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The Policewoman - 4

(Dear Readers, I would request you to please read the first 3 chapters of this series "The Policewoman 1, 2 & 3" to better comprehend the progress of this story so far…)

(I'll just copy the last part of the last chapter to bring about a continuity in the story….)

……But frankly speaking, I however was loving this feeling of being lifted and carried by Madhu on her big soft breasts. I had a strange feeling of weightlessness. As if I was floating in the air in the arms of a giantess.

There was a knock at the door. Her Chhoti Bhabhi's voice came through, "Madhu you had forgotten the sweets. I've brought the plate. Open the door and take them."

I whispered to Madhu, "Put me down quick, Bhabhi just might come in. What will she think seeing me on your lap ?"

But before I could finish, Madhu had already called out, "Chhoti Bhabhi, the doors are not closed. Just push it and come in."

I saw the door slowly opening and Bhabhi coming in…I was still perched on Madhu's breasts hanging on to her neck.…

The Policewoman - 4

Let us go back a little in the story. Not much. Just about the time when Sumit went up to Madhumita's room. Madhu's mother and the two Bhabhis went into a detailed discussion as to the first impression about Sumit as a prospective groom.

All three of them agreed that the boy was good as a prospective son-in-law of the family. He has a decent job, good salary; has an engineering degree; he has a very good family background; he is very well mannered; has a good personality and self-confidence. The best part was that he likes Madhumita just because she is so much taller than him. And coming to think of it, they had lost all hope of finding a proper groom for Madhu just because of her abnormal height of 5'11". They had tried so many match making proposals. But after seeing Madhu walking so tall, all of them had rejected her.

So, to have found a boy who has all such good qualities and also who likes Madhu, was too much to pass away, just because is 8 inches shorter and 2 years younger than Madhu.

In fact Madhu's mother and chhoti bhabhi thought that it would be a very good idea for them to handle the situation from the background, so that the boy doesn't go out of hand. They felt that if things were allowed to happen normally, then there was a very big possibility that Sumit's parents would reject this match. They had two valid points too. One that Madhumita was too tall, 5'11" is exceptionally tall for a girl by any standard. Compared to her, Sumit was rather too short at 5'3". So, no parent would willfully accept such a match for their son. Secondly, Madhumita was 2 years older than Sumit. This isn't such a big issue nowadays, but coupled with the fact that the girl was 8 inches taller than the boy, this was also a major negative.

The only way this could be overcome was to make Sumit fall madly in love with Madhumita. If that happens, Sumit's parents will have to give in. For this, they discussed and decided that they needed to find out exactly what are the weaknesses of Sumit. Also whether he is actually serious about marrying Madhumita. They could then plan a strategy accordingly. With this objective in mind, Madhu's mother sent the younger sister in law, Chhoti Bhabhi to Madhumita's room, to gather as much information as possible.

The elder sister-in-law, Badi Bhabhi was however not favouring this idea. She was of the opinion that it is not right to influence the decision of Sumit in any manner. They should rather allow the relationship to progress normally. If there's any sign of love developing, only then they should take this forward. The mother obviously overruled this suggestion and prodded Chhoti Bhabhi to make an informal visit to Madhumita's room. With this intention to gather more knowledge about Sumit, Chhoti Bhabhi knocked on the door of Madhu's room, with the plate of sweets in her hand.

Now let's take the story forward….

Chhoti Bhabhi came into the room and her eyes fell on us. Seeing me clinging on to Madhumita's tall body with my arms around her neck and my legs wrapped around her waist, Bhabhi's hand went up to cover her open mouth in astonishment. There was an odd smile on her face…one of bewilderment coupled with an amused laugh. She was forcefully stifling her laugh though, so as not to appear rude to me.

"What are you doing Madhu ?"she exclaimed. "Put him are embarrassing him! "

Madhu was also laughing. But I was not. I was actually feeling embarrassed. I hardly met this young lady not even an hour ago. And now she's seeing me being carried like a child by my girlfriend. I presumed Chhoti Bhabhi's age was around the same as Madhu's and mine.

Madhu came closer to Bhabhi, laughing, "No Chhoti Bhabhi, he is not embarrassed, he's enjoying it. He's just feeling shy in front of you."

Imagine the scene…two tall young ladies, one 5'11" and the other 5'9" (chhoti bhabhi with her 2 inch soled slippers on), standing close, face to face. The 5'11" girl is holding me (just 5'3" tall) in her arms, straddling her from the front. So I'm in the middle of these two girls, but whereas they are standing face to face, I'm hanging on to the breasts of one of them about 4 feet above the ground. And mind you, all three of us are of almost the same age. The two girls are talking about me only, but totally ignoring me, as if I'm just a baby in her arms. To make matters worse, Madhu is slowly rocking me from side to side, holding me firmly on her lap.

