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by Dr Mrs Lalit Kishori Sharma
  • 198

Parenting. We have moved far away from traditional methods of parenting. It is no more the olden way where the kid used to be around her mom only. Its main ...

by किशनलाल शर्मा
  • 315

"pardon me.I am sincerely apologize to you.I didn't think while doing this your social reputation will be shocked what will be on your heart?"But why did you do such ...

The Teaching of the clock
by Krisha
  • 459

                     Yes, you read 'the teaching of the clock' correctly. It may seem a little strange to read that what else ...

by akshu.
  • 825

This is the Cinderella short story. Once upon a time, there was a simple and beautiful girl named Cinderella. She lived with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters. The ...

A Nurse With The Holy Book
by Abhijit Chakraborty
  • 933

A child swallowed a big one rupee coin. The coin got stuck in the windpipe also known as the trachea inside his throat. He started coughing and had trouble ...

My love for English Language - 1
by Deepak Pandey
  • 2.1k

Chapter 1  Introduction I don’t know whether this book will be of any help to you or not. I don’t know who should read this book or not. I ...

by Deepak sharma
  • 318

Deepak Sharma Tr. Madhu B. Joshi   'My Eyes Make Pictures When They Are Shut.' Said Coleridge. Of what period would those pictures have been? Of the past? Or ...

by Pramila Kaushik
  • 639

Short story ***********DREAM***********Vanya and Sheeba were childhood friends, now studying in class 3. Vanya was very excited today. She and her friend, Sheeba were going to make beautiful paper garlands for ...

by Vismay
  • 873

it feels good.what happened pooja harsh asked me with put his hand on my shoulder and sat beside me.I saw this boy harsh it was right here in the ...

The Wheeze Machine
by Deepak sharma
  • 360

The Wheeze Machine By Deepak Sharma Translated by Dhiraj Singh As soon as Pa’s back from work my aunt covers him like breath on a mirror. “They’ve announced a job. It’s ...

by Vismay
  • 2.1k

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST?IF your answer is no, then look around someone is always watching you. after reading these lines in a book I put a book ...

Sohib learnt a lesson
by Muskan Yadav
  • 603

Sohib was walking down the green park when he saw a girl who was learning to ride a bicycle. As he watched her he thought of  surbhi. Slowly a ...

Virtual world
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 657

2100 years! There will be a virtual world. What changes have taken place in the world of the future, scientifically, socially, politically, personally and in every other field. There ...

Bad day for Sujan
by Muskan Yadav
  • 648

It was the last week of December. The weather was extremely cold and foggy.  It was the coldest day of the winter season. The sky was overcast with clouds ...

by Pramila Kaushik
  • 531

Jugnoo *********The best time of our life is our childhood. We become tension free at that stage of our life. We have many sweetest experiences of that time. One ...

by kajal
  • 552

 Nature is God Gift, Most beautiful planet. Tisa loved Nature too much. And Also  Nature is full of greenery, So tisa always want to go there. Tisa say to ...

by Pramila Kaushik
  • 501

One more glimpse from childhood ?⛹️?????Enjoy - - -IKKAL DUKKAL   -------------------------(Stapoo /Hopscotch)(Story - Written by - - - - PRAMILA KAUSHIK) Ikkal dukkal was a very interesting outdoor game for ...

by Narendra Rajput
  • 819

SHOW MUST GO ON This is the story about the struggle in routine life. Here, I am trying to tell you the story of Mr. Gopal. Gopal had tried ...

The Black Baron - 2
by Gurchetan Singh
  • 645

THE BLACK BARON II   INDEX   CH-1 resurrection   CH-2 AFB code doom   CH-3 The path towards our doom   CH-4 camp Rome   CH-5 fire in ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 1.1k

Come here, fill out the form. Are you related to the patient? Brother What happened to ben Is struck in the head. Why? I don't know, I brought it ...

Moral Stories - School Trip
by Naman Jakhar
  • 1.1k

One day Joe's teacher had some news. “We're going on a school trip,” she told the class. “As we've been learning about different animals, we are going to visit ...

Passport to Airport
by Keyur Shah
  • 726

Hello friends, In my first issue, I shared with you about Balaji's travel experiences. Today, I’d like to take you through what started off as a simple task of obtaining ...

by Mehrin
  • 948

Every life that lives has to die. Many people give advices and many controversies are raised about the way of living.Everybody has a different way of living.  What if the ...

SUGARIHAN and His story
  • 678

                                         sugarihan  is  a innocent, kindhearted, simple, cheerful man . ...

The Blurred Dream
by Krishna Timbadiya
  • 690

The Blurred Dream by Jasmit singhGenre: Dark I received a long email from a known person, I hadn't met in ten years. I was shocked when I saw it.It ...

The Trust
by Prateek Dave
  • 831

"My money will be safe, right?" "Trust me, ma'am" The widow in her 40s was finally convinced. She smiled and left. Mani looked at the 50,000 cheque in his ...

Well...I'm back
by Prateek Dave
  • 930

It is very strange that how a person becomes cynic over the time. Winters were always so special for me and trains running late never irritated me. Today, however, ...

by Mustaq Ahamad Shaik
  • 831

Alarm beeping " wake up wake up it's a brand new day" A man turned off the alarm and woke up. Brushed his teeth, had shower and approached the ...

मृदुला - 1
by suchitra gaikwad Sadawarte
  • 1.6k

     मृदुला हि एका  गावातील परिस्थितिने गरीब असलेल्या घरातील मुलगी . घरामध्ये आई - बाबा, मृदुला आणि तिचा लहान भाव उत्कर्ष असे राहत होते . मृदुला लहानपणापासूनच हुशार, ...

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                  ડૉ. ભૂમિ જોબનપુત્રા આજે ક્લિનિક પહોંચવામાં મોડા પડ્યા હતા. એક સફળ ગાયનેક સર્જન તરીકે તેમનું બહુ મોટું નામ હતું. આવતા ...