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true relation is more than blood
by Monika
  • 362

Radhika started to teach in a school and moved from hometown take rented house .For a while a neighbouring women she get friendly .Within a few days both share ...

Half issue (Biggest issue) - 1
  • 931

----- Chapter 1. "Ardhangini" -----   The saying is called Ardhangini but who gave half, who gave half the rights, and who gave half the authority / honor, half ...

What A Wonderful World
by Priyanka M
  • 663

Walking up the stairs of the foot over bridge, Renu was out of breath. The hard day’s work had exhausted her completely. She like most women was the ONLY ...

Silence of Closed Doors...
by Priyanka M
  • 826

Somewhere in this city, there lived a thirteen years old girl, Vibha with her mom and dad. Her family was one amongst those many other families living in the ...

Why still some women are restricted to do work after marriage in our society?
by Snehal malaviya
  • 459

We read so many articles on women empowerment but at the end the one question is matter that they are really effective on people? One of my friend met me ...

by Chaitali Parekh
  • 397

Be nice. Don’t be loud. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t argue. Be modest. Be respectful. Don’t speak out. Be a good wife. Be a good daughter. Be a good sister. ...

The Divine Lady - Mother
by Maitri Shah
  • 316

Have you ever come across someone who works in a robotic manner for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year? It might sound ...

A Morning
by Umesh Kauche
  • 894

A Morning I got up in the morning due to sunlight peeping thru the gap between window and the curtains. I rubbed off the sleep from my eyes using my ...

The seasonal boy
by Soumyaa Verma
  • 1.1k

This story is about how a girl in the 1990s thinks she found love, goes out of her way for love and how she manages to continue with life ...

Women - the challenges they face in their day to day life....
by Rohit Poriya
  • (30)
  • 1.2k

This is an article to support a women nd i have jst described the realy world that a women have to face in her day to day life...

Women Stress and Prevention
by Swati Shukla
  • 497

This article is about Women Stress and Prevention . The effort is to make everybody aware from the possibilities of Stress .. Enjoy Reading !!