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by B. Nandika

Once there was an old man who lived in the remote village called Wali  in. On a hot afternoon in peak summer time where the sun was like a ...

A Bus Journey.
by Manisha Joshi
  • 121

Story of a‘Bus Journey’:This incident happened during my college days. In May 1972.I was travelling on an overnight bus going on a long and inevitable journey. It was an ...

Unknown Guest
by Rohit Sharma
  • 104

Unknown Guest   It was in the month of April, summer had just started. The Assistant Engineer, Madhukar was going to see the alignment of the new proposed road ...

by Sri Ridhi
  • 921

A girl of age ten  named as Ishitha was staying with her parents ."Ishitha come to your bed it's already 10 said."coming mummy only 1 assignment yet to ...

लौट आना तुम
by seema singh
  • (12)
  • 600

लौट आना तुम  ..............,,,, हर बार लौटने के अपने सुख होते हैं और अपने दुख भी , उसने लौटते हुये पीछे छूटे अपने घर को देखा और देर तक ...

Don't Pluck The Flower
by Gautam Navapara
  • 267

Shhhh don't pluck the flower, they are watching us. Father gently pushed away his son’s hand from flower and told. Who is watching us father? His four-year-old child asked ...

by Gowri
  • 311

In and around Colonel Karma chandran's house during late nights many youngster boys are seen  on the road as if to ensure the security because Karma Chandran do not ...

Stop Suicide
by Arjuna Bunty
  • 340

Stop Suicide! How beautiful this blue planet is, nature, these forests, these creatures, nature, and human beings. Nature has given us every beauty, how beautiful the Lord has made ...

by Niraj Bishwas
  • 275

Then Ranjan said ,I didn't say anything to that girl which you had received that letter.Suman said to me ,he wants to meet you means Bhabhi ji.I didn't say ...

Let Her Fly - Part 4
by Gautam Navapara
  • 481

She overstayed in the hostel for a month once college was over and she had no job. She continued her part-time morning job of teaching but that wasn’t enough. ...

धरती का दर्द
by anita verma
  • 265

धरती का दर्द आवारा बादल ख़ुशी से गुनगुनाता हुआ नीचे जा रही नदी को देख कर दीवाना हो रहा था। साफ़ हवाएँ उनके इश्क़ को देखकर तेज़ी  से बहने लगी। ...

My fault - Journey With Covid and Guilt...
by Shiva
  • 437

#fiction#descriptionTo the diary---------------------------------Im Harun singhStudying in 8th stdJune 2020It was 21st March 2020 6pm I was back from the ground to home. Soon after I came my mom sanitized ...

by Khandaker Farhad Sakib
  • 512

Everybody knows that the president and founder of the company is a man of strict principles. It’s true no one can recall if he has ever been rude or ...

Chai, Music and the Moment
by Maitri T
  • 265

My Saturday was filled with video calls. Talking with families, relatives, friends, and some more friends. Usually, that’s how my weekends are, and I certainly love it. At the ...

Johnny V 1.0
by Subbu
  • 326

“DAD how dare you look in my diary?”  Johnny screamed at his father in fury.  David was red with anger at his little boy for what he read in ...

SCHOOL DAYS - chapter - 2
by Lokesh Kumar Yadav
  • 2.7k

CHAPTER 2: RIFT IN FRIENDSHIP It was the winters, when  one day  just after the recess break our chemistry teacher along our chemistry teacher came in our class and asked ...

by Niraj Bishwas
  • 643

Today Ranjan and Naina were happy.At night Suman asked ,why he was smiling too much?then Ranjan said to Suman that Naina had accepted her proposal.Suman said ,Kon SA proposal ...

ઇમેઇલ (ભાગ 1)
by Tapan Kanabar
  • 186

ઘણા લોકો ને પ્રેમ થયો હશે જે પ્રેમ કંઈક અલગ જ રીતેથયો હશે. મને પણ એક વાર પ્રેમ થયો હતો,જો કે ખરેખર જોઈએ તો એ પ્રેમ હતો જ નહિ, એ તો ...

by Devanshi Kanani
  • 402

Lull befor strom!!!Actually its lull after strom! Yes there is a heavy rain today. Lighting. Thundering. Blustery. Some trees falls down some people lost there houses.. power supply was ...

Let Her Fly - Part 3
by Gautam Navapara
  • 678

She didn’t talk with her parents. They didn’t know where she was, what she was doing, if she was alive or not.   I was back to Ahmedabad from ...

वो ऐसे कैसे - लॉकडाउन मूड
by anita verma
  • 391

सुबह उठकर रोज़ की तरह शर्मा जी बड़ी मुश्किल तक दरवाज़े की तरफ़ अख़बार उठाने के लिए जा ही रहे थे कि तभी घंटी बजी। सोचने लगे कौन हो ...

by Chandresh N
  • 390

It was early morning of the winter when people got to hear about the incident and came to the hills of the border of the village which connects to ...

by Anaisha
  • 241

Soft giggles and chuckles reached Malti's ears and she immediately looked at her six year old daughter Ashi, who was giggling loudly while watching some cartoon on TV.  An ...

A flashback for memory losers
by Gowri
  • 435

Some ladies think that after having "that" with someone they may cleanse their body and attain sanctification. Jawaharlal Nehru University students also believe in such things.Many yogis of the ...

एक प्रेम कहानी 2
by Navdeep
  • 258

जब नव और परम के बीच प्यार वाला रिश्ता बनाजता है तब कुश टीम बाद ही परम को कुश गलत फेमी हो जाती है। तब वह नव  साथ लड़ने ...

by Niraj Bishwas
  • 2.3k

Ranjan was not a good looking guy but he was very intelligent and so he has  a lot of respect in school.Every student of school knew him .He sung song ...

Online Tutoring
by Shaheedha
  • 147

It was morning 4am, Zoya took her phone to check the inbox, scrolling to and fro it hasn't got any new messages received, slightly disappointed kept the gadget beside ...

SCHOOL DAYS chapter -1
by Lokesh Kumar Yadav
  • 3.6k

SCHOOL DAYS CHAPTER 1:NEW SESSIONFrom last week Rupesh was not interacting with his friends in class, and had excluded himself from his friend circle. No one in his group was ...

Let Her Fly - Part 2
by Gautam Navapara
  • 1.4k

One coffee please, I ordered. After work when I wasn’t feeling okay, I went to the nearest Tea Post. That was the first time, I wanted her so badly ...

Obstacles to Dreams
by sachin patel
  • 364

People climbs a hill, but cannot reach the top. Because They does not have any dreams...Some negative people even turn back the dreamer.I remember the case I saw in ...