Chhoti bhabhi takes a sweet from the plate and feeds me, as if I'm a small boy. I don't have any option but to take a bite from her hand. Bhabhi smiles and says, "See Madhu, how cutely he is eating sitting on your lap. So sweet.".

I was seeing things getting out of my hands. So I thought it best to include myself in their conversation. I laughed and said, "Arrey what are you two girls doing ? Treating me like a child ?"

Madhu hugged me tightly to her breasts, "You are my baby, aren't you ?"

I was about to answer, but Chhoti Bhabhi intervened, "Kya bol rahi hai tu Madhu ? I told you he is feeling embarrassed, put him down immediately."

Madhu took a step back. "No Bhabhi, he is ok. Arrey Sumit, tell her no. Tell her what you were telling me….that I'm so tall and strong that you feel safe and secured in my arms."

Chhoti Bhabhi was looking expectantly at my face. Madhu was constantly moving her body from left to right just rocking me in her arms. She wasn't even conscious that she was rocking me. But this rocking made me feel more like a baby on her lap. And now she had told Bhabhi what I had told her personally. That was a romantic feeling which I expressed to my girlfriend. It was not meant to be so openly disclosed to her Bhabhi, that too while she is carrying me and rocking me on her lap. But now that she has said it, I'll have to manage the situation.

I laughed and said, "It's ok Bhabhi, everything is allowed between friends. It's true, she is so much bigger and taller than me……," I purposely didn't finish the sentence. "And she herself is like a big child. Do you know Bhabhi, all this time she was crying on my shoulder, that too while carrying me on her lap. It seems I'll have to control her emotionally and she will control me physically."

All three of us laughed heartily. Bhabhi spoke up, "Listen Madhu, I came to tell you, Mummyji was calling you. She wanted to talk to you about something. You just go and see. In the meantime I'll take care of Sumit."

Madhu did a strange thing. As if oblivious of what she was doing, she extended her hands holding me towards her Bhabhi like a mother passing on her baby to another woman to hold. "Bhabhi why don't you hold him till I come back ?"

It was such a sudden move I didn't know how to react. I saw Chhoti Bhabhi extend her hand to take me in her arms. Then I cringed. I held on to Madhumita's neck and wrapped my legs tightly around her waist. What was she doing ? Had she gone mad or what ? Seeing me tightly clinging on to Madhu, Bhabhi laughed out loud. "See Madhu, your baby doesn't want to come to me. He wants to remain on your lap only."

I protested this time. "What are you doing Madhu? Put me down. Why are you passing me on to Bhabhi's lap ?"

Madhu realised what she was doing. She immediately put me down on the floor. "Sorry Sumit, I didn't realise….. I'll just come back soon". She left the room in a hurry after that awkward situation.

There was an odd silence in the room after that blunder by Madhu. Neither Bhabhi nor me, none of us knew what to say next. I had to say something to break the silence, "Bhabhi, why are you standing? Why don't you sit on the bed ?"

Now Bhabhi got something to say, " Why? Are you feeling awkward standing in front of me because I'm so much taller than you ?" She said with a big smile.

I also smiled back, "No Bhabhi, I am not feeling awkward. You must have heard from Madhu that I like tall girls. So, I'm in fact liking it standing in front of your tall figure."

Bhabhi came closer to me and put one hand on my shoulder. Now that she was standing so close to me, my head was coming up to her lips only. She is 5'7" tall and with her 2 inches thick soled rubber slippers, she is now 5'9". That made her 6 inches taller than me. I had to crane my neck upwards to look at her eyes, she stood so close.

Bhabhi spoke to me in a low voice, "Sumit, I've come to talk to you personally. That is why I had asked Madhu to go. No no, don't look at me like that. There's nothing to worry about. I just want to know a few things from you as a friend. Will you be my friend ?"

I didn't understand which way the conversation was going. I said, "Bhabhi, you are Madhu's Chhoti Bhabhi. I look at you the same way only."

She laughed, "Aarey, you are getting me wrong. I was saying that, you see I'm about the same age as you and Madhu. I thought if I ask you something personal, I hope you will not mind opening up with me."

I was relieved. "No problem Bhabhi, you can ask me anything like a friend."

She pulled my hand and took me to the bed. She sat there on the bed with her legs on the ground and made me sit beside her. She kept holding my hand.

She was smiling, "You see Sumit, we like you very much. Mummyji and we two sisters-in-law really want you to be a part of our family. You see Madhu is a very sensitive girl. She is also very disturbed after so many rejections from prospective grooms' families just because she is so exceptionally tall. We had almost lost all hope of getting her married. But since she met you, she's in a different dream world. We just want to make sure that she doesn't get hurt. She will not be able to bear it. I just want to know from you, how serious are you about this relationship ? Also I would like to know why you like her ? You can easily get a much better looking, more qualified, English medium schooled girl, who is closer to your height and age. So why Madhu ?"

