????..!!                   “?????????? ?? ???????? ?? ? ?????, ???e ...

  • 570

Once upon a time, There lived a young boy named Michael in a big city. The city was filled with beautiful gardens, mansions and buildings. Michael was born in ...

Ghosten Resort - 4
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 618

Hello, my friends how are I hope you all are fine at home, so today we Preasent a Thrill, Adventure and scarry story. So lets start the 4 th ...

The Collision ( ALL PART OF THE STORY)
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 498

The Collisionby Author XOnce in the dim dead Days beyond Recall, there lived a blue-eyed Gazook named Steve. We refer to the Period preceding the Uplift, when the Candidate wearing the largest ...

The Christmas Present
  • 1k

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Adam in a small village. He and his family were living a moderate life. His father would go for ...

it's a trap - 6
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 519

He dropped Sikha few buildings away from police station. Police station was 15 minutes walk from this place. Ha again explained his plan to Sikha, gave her each and ...

Ghosten Resort - 3
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 717

Hello.., and welcome to the world of fear. I am AUTHOR X and now I am presenting a scarey, thireal and Adventure Story for you, THE GHOSTEN RESORT, PART  3  -- ...

Being Alone or Happily Ever After
by Mugdha
  • 717

My hands were shaking a bit before pressing that submit button. I was still not sure if it was a good idea to have my profile created on this ...

Bundle of Joy - 2 - Last Part
by Mugdha
  • 801

Sandhya reached her house. It was a good change for her. She spent time with her parents and her sisters also came to meet her. She happily spent time ...

The Best Camping
  • 2.3k

THE BEST CAMPING   It all started on a cold winter evening, exactly like this, oh sorry I will introduce myself, my name is Alan and I have many ...

Ghosten Resort - 2
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 903

The gosten resaortThis is part 2 of novel---Befor going in America, losland------In the school, of india there was ending of final examination of 11 and 12 classes and in ...

Bundle of Joy - 1
by Mugdha
  • 1.1k

Roshan came running inside his house. His face was red and tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. His mother Sandhya came running towards him and held him. But ...

  • 453

Film starts with the first shot of an old Muslim locality. Afternoon time, Poor streets with garbage strewn, old houses with cheap paint eroding and old bricks standing out ...

it's a trap - 5
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 558

"Do you know about the other two girls?” He said, trying to read Sikha's expression, “they were sent before you.” He continued as Sikha gave blank expressions.“Yes!” Sikha nodded, ...