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The Collision ( ALL PART OF THE STORY)
by Vaibhav Surolia

The Collisionby Author XOnce in the dim dead Days beyond Recall, there lived a blue-eyed Gazook named Steve. We refer to the Period preceding the Uplift, when the Candidate wearing the largest ...

The Christmas Present
  • 270

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Adam in a small village. He and his family were living a moderate life. His father would go for ...

it's a trap - 6
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 192

He dropped Sikha few buildings away from police station. Police station was 15 minutes walk from this place. Ha again explained his plan to Sikha, gave her each and ...

Ghosten Resort - 3
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 249

Hello.., and welcome to the world of fear. I am AUTHOR X and now I am presenting a scarey, thireal and Adventure Story for you, THE GHOSTEN RESORT, PART  3  -- ...

Being Alone or Happily Ever After
by Mugdha
  • 339

My hands were shaking a bit before pressing that submit button. I was still not sure if it was a good idea to have my profile created on this ...

Bundle of Joy - 2 - Last Part
by Mugdha
  • 348

Sandhya reached her house. It was a good change for her. She spent time with her parents and her sisters also came to meet her. She happily spent time ...

The Best Camping
  • 1.4k

THE BEST CAMPING   It all started on a cold winter evening, exactly like this, oh sorry I will introduce myself, my name is Alan and I have many ...

Ghosten Resort - 2
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 414

The gosten resaortThis is part 2 of novel---Befor going in America, losland------In the school, of india there was ending of final examination of 11 and 12 classes and in ...

Bundle of Joy - 1
by Mugdha
  • 693

Roshan came running inside his house. His face was red and tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. His mother Sandhya came running towards him and held him. But ...

  • 240

Film starts with the first shot of an old Muslim locality. Afternoon time, Poor streets with garbage strewn, old houses with cheap paint eroding and old bricks standing out ...

it's a trap - 5
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 360

"Do you know about the other two girls?” He said, trying to read Sikha's expression, “they were sent before you.” He continued as Sikha gave blank expressions.“Yes!” Sikha nodded, ...

Ghosten Resort -1
by Vaibhav Surolia
  • 1.1k

This Novel is presentd on the resort, A honted resort that kill hundreds of famely member. This resort are present in the America, losland, A place where nothing was ...

A Platonical Old Lady
by Bhanu
  • (15)
  • 507

Once a very wise old lady named Yasodhamma lived in a  jarjula village located in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam district. She was an old lady around the age of 72 ...

by Manu Peter
  • 1.4k

The Triumph of Love Written by Manu Peter     Welcome to 'The Triumph of Love'...It's an entanglement of the hopes, dreams and expectations of three individuals... It's the ...

The short suspense stories - 2 - The Murderer part 1
by Rakesh patel
  • 303

"I will tell the truth, only truth & nothing but the truth."The last witness removed his hand from holy book, & quickly reseated himself. Looking around at the old ...

Trapped in fantasy - 2
by Gul Hussain
  • 162

Trapped in fantasy - 2Soon after Aleema gets the note she decides to wait for a few days to see if something else happens. Several days pass by and ...

The short suspense stories - 1 - The Psychopath
by Rakesh patel
  • 786

It was a rainy day in hyderabad's rural outer skirt area. Heavy rain was pouring down since last 2 days. It was indeed very difficult to drive in these ...

it's a trap - 4
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 399

Sikha locked her house's door and walked towards street’s end. Her friend should be there in 15 minutes. She was bothered of Aayush's condition. She was not at all related ...

Trapped In Fantasy - 1
by Gul Hussain
  • 483

Trapped In Fantasy A normal day, but something tragic happens…characters: 1) Anam  2) Khan  3) Aleema   "Khan! Are you done with playing your FIFA!?" Asks Aleema, "Ok ok! ...

it's a trap - 3
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 522

Bottle was broken into few big pieces and hundred of small pieces spread in her room.She carefully started to pick pieces. She didn’t want to hurt herself.Thank god it ...

The Blessed Child
by Bhumi Prajapati
  • (11)
  • 1.3k

*The Conception *It was early in 1989 that she found out that she was pregnant, for the 4th time, already having 2 female children and a male child. There ...

North East West South talkies
by Gowri
  • 228

After my post graduation, a Nair boy from Palakkad came to see me who was said to be working in Dubai as an engineer on contract.His parents looked very ...

Self Reliant Faithful Soul
by Hemakshi Thakkar
  • (31)
  • 2.3k

 Self Reliant Faithful Soul                       This is a story of a teacher who  teaches in a school and lives in a town ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 16 - Marriage.
by Heena Solanki
  • (15)
  • 912

Today when I am sitting near the window everything seems different. It's been 5 years of Our marriage. We love, We fight, we care, we argue. Every day felt ...

કાચિંડા ના બદલાતા રંગ
by Ashwin Rawal
  • (11)
  • 531

  કાચિંડા ના બદલાતા રંગ ( આ વાર્તા ઉત્તર ગુજરાતના એક ગામડાનું  સત્ય દર્શન  છે. લેખકના પોતાના બાળપણના સંસ્મરણો છે. કાચિંડાની જેમ રંગ બદલતા લોક માનસનું  આ પ્રતિબિંબ છે. પાત્રોના ...

by Sarangirethick
  • 297

Nagalakshmi  She was an enchanting beauty, the princess of Naga world. She is also the daughter of Prajapati. Amidst the foliage of that dense forest, the beauty of the ...

सहजीवनातील वास्तव
by Manjusha Deshpande
  • 468

         “ भाईकाका, मला तुझ्याशी काहीतरी महत्वाचे बोलायचे आहे. कधी भेटशील सांग.” इराच्या आवाजाच्या पातळीवरून मामला काहीतरी गंभीर दिसतोय याचा अंदाज भाईकाकांना आला. तरीही आपल्या नेहमीच्या मिश्किल ...

it's a trap - 2
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 672

Simran was tied on the chair, with punctured nose. In her unconscious state, her lips were saying mercy.  She knew her end was near, her eyes were wet, there ...

by किशनलाल शर्मा
  • 309

Identity--------------"Name?""Mother""Gender?""Woman""Which Woman?""Means?"hearing clerk's word she said,"what do you mean"?"Hindus,Muslims,backward,Dailt,from which religion,cast or category you belong"?Clerk again asked her."Woman has no religion,ca

Our Imperfect Marriage - 15 - Intimating moment 
by Heena Solanki
  • (14)
  • 969

He said you are looking beautiful. I thanked him, we ate our dinner talking romantically, we danced. When I was going into the bedroom He picked me up in ...