I don't know why she still held my hand. Her hand was bigger than mine, so she had totally taken my palm inside her hand and held it tightly. Was it to give me a feeling that she's my friend and I shouldn't be disturbed with her personal questions? This girl had a good, friendly nature.

I concentrated on answering her questions. "Bhabhi, I'll answer your 2nd question first…Why Madhu? Bhabhi, the way you all had been searching for a good match for Madhu, but couldn't get one because of her height. The same way, I had always longed to have a tall girlfriend, but could not get one because of my height. I did manage to talk to some taller girls, but could understand that they do not want to even be my friend. In the same way I tried Madhu. I think she had already told you how I approached her. Fortunately for me, Madhu readily accepted me as her friend and was even prepared to be my girlfriend. It is very possible that she accepted me just because she had faced so many rejections. But the same applies to me too. So I think that answers your question of why Madhu ?

To your question as to whether I'm serious or not, yes I'm 100 percent serious about this relationship. I know that there might be some problems with my parents, again just because of our height and age difference. But that will have to be handled by me tactfully."

Bhabhi was smiling. She still held on to my hand and was squeezing it sometimes. She continued, "Yes that I understand you will have to convince your parents. I was more interested to know about your intentions. Next you tell me why exactly do you like girls taller than you ?"

I smiled, "Frankly speaking Bhabhi, I do not know the reason for that. I have had this craziness about taller and stronger girls ever since I started getting attracted towards girls, possibly in my growing up period during my school days."

Bhabhi asked, "Stronger girls too?"

I said, "Yes, primarily taller. And if they are heavier and stronger, then it's all the more better."

Bhabhi was laughing, "So that is the reason why you were not upset at Madhu carrying you like a baby. Or for that matter you were not so flustered when Mummyji lifted you up while hugging you ?"

I also laughed. "Yes, you've understood it right. And Bhabhi since I'm confiding in you like a friend, I want to also confess to you that I somewhat like being carried by a taller, stronger woman. I get turned on when a bigger woman holds me helpless in her arms or lap." As soon as I said the last part, I regretted it. How could I say this to her ? Shit !

I thought I saw a glint of surprise and amusement in Bhabhi's eyes. She smiled, but did not make any comment on my last statement.

Bhabhi stood up. I also did so. I asked, smiling, "So, my interview is over ? Did I pass ?" She was still holding my hand.

Bhabhi also smiled broadly. "Yes, you definitely passed. Now we'll have to see whether you pass the test of convincing your parents."

I said, with a serious look now, "For that Bhabhi, I will have to get the right opportunity. And then I'll have to broach the subject. I need some time for that. These matters cannot be rushed. I'll have to start with my mother first. I'll keep you informed of my progress."

Bhabhi smiled, came closer to me, standing right in front of me. I could fully realise the difference in our heights…5'3" in my socks and Bhabhi's 5'9" with her slippers on. My head reached upto her lips only. Looking down at me, there was suddenly a mischievous look in her eyes. Before I realized what was happening, she stooped, slid one arm under my armpits and around my chest and her other arm, behind my knees, and then she swept me effortlessly up off my feet to hold me tightly against her, cradled securely in her powerful arms.

She bounced me up a little, to adjust my body properly in her arms. It was such a sudden jerk, that my arms automatically went around her neck, lest I fall down. Bhabhi gave a small burst of laughter, throwing her head back. She said looking down on my face now lying cradled in her arms, "See, it's not only that your girlfriend can lift you, I'm also taller, heavier and stronger than you. Now I'm also holding you helpless in my arms. So, are you getting turned on by me ?"

I said, "Bhabhi, what are you doing? Put me down, please."

She carefully put me down on the floor and said with a hand on my shoulder. "See, it is to your advantage if you marry Madhu. You'll get one more girl of your age to lift and carry you in this house."

I said laughingly, "You mean to say it's like 'Buy one, get one free' offer for marrying Madhu ?"

She also laughed at my joke. "Not one but you can even get Two free lifters in this house. Mummyji also will be only too glad to take you on her lap and carry you. She's also taller and bigger than you in size."

I didn't say anything. What could I say to that ? Aunty was double my age. Bhabhi said, "You wait here, finish those sweets.…I'll go down and send Madhu. I'll see you again soon."

She smiled at me sweetly, gave a playful light slap on my cheek and left the room, waving me a bye from the door.

I stood there flabbergasted. What is happening in this house today ? All the women of the house are finding opportunities to lift me up and carry me and doing that quite effortlessly. Not that I mind that.


(To be continued in the next chapter..…)